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By charla

Tuesday 19th June 2007

7:00 NEWSBEAT 1. Mika- Love Today 2. The Holloways- Generator 3. Mutya Buena- Real Girl 7:30 NEWSBEAT 4. Reverend And The Makers- Heavyweight Champion Of The World 5. Gym Class Heroes- Cupid’s Chokehold 6. Booty Luv – Shine 8:00 NEWSBEAT 7. Mason vs Princess Superstar- Perfection 8. Maroon 5- Makes Me Wonder 9. Just Jack- Writer’s Block 8:30 NEWSBEAT 10. The Twang- Either Way 11. Amy Winehouse- Rehab 9:00 TEDIOUS LINK 12. The Hoosiers- Worried About Ray 13. Rihanna- Umbrella 9:30 NEWSBEAT 14. Armand Van Helden -NYC Beat 15. Calvin Harris- The Girls

Showcasing the Playlist:

After yet another discussion with Aled about the playlist and how Chris has to waste his time scoring every song on the playlist out of 3 to find the songs he likes only for the ones he hates and Aled likes to be played. After Aled trying to justify the reason why Chris has to do this Chris then decides he’ll go and play songs from 1983 because he likes those songs and therefore they should be played and because he believes they shouldn’t play any songs that are too new, too new being after 1995. So he started to play Billy Joel’s Uptown Girl as he marked it a 3 and then moved on to Mike Oldfield to Culture Club’s Karma Chameleon to Kajagoogoo to Nick Curshaw, one of Moyles’ favourites.
After Mika, he then play David Bowie’s Let’ Dance, well the introduction.

Aled’s Big Chance:
Aled was alone in the studio just as The Holloways were finishing and he didn’t know what to do so stuck Mutya Buena on and Chris stops him and makes him talk. So he rambled on a bit about the 80’s music asking everyone if they would want more 80’s music or more new stuff. He then went on about how he was chatting with his mates on the internet. Chris finally came back after Aled pleaded for him to return and Dave then suggested a radio version of the Friday Night Project where they get people to come in and host the show why they just all sit back and relax.
After Mutya was played fully, they started the Chris Moyles Show Project with musical guest Liza Minelli and host guest Aled Jones.

Commerical Reggae:
Later we went from 1983 to 1994 and the amazing offers the genre of commercial reggae gave us. Chris couldn’t believe that the songs he was playing were of the same year as Oasis and Blur.
After a while, Chris went back to songs from the 1994 with Roxette.They then started a conversation about what singers and bands from the 80’s and 90’s are doing now. Level 42 now run a swimming baths.

Glastonbury and Drinking:
There was the competition for the wedding in Glastonbury which meant loads of people were texting in about marrying their sister or cousin as the wedding isn’t legally binding. There’s a hen night being organised by Mika and Dave and Chris were working out who would be Martha and who would be Arthur out of the two of them. Aled then said he would marry Dave from the show to see him squirm. Dave then asked if he wanted to know why they wouldn’t have fun together which led to a discussion about alcohol because Aled and Dave don’t like any of the same drinks.
They then spoke about Dom wanting a drink on a train everytime he gets on one and how he asks everyone do they fancy a drink as soon as he spies the trolley three carriages away.
Chris is then talking about how he doesn’t really want to drink at home and his favourite drink is a cup of tea. Dave apparently makes a good cuppa. Chris then challenges Gordon Ramsay to a tea off…”tea bag, hot water, milk…DONE!”.
They then discussed whether the milk should go in first or last and the exact way Dave squeezes the tea out of the tea bag and how Dom makes tea with 2 tea bags. Chris then challenged Dom to a tea off, and how they have to record it because they are not allowed a kettle in the studio and how Dom’s granddad keeps an empty bottle of milk in the fridge in case someone asks for their coffee to be black. Afterwards they said that Mr T should judge the competition and they were trying to do impressions which ended up with him sounding from Birmingham.
Back to Glastonbury, they stopped the lines and then started singing along to the montage of people who are performing there.

Les Dennis:
Les Dennis was on the phone today from Heathrow airport as he was going to Kenya to try and save the planet by raising awareness of our carbon footprint and about this marathon a few celebrities are running in a game reserve to raise money for the BBC wildlife fund, which Chris didn’t even knew existed but likes the fact that Les is saving the planet; “He’s like Superted but SuperLes” allowing Chris to play the SuperTed theme but singing over it. “From Family Fortunes to saving the world there’s nothing he can’t do, It’s SuperLes” only to find out that Les was still on the phone and could hear him. A little while later Aled thought it would be a good idea to play some running music so he gave Chris to play Keep on Running.

Other Stuff:
(*) Carrie’s Engagement: Chris had to give Dave £20 as the engagement had lasted a day.
(*) Downloading: Dave revealed he never bought music online which allowed Chris to demonstrate to Dave how to and also revealed that he has even bought a bed online. Aled then said he downloaded the soundtrack to Lost and so Chris turned his microphone off.
(*) Fish: Dave had to explain about the advert that got banned about fish and then Chris went on about how Dave took Radio 1 off the air and when Nicky Campbell threw a mini disc at Dave’s head on his first day.
(*) Rehab: Chris played the Scottish version of Rehab sang by Dave and Dom after playing the proper version. Chris then asked a question about comedy.
Chris: What’s the secret of comedy?
Dom: Errrrrrrrm………timing?
(*) Rob DJ’s Monday Night Pub Quiz: Who is 4th in line to the throne? Name the artist Rende- Vu 1999? Which musician celebrates his 65th birthday today? What nickname was giving to the strategic defensive initiative by Ronald Regan in 1983? Next Day Ethics is an anagram of a sitcom from America, which sitcom is it? The answers were Prince Andrew, Basement Jaxx, Sir Paul McCartney, Star Wars Project, Sex and the City. Dave and Dom got 5 out of 5.
(*) Tedious Link: From yesterday’s Soup Dragons- I’m Free to Girls Aloud- Biology. This could be the most recently released Tedious Link so far as it was released in 2005. It wasn’t flawless as Pauline Fowler doesn’t work in the launderette in EastEnders as she’s dead, though as Dave rightly points out, she still is on UKTV Gold.
(*) Car Park Catchphrase: After Chris was called a “fat flump” by Roy, they played the game between Bobby and Cary. The catchphrases are “stealing their thunder” and “monkey see, monkey do” and Cary won and chose Carrie’s.
(*) The Lurgy: Dom got the Lurgy and the rest of the team were standing on bits of the Daily Star to protect themselves from the floor. With 2 minutes 40 seconds left of the show, Dom still had the lurgy and he went for Chris Cox who was off work the other week because of a bad back and Dom pulled him off a sofa. Sam, Jo Whiley’s producer has given Jo two pieces of paper to stand on and then Chris did get given the lurgy.
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