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By R94N
6:30am - Opening link. The team talk about ear syringing, Chris' trip to the gym (first session for two weeks), and the weather in London (blue skies!). Chris also talks about a Saturdays interview on the show which was originally announced on Twitter by one of the members of the group. Three members out of the five of the group are coming in today.

In this link Dom's friend who works in finance is also mentioned in a story Chris believes is a scam, where Dom was told to bet on a horse by his 'financial friend'. Chris tries to find the results for Dom, struggles a bit, but eventually finds it. Turns out they won nothing. They had no idea if the horse had even finished or where it came. Chris lost £25. It seemed since the last race the horse had put on 6 pounds since its last race in weight!

Chris orders a takeaway and Andi Peters gives some advice to him on what perhaps is the healthiest option with the takeaway. Chris, as usual, has no idea. Aled has a Persian meal, just marinated chicken and rice.

The conversation then turns to The Apprentice. Chris watched the previous shows on his iPad. This series they win a investment in order to go into business with Alan, rather than get a job with him. They discuss the fact that they used Yellow Pages directories and calling people rather than using the Internet. The show is also dissected, asking questions like why don't they use the tube, where the cars go, and how they always wear their seat belts.

7:05am Two of The Saturdays have arrived already. After a brief discussion of the weather, and how Chris was briefly asked by Lord Sugar whether he wanted to go on The Apprentice, it's the end of the link and time for the news. Lord Sugar apparently knows Chris well enough to call him 'fatty' and 'fat boy' on Twitter.

7:07am Newsbeat

7:14am More discussion about The Apprentice, particularly at the end when there are some girls in swimsuits in the bar. They also mention how Matt is talking to some of The Saturdays in the other room and being a little creepy. He's also compared to various characters.

7:17am Songs - Rihanna (Only girl in the world)
All Time Low (I feel like dancing)

7:25am Some people have been sending in pictures of cats randomly, following yesterday's dog discussions and listeners began sending pictures of their pets.

7:25am Celebrity Raspberry

Contestant - Sam from Welwyn Garden City, Hertfordshire (Sixth Former doing Film Studies) He wants Dom and Dave's mug, and guesses Ellie Goulding. Most of the team agree, but he's wrong.

Clues - American solo artist.

7:31am Newsbeat

7:36am More pet talk. Chris talks about the time his family had a Bassett Hound for one night when he was a kid, it was too big so his Mum took it back. Chris' rabbit on a lead is also talked about.

7:40am Songs -Cee Lo Green (It's okay)
Lady Gaga (On the Edge)

7:50am The Saturdays Chris discusses romance and love life with Rochelle, and the fact that perhaps Rochelle has another, rougher side to her. The conversation inevitably turns to Chris' love life and what his 'type' is. The fact that you have to wait 20 minutes before swimming if you eat, Frankie's 'common' accent and whether Mollie understands them is also covered.

8:06am Group hug! Chris gives good hugs, apparently.

8:09am Newsbeat

8:12am Songs - Alex Gaudino ft. Kelly Rowland (What a feeling)
The Saturdays (Notorious) - first play

8:20am Chris talks about The Saturdays' new album (which might be finished around the end of June) and tour, as well as the single 'Notorious' which will be out on Sunday. They're still not sure about what the album should be called yet, but they are 'doing' (attending) all of the festivals.

8:34am Newsbeat

8:37am After an impromptu zip 'song' session by Chris, Aled explains the YouTube issues they've been having. Chris wishes he didn't ask.

8:41am Songs - Bruno Mars (The Lazy Song)
Tinchy Stryder (Spaceship)

8:48am The team talks about Chris' jacket. Apparently it is a yellow that they used to paint BL cars in the 1970s, according to Dave, and the recycled paper Aled uses.

9:00am Following the show yesterday about the teams' favourite shows, Dom's favourite song (Life is a rollercoaster by Ronan Keating) gets a celebrity endorsement by Ronan Keating himself. Chris, on the other hand, managed to get 'his' song (Go West by the Village People) into the top 100 on iTunes (81). Unfortunately Dom didn't do as well, following Aled's investigations.

Then conversation then turns to Twitter, and Aled's follower count. He's close to 300,000 followers. Chris gets Aled to help him out - he'll get Aled's account to over 250,000 followers, but only if he supports Chris' Village People campaign by buying the song.

9:01am Tedious Link All Saints -> Air (Sexy Boy)

Tedious Link song: Air (Sexy Boy)

Chris talks about how he's made a new dance routine for his Village People song, and plays parts of both songs again. If Dom looses, Chris wants him to dress up as one of the Village People, and ride a rollercoaster with both of Jedward sitting either side of him.

9:10am The team talk more about the Big Weekend, and how he missed Tinie Tempah's performance.

Songs - Tinie Tempah (Frisky) live performance from the Big Weekend in Carlisle
Tinie Tempah (Wonderman) live performance from the Big Weekend in Carlisle
Tinie Tempah (Written in the stars) live performance from the Big Weekend in Carlisle

9:27am The team discuss touring as a band and what it's perhaps like to be in a different place every day and forgetting everything.

9:33am Chris talks about the Carpark Catchphrase contestants they've been having recently, particularly one contestant, Jack, who works in a balloon factory and is also training to be a swimmer.

9:34am Newsbeat

9:37am 'Hotel talk' following on from the previous link. Chris talks about some of the potential problems faced when staying in a hotel, including getting locked out!

Songs - Example (Changed The Way You Kiss Me)
Jennifer Lopez/Lil Wayne (I'm Into You)

9:50am Carpark Catchphrase The segment starts off with a game of 'Country vegetable' with Roy, who, unsurprisingly, wins. He want to sell the format to Granada TV.

Contestants - Andi Peters from London
Jack from Bournemouth

Jack guesses first in the first round, but is wrong. Andi wins with the phrase 'wake up and smell the coffee'.

In the second round, Jack guesses and wins with the phrase 'Jack in the box'. However the quiz elephant sounds and there's no time left.

The game will resume on Monday.

10am End of the show. As usual, the team talk to Fearne before the handover.

Today's news headlines:
-The Government is considering cutting jail times for rapists if they plead guilty, in England and Wales.
-The Dominque Srauss Kahn, boss of the IMF, is stepping down, following accusations over whether he raped a hotel maid. He's currently in jail.
-The Queen makes a formal apology and shows her sympathy to all those who have died in the Irish conflict in the past in a speech at a State Dinner during her visit to Ireland.
-New audio tape of Bin Laden is released by Al-Queda. In it, he calls Muslims to overthrow corrupt governments, and is thought to have been made in the weeks leading up to his death.
-The Government is planning a review of rail services in order to see if they can make some cuts.
-Professor Green thinks record labels in the future will not exist - artists will release their music through brands instead.
-Some older PS3 systems are reportedly having issues after the newest patch from Sony after the PSN hacking and resulting outage.

Today's sports headlines:
-Huddersfield through to the League One play-off final. They beat Bournemouth 4-4.
-Porto crowned Europa League champions.
-Leicester Tiger player Manu Tuilagi given a five-week ban and will miss final for punching Northampton player Chris Ashton during a match, as expected.

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