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6:30 The show starts right on time at the end of the pips with a brand new cheesy song as they are in a country house in Carlisle this week for the build up to this years Radio One's Big Weekend which takes place at Carlisle Airfield on Saturday 14th and Sunday 15th May 2011.
6:33 The cameras in the studio are turned on so that everybody watching on the Radio One website and the Red button can see them. There are a few hitches but eventually they come on with a slight delay and then we see the view outside of their country house and it is bright already. At the top right of our screens if watching online or on the red button a countdown clock also appears which is counting down to the Big Weekend and at this point of the show it has 5 days 5 hours and 27 minutes displayed on it.
6:36 It is revealed that Dave is not here yet and Chris says that he is the winner of the 'lie in lottery' but actually he has just managed to oversleep and none of the team wanted to wake him up as they knew that this would give them something to talk about during the first half hour of the show.
6:38 They go on to talk about what they did last night which was that they went on a pub crawl visiting every pub in the village and they intend to revisit some of these several times during the coming week.
6:40 Producer Sam makes her first appearance on camera and she is the only one of the team who thinks that they should go and wake Dave up as the rest of the team admit that they are scared of grumpy Dave, although Aled reveals that he has had training into these situations at 'producer school' and they then discuss the chances of a situation unfolding where they go and wake Dave up and him being completely naked. Dom then goes on to jokingly suggest a 'sleepstake' to bet on what time Dave will wake up.
6:48 After the discussion about Dave being asleep still Aled has come to the decision that they should wait until 7 and then wake Dave up. When Rhys walks in a couple of minutes later he also agrees with Sam and thinks that they should go and wake Dave up. Matt Fincham also enters shortly after.
6:51 Sam has been sent to wake Dave up so the cameras are following her upstairs which is also conveniently a good test for the cameras to ensure that they are working well. She shouts through the door to him and warns him that there may be a camera outside and not to swear and he shortly emerges at the doorway but he is not looking his best and understandably looks very tired after only just waking up. Chris and Dom then go on to joke with him by telling that the time is quarter past nine which would mean that he has missed most of the show and he seems to believe them for a short while until Aled ensures him that the time is 6:55 so he has only missed 20 minutes of the show.
6:58 This is the first time of the day where they ask listeners to text in to the show and this time they want everyone who is watching them to text in so they have an idea of how many people are.

7:01 News with Dominic and Tina

7:06 Dave eventually arrives in the living room and he is feeling OK and awake but he goes on to blame his lateness on Dom for not waking him up when he left his room this morning and he also blames it on his phone as it ran out of battery overnight apparently and his alarm was set on there.
7:10 They reveal that they have a brand new parody coming up after 8 written by Dave but none of them have heard it yet, not even Dave.

7:13Katy Perry featuring. Kanye West - E.T. [Download]
7:17Black Eyed Peas - I Gotta Feeling [Download]

7:20 They read out a few texts from people who are watching the show
7:23 Celebrity Raspberry with Christa from Blackpool who is currently on her way to work where she works for the NHS. She incorrectly guesses Cheryl Cole and it turns out that she has already blown a raspberry and also that she has appeared at the Big Weekend before.

7:28 Tinie Tempah - Frisky [Download]

7:31 The team provide us with some clues for the current Celebrity Raspberry and we discover that they used to be in an all girl band, she comes from somewhere in the north of England, she has brown hair and also that she doesn't wear 'training shoes'. This was a question from Dave because he thought that the Celebrity was Mel C and this answer has proven that he was wrong.

7:35 News with Dominic and Tina

7:43 Chase and Status - Time [Download]
7:47 Olly Murs - Please Don't Let Me Go [Download]

7:52 Chris and Dave run down this week's chart top 10. Dave reads out even's and Chris does the odd numbers. The top 10 for this week is:

10. Aloe Blacc - I Need A Dollar
9. Jessie J - Nobody's Perfect
8. Wretch 32 featuring. Example - Unorthodox
7. Katy Perry featuring. Kanye West - E.T.
6. Snoop Dogg - Sweat
5. Jennifer Lopez featuring. Pitbull - On The Floor
4. Chris Brown featuring. Benny Benassi - Beautiful People
3. David Guetta / Flo Rida / Nicki Minaj - Where Them Girls At
2. Bruno Mars - The Lazy Song
1. LMFAO / Lauren Bennett / Goon Rock - Party Rock Anthem

They then play this week's number 1 which has now been number 1 for 4 weeks and Chris really dislikes the song and appears to be in a minority with his view.

8:05 News with Dominic and Tina

8:12 They debut their new parody which is written by Dave and sung by a mystery woman. It is a parody of the Elton John / Ellie Goulding song, Your Song and is about the Big Weekend in Carlisle. If you would like to download this you can from here.

8:18 Foo Fighters - Best Of You [Download]
8:21 Wretch 32 featuring. Example - Unorthodox [Download]

8:24 Dave has had tape put over his mouth during the last song to stop him revealing any more confidential information. They then announce that there will be some very special guests that are yet unannounced that will be opening the Big Weekend on Saturday. After the announcement Dave causes himself some pain by ripping the tape of his mouth quite rapidly.

8:32 News with Dominic and Tina

8:39 Two Door Cinema Club - What You Know [Download]
8:43 Katy B - Lights On [Download]

8:46 There is more talk on the broken door in the living room and Dave oversleeping

8:50 Noah and The Whale - Tonight's The Kind Of Night [Download]

8:52 Chris takes us on a tour round the house. Starting in Aled's room he climbs into his bed and freaks out Aled. He then walks back into the studio and introduces us to Steve, who is the engineer who works on a lot of the outside broadcasts. And the we get to see the 'behind the scenes' nerve centre where Greg James, Tamsin from the Press Office, Sam and Rhys are sat there 'working'.
Chris then walks through the kitchen area to get to the main entrance hall. Half way up the stairs he notices all of the bells so Matt goes outside to test it and it works. We then get the privilege of seeing the inside of Chris' room for the week where he has some sun cream right by his door just in case it is sunny for Radio One's Big Weekend and he may need it. Aled says that his room looks messy but he has all his coats hung up nicely and even has all his shoes lined up on the floor. He doesn't have a very nice view out of his window as it is just 2 outside broadcast truck with Will Kinder inside who decides to step out and wave at the camera. As Chris is leaving he directs us to a mat to leave muddy footwear but he points out that it is pretty pointless as by this point he would have trampled all through the rest of the house.

We then get to see Dave's room which is very messy as he didn't even have time to make his bed this morning and as Chris walks in there is a 'ghost' in there which turns out to be just Dom playing around. But Chris is very jealous of the picturesque view out of Dave's window. When Chris steps into Dom's room one of the first things he notices is that Dom has a coat hanger in his bed for some reason. Also, like Chris he has his shoes nicely lined up on the floor.
9:06 Today's tedious link takes us from B*Witched - C'est La Vie to The Strokes - Last Night (See the Tedious Link Archive for a full transcript)
9:13 Greg James is in and they talk to him about the Sony Radio Awards which take place tonight so they may watch them on the internet and also the pub quiz that they went to last night which Chris was very good at. And he then promotes his show later on where he will be rolling around in some very large balls.

9:24 Beyonce - Run The World (Girls) [Download]
9:28 Snoop Dogg - Sweat [Download]

9:35 News with Dominic and Tina

9:39 Chris was watching the Million Pound Drop at his parents over the weekend and Davina blew a kiss to his Dad who was very happy about it. And then the day after she said hello to Robbie Savage who was watching who then posted his reaction on Twitter so Chris thinks this should be a regular feature.

9:42 Lady Gaga - Judas [Download]
9:47 Alex Metric & Steve Angello — Open Your Eyes [Download]

9:50 Carpark Catchphrase - Roy Walker is playing a game of alphabet countries. Contestant Number 1 is Mark from Huddersfield who is out delivering again. Contestant Number 2 is Jack from Bournemouth. Jack is first to guess with 'straight from the horse's mouth' and he is correct. 1-0 to Jack. Mark gets in first next time with the Catchphrase 'wipe the slate clean' but as he says it they run out of time so they will both be back tomorrow.

10:00 Handover with Fearne Cotton - She likes their wallpaper and the fireplace and she speaks to them about Dave's late wake up. Also she has been watching the red button for an hour and a half and been enjoying it.

If you would like to download this whole show then ianpwilliams has kindly uploaded it here

On Newsbeat today:
- President Barack Obama wants to know who was helping Osama Bin Laden to stay hidden
- Sony has had to remove lots of their user's personal details from the Playstation Network after it was hacked
- Too many school leavers are leaving without enough qualifications
- Manchester United need 1 more point to secure the Barclays Premier League title after beating Chelsea 2 - 1 at the weekend
- Arsenal lost 3 - 1 to Stoke at the weekend to blow their title chances
- Vettel won the Turkish F1

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