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Jdawg1104 wrote:I apologize if this is totally in the wrong section, feel free to move it if it is. I love the show, love the fact that you’ve kept on doing it for the last well really about 20 years or so… :-) I do have a question about the catch-up player though. Does anybody happen to have a URL, or multiple URL’s to the listen player for Chris? Because replay media catcher will not record this… Unless somebody has or still does the unedited shows? I haven’t seen any posted in a while… I’m actually painstakingly going through every Page of this forum in order to get the shows from previous years… by the way, how do you get it at 128K bit rate? Does the live player broadcast at that bitrate and they dumb it down for the catch-up player? They totally could afford not to do that… 48K? Come on! Unless of course you have to be in the UK to enjoy the broadcast quality, or at least 128KBP quality stream, which I am not. Thanks for reading!

I'm not sure what the listen player is. I delete the full shows after I edit them. I know that you can capture the shows with Stream Writer, not sure what the default bitrate of the shows is. Maybe someone else can be of more help!
Not to listen player, whatever the thing is, the catch up player I guess. I wonder if anybody else still does on edited shows… I know slap head used to, but that was back in the beginning of the show on Radio X. And I’m actually on a Mac too, probably one of the minority doing it there…
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