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By Chris
Interview in Zoo, July 2004

WHEN ZOO GOT AN INVITE to an exclusive party from Radio 1's saviour Chris Moyles at his villa in a secret location outside Lisbon, we decided it would be rude not to.

Moyles' on-air sidekicks Chappers and Comedy Dave were also at the villa when we arrived, "You've got to let the kids have their fun," said Moyles, "Look at them - the Laurel and Hardy of Radio 1."

It's not a bad comparison. Dave confessed to ZOO that he once took Radio 1 off the air for 15 minutes when he went for a fag. So, leaving the show in their capable hands, we quizzed Moyles on the footy...

So, you're doing the breakfast show from a villa in Portugal for as long as England are out here. Can't be bad?

Don't get me wrong - it's better than sitting behind a desk - but people think you're just out here on a jolly. I'm still getting up at 5.30am every day. It's not like we're just scratching our bollocks by the pool.

Have you been enjoying the football?

The longer England stay in, the better my tan. My favourite chant so far was walking to the France game, when all the England fans started singing, "If it wasn't for the English you'd be Krauts." I did like that.

Are you as excited about Rooney as everyone else?

He's superstar chav scum, isn't he? Outside the Switzerland game, we saw these lads shouting at each other in the broadest Scouse accent you've ever heard. It was the Rooneys. Wayne's little brother looks just like Wayne - it's f**king scary.

Do you think Rooney will be at Everton next season?

I doubt it. If you asked him, he'd probably say he wants to play for Everton all his life. But I would imagine he'll have absolutely no say in the matter. It's bloody weird for Dave [a huge Everton fan]. Every goal he's celebrating is a step nearer to Man United.

Saturday October 1st Unedited. Manchester Feed. 5 […]