Request and download your Moyles-related sound or video clips in here
May 26th and 27th Unedited. These are VRadio (phone capture) Recordings. These recordings don't split, so I cannot audition the dropouts, assuming there are any.
Ian, if you notice any major missing parts, let me know and I'll try to patch in from a Global cap.

I'll also listen to these two Unediteds and see if I spot anything missing.
June 10th Unedited. 9 fragments (Radio X National) + 7 fragments (Radio X Manchester). NO DROPOUTS!

I decided to record the National and Manchester feeds simultaneously, figuring the dropouts may occur in different places. And they do! So all I have to do now is cut the two feeds up to make a hybrid. This is quite time consuming (today took about an hour), so I may not do it every day, but we can if needed.


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