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By d000hg
The bottom seems to have fallen out of the forum. Has everyone stopped being a fan? Or moved to that Facebook group... What's it called?
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By James H
bmstinton93 wrote:The Facebook group is far more weird than this site ever was.

I thought I saw your name in one of the comments on there!

And yes, social media is really not helping forums, but having said that, we have a lot of things that forums don't, like the sound vault, wiki, etc. I'd imagine they're still getting traffic at least, one of the guys from the group added a ton of clips to the vault a couple of weeks ago.
By d000hg
I'm still using the old show archive. I like the Global player but every now and then I get more than a week behind and have to come here. Also great for the edited podcast intro/outro. Although I kind of wish that was available as a separate download.
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By Radio-Graveyard
long time lurker, first time poster

the breakfast show was and remains about the only time I ever really listened to the radio, i usually play the show from the archives during my work day from home, its amazing background listening without being too distracting - i often come here to find relevant threads to the shows as they are happening or listen to my favourite clips

maybe im just weird :)
By d000hg
I prefer forums for proper chat. FB is great for quick things but not a nice discussion. I do miss forums, they are struggling generally.
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