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howabout94 wrote:I can't remember Mark and Lard. Would anyone recommend them to me? Would I like the shows?

Like Moyles as Ian said but more "Northern" if you understand what I mean ;-):lol:

They had some wonderfully odd (and not so odd features) like "Tug-O-Piece", "The Reverand Lionel Blair", "Son Of Cheesily", "Lard's Animal Sanctury", "The Non-Essential Selection" "Mystery Man" & "Shed Of Dread" (unfortunately no audio exists of the last one), to name a few.

If you like Moyles' style of humour you should like Mark & Lard, they make a good alternative or companion show to Moyles, actually I think we have both shows from the same time at least.once (Tue 23rd Oct 2001 IIRC)
howabout94 wrote:A show that wasn't in the archive: October 13th 2000 Thanks to Johnny for finding this show :D

Thanks for that, that's the show I was talking about that was incomplete, shame it stops mid way through Chalk & Cheese. Having listened to it I think it's been labelled up incorrectly as Friday 13th Oct by whoever originally uploaded it as they mentioned Moyles' 2nd year anniversary (which is Thur 12th) and mentioned their anniversary is tomorrow (Fri 13th). So whoever uploaded it originally labelled it incorrectly.

Thanks again I shall add it to the archive tomorrow :smile:
Johnny 1989 wrote:
howabout94 wrote:I can't remember Mark and Lard. Would anyone recommend them to me? Would I like the shows?

They had some wonderfully odd (and not so odd features) like "Tug-O-Piece"

Tug of peace, ya daft bugger. As in the opposite of tug of war!

Lard's Classic Cuts and Sh*t Agent were two of my favourites. The fact that they managed to revive Sh*t Agent from the graveyard shift even though they couldn't actually say the name of the feature on afternoons...genius. :)
Apologies I listened to the show today and realised it was Tug Of Peace (or was it piece) :lol:

Unfortunately the 2000 show didn't have edition of Shed or Dread, there's Chalk & Cheese and the Cheesily Cheerful Chart Challenge but both are incomplete unfortunately (Son Of Cheesily is slightly different)

I also love it when they bleeped the swear words, mainly because they got away with, if Moyles had done the same he would have had complaints
Right I have had a look through my portable hard drive and usb memory sticks and I think I have over 200 Radcliffe & Maconie shows (although some may be doubles, I didn't get a proper chance to check through them all).

This doesn't included any on my laptop hard drive but it looks like I have all but a handful of 2011 (includes Radio 2 shows) and up to roughly May of 2012.

New netbook laptop being purchased very soon so the question is how would Ian & Nicola like to receive these? Via DVD discs or via USB sticks?
Either is fine for me, USB's are easier however DVR's are fine by me too.

I had a quick check, we're looking at at least 32GB of stuff, that excludes what is on my dead laptop that I am yet to extract, so they're quite big.

Luckily some don't have Radcliffe or Maconie, so 11 shows at least don't need editing, oddly enough one show is covered by Riley, I think due to the old Mark & Lard connection perhaps this one should be part of that archive (actually I have a lot of his shows too).

At present if I'm not doing anything much at lunchtime at work I am relabelling the shows to give them a uniform format and also save you both time in putting all the info in the relevant fields.

I hope to have my new netbook laptop in a few weeks so when I have that we'll see how we go about it from there :smile:

Thanks again both :smile:
ianpwilliams wrote:Thanks Nicola :D Well done to you too :wink:

Haha, thanks :-) After being single for a dog's age, I'm quite taken aback by recent events! But in a good way.
Well done Ian, screw the shows they can wait, I'm glad you got a job, I know you had been looking for a while :)

Same for you Nic congrats on your new fella :)

No rush for these anyway, I'll get them to you whenever I can, but as I say no rush :smile:
Radio 1 road shows!!

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