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By Chris
Day 2 : 6.55
Gud Mornin' People.
Its January 2006,
The party is over,
And the stupid god-damn detox is here again,
You know what its like,
You've had about a month of stuffing your face and drinking too much,
And those jeans of yours are feeling a bit tight on the waistline,
Well if it makes you feel any better,
Take a look at this dude...

Gorillaz - Feel Good Inc, NEWSBEAT, Foo Fighters - Resolve, Madonna - Hung Up, Sunblock - I'll

Be Ready, NEWSBEAT, Arctic Monkeys - When The Sun Goes Down, Outkast - Roses, Richard Ashcroft -

Break The Night With Colour, NEWSBEAT, Armand Van Heldan - My My My, Young Jeezy featuring Akon

Soul Survivor, Son Of Dork - Eddie's Song, NEWSBEAT, Robbie Williams - Tripping, Sugababes -

Ugly, Mylo - Dr Pressure, TEDIOUSLINK Pulp - Do you remember the first time, Storm - Nasty Girl,

Kubb - Grow,

Rachel Is 'Under the weather'
But what she really means is she is 'hungover' So all the team go through how they are and

Carrie is worst off with a cold, but she 'gets on with the job'. AHEM! But all that matters is

that Chris feels great again this morning.

Coming Outo The News - Fabulous Dominic Burn, who nearly belched during the Wigan story.

Crouch, Gahali
The 'ungreatful git', and the one 'with international contacts', all because of a phone call and

suprise, suprise Aled doesn't have a clue who they are on about. Lively turn to the texts

afterwards and Chris's adoptions and his guardian piece which was missed on Monday's show. Which

makes me wonder if they've always bought the guardian? (Please inform me).
A random link for a random part of the day - cue jingle 2.

Alex's Musical Knowledge and A Funeral
Out of a somber link with a story from Chris's Uncle's funeral, it excuses Chris to play the

Beatles album he owns and Aled comes in and : 'Who's this?' from Aled. It seems obvious that

Chris is really getting desperate for any reason to play his older songs and decieded that he

does not need to create a feature, just a loosely based story - Beep Beep 'Beep Beep' Busters.
During Aleds quiz they go over the top to find a song for their teams names and find 'Michelle

the cleaner' for their European cleaner. So from the sample of Madonna, to the sample of Jason

Donovan to finish.

Russell Grants Back - Oooh!
He's got something for everybody. The sexy Scorpion of Dom.
- cue jingle 3

Celebrity Tarzin rolls over from yesterday, but who is it?
Thanks to Jamie from Liverpool we know its not Jenny Frost.
And no sign of RDJMNPQ. Wooh!

Russell Grant - The Camp Bruce Forsyth

Chris - Picses - Your looking cool to Rumba but need your inner beauty to expand.
Dave - Taurus Like a wild rover singing, rocking and fabby doey wacky things off the mark.
Dom - Scorpio - Until the end of this year could give birth to a Rhino in a zoo whilst seeing a

Carrie - Chelsea - He can see her in all kinds of colours including none at all. Mr Dark guy

calls her to reap the harvest of love (copping at Chelsea).
Aled - Watch your back as stars are going up!
Rachel - Aries - She is wanting herself and would murder anyone in her way,
Longman - Is a ramblings of a mad-man which is just a continous ramble of sandwich b(p)uns.

Being cruel to Aled is back on the agenda. - cue jingle (x)

Ah! The RDJMNPQ is back but in a different time slot, just before the Tedious Link, although it

is likely, like today, to overrun. And during the build up from after newsbeat they basically

ramble of which if you join the link halfway through you wouldn't have a slight interest in the

whole thing - but what is funny - name 2 black lace songs - Agadoo and 'the pineapple one'.

New Year New Scoring. Antony for the boys and Ribena for the girls.

1. Who played the role of Gertie in E.T.?
2. Name the artist 'You spin me round like a record' from 1984?
3. Who is the most expensive player in the Premiership?
4. What is (1/3)2 (squared)?
5. Which is Americas only state capital which contains the state name in the towns name?

So in between the game the tedious link was today : Pulp - Do you remember the first time? -


1. Drew Barrymore (all correct)
2. Dead or Alive (all bar Dom)
3. Rio Ferdinand (Chris)
4. 1/3 x 1/3 = 1/9 (Chris and Dom)
5. Oklahoma (nobody)

RDJMNPQ Premiership
1. Chris 4
2. Carrie 3
3. Aled 3
4. Dom 3
5. Dave 3

And to take you up to the last quarter of an hour - more state capitals.

Beep Beep Busters
Here's Roy. Better than Whattity What!
Brian Ward is back to play against a new challenger Suzi from Manchester and as far as Chris

wants Suzi winning, Brian takes the win.

Remember - Comedy Legends Steve Coogan and Rob Brydan in the studio tomorrow, and if your ill
Don't Come Into Work!!!!