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By neo101
Banned. IP blocked.
Your school will be notified if you persist.
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By Yudster
Big fan of the show then?
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By Adam

Whats this about Moyles and his jingles. To what extent do you have control over Chris Moyles as a Producer? He just seems to be making bucket loads of cash by playing his jingles and playing not very many records.

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By Yudster
What did you get for Christmas Aled? I got some books, and some gloves and a scarf and some clothes, and some chocolate........
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By Boboff
Aled...... Aled....... any one out ?
By Fathomer
how come the show starts at 7.00am now? Its sounds a bit more slick to start at 6.55!
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By Console
Aled (@ wrote:To use Chris' words... "It needs the pips"
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By Adam
They like an extra five minutes in bed?
Fathomer wrote:how come the show starts at 7.00am now? Its sounds a bit more slick to start at 6.55!

It sounds a million times "slicker" to start at 7.

So pleased they've changed it.
By Fathomer
I'm surprised everyone likes it. I liked starting at 6.55am since it allowed some time to speak to JK and Joel, get the lowdown on what is going on in Chris' life, if Chris was late we got the phone conversations.

Now it just goes into the News. I prefer the 5 mins. Bit weird but since started it I might as well argue it...
One thing I loved about the afternoon shows was the big intro's at the start (i.e. "It's 3 o'clock, now live from London..." ). I couldn't understand why Chris has never used anything similar in the morning, all we got was a half arsed link with them basically rolling onto the air, talking for ten minutes and being really late for the news.

Management obviously had enough of it.
By Fathomer
that's true: 1..2...3..4!!!!! Du Du..etc

That was a good intro. No other R1 DJ seems into that kind of thing. But Moyles is a anorak.
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By Yudster
I'll get used to it. I think the song is a bit long though. What do you think Aled?
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By Adam
Seems people have noticed a few changes, for example chris actually playing songs when requested
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By Yudster
And your question for Aled is.....???
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By DemonHorse
Is that really you on Celebrity Tarzan Aled? You ARE a celebrity after all, a TV one at that. :D
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By Boboff
Dresses up as a girl does he ?
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By Andy B
Aled what happened to the "Rob DJ's Monday night Pub Quiz" interactive thing that you trialed just before xmas. It didn't work very well but it was quite fun to try.

What were the results of the trial?
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By Yudster
Aled, why have you forsaken us? Don't you love us any more?
By Chagas
New Question:

Why does Chris, before "let's get ready to ramble" say "it's the half way point of the show..."? This feature is at about 9.00am, and as the show runs from 7.00 to 10.00, it is not half-way through... Am I missing something, or is this an in-joke that I have totally failed to get?

Any ideas?
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By foot-loose
Chagas wrote:Am I missing something, or is this an in-joke that I have totally failed to get?

Yup! I think that was the point - its not halftime.
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By Adam
Where's Aled ?
By Chagas
I found my own answer to the previous-but-two question in

Half Time (2004-)
The bit of the show at about 9:05 when Chris and Dave “kick back and relax” for 10 minutes by rambling about nothing in particular. And yes, that is two thirds of the way through the show, smart arse. This bit probably infuriates Moyles-haters, but Rajar (the radio listening figures people) once revealed that this hour is the most popular in the show, ...... snip snip

I am still not sure why though. There must be some reason to it. Perhaps the first hour is pre-recorded!
By Fathomer
first hour is definately not pre-recorded! It takes them a while to wake up, bless 'em.

Baring in mind most of last year Chris got up at 6.52 am
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