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I've lost 3 stone 6lb. Hoping for another stone before Christmas, but not too worried if that doesn't happen, I know its ambitious.
Well done Yuds. I've lost a little bit o beef recently, now I am parking outside city centre and cycling rest of way in (to save me the £80 a month to park car outside office), which is nice. Although, been lucky enough to not to get pissed wet through in a nasty rain bout. Yet...
Invest in a set of decent waterproofs before it happens, don't wait until after.
Yudster wrote:Invest in a set of decent waterproofs before it happens, don't wait until after.

thank you for the kind words... but about 17 hours too late; it happened last night. Moist, to say the least.
Unless its getting your bum covered in mud from the rear wheel, and not realising and no-one kindly telling you......
I've lost nearly four and a half stone. Without a consultant.
So I decided to resurrect this thread (well, a little bit - it hadn't fallen that far down!) as I'm gonna be attempting to lose some weight in the New Year.

Mr Red and I have committed to get healthier from the beginning of next year, partly cos of our upcoming wedding (such a cliche!) but also partly to just generally feel better. We're both a fair bit bigger than is recommended for our heights, and whilst I don't necessarily worry too much about such things, I feel like we might suffer from less tiredness, random aches and pains etc if we were to lose a bit. I also live in hope that it might help my hip, even though I am in contact with several hip dysplasia sufferers via facebook who say that losing weight hasn't helped their pain, but we shall see.

The problem I have really is that I am very over-emotional about my size and weight (like I am about a lot of things - again, in this respect I am a cliched woman) and trying to 'diet' has in the recent past sent me into a very fast spiral of shame and guilt where I feel like if I need to lose weight to be 'better', that must mean now I'm 'bad' or 'not acceptable' or other such things. I feel stressed and guilty when trying to count calories or the like. Obviously, that is a fast track to abandoning the attempt within days or sometimes even hours.

In addition, I'm a vociferous supporter of fat acceptance and want to remain so. That isn't up for discussion, and I'm determined to resist all temptation to become one of those people who goes on about how great weight loss and exercise is, posting endlessly on social media about their losses and so on in some sort of weird attempt to gain validation and/or shame others. Obviously this thread doesn't count as it's dedicated solely to the subject and people can choose not to read if they aren't interested.

So yeah, the issue for me is how I can lose weight without driving myself mental. I'm trying to frame it, both in my own mind and when talking about it, as simply "becoming less fat" rather than using pejorative terms like "look better". I know these things are just semantics and don't affect some people (lucky!), but I have such a history of disordered and emotional eating at this point that it's really important to me to still like myself during the process, and not beat myself up about how I look right now.

My dear mother, who has grudgingly accepted that my weight/size is not up for discussion (despite upsetting me on Christmas Day last year by telling me that if I ate any more chocolate I'd make myself diabetic), is overjoyed at the news and has already started advising me on Glycaemic Loading. Has anyone else looked into or tried this way of eating?

Anyway, apologies for rambling. I need to be able to vent about this stuff without forcing it onto people that don't want to hear about it (work colleagues etc), and I would appreciate some support :)
Some good words in there; I even had to google one of 'em!

Good luck Nic. Anyone else, I'd tell 'em to worry less about your food intake and worry more about your amount of exercise, but I know your hip may be the limiting factor for you...

Still, mild exercise of any type you can manage, is still good. I know swimming has been berated on here for being boring, but its a great 'non-impact' way of exercising. Beyond that, try to find something either social or competitive, as that is also a great motivator (to either not let down a chum with no-shows or to strive to improve to beat someone at something).
I think one of the biggest things for me was actually accepting that it's ok to have treats and not to feel guilty over it. Weirdly, once I managed to truly believe that I found I ate less "bad foods" because I didn't go through a thing of trying to avoid it then when I did cave in, feeling like oh sod it and eating it all.

Not saying you need to change your approach to food or eating but I found that it has helped me.
You don't have to do anything. If you want to lose weight accept that you want to lose weight, overthinking and double thinking your motivations is pointless. You are allowed to want to look different to how you do now you know, and more to the point you are allowed to take an approach to your body which is designed to hopefully benefit you medically. If it helps, think of it that way.

There are a million and six different ways to go about it out there and someone will tell you that each one is the only one that works. Personally I'm comfortable with a low carbohydrate approach partly because it fixes my medical problems, and also because I can eat what feels to me like normal meals in normal amounts and still lose plenty of weight (almost 5 stone to date) and I simply don't feel as though I'm on a diet. This makes it sustainable over the long term. I am aware of vegans who eat low carb too, they have to approach it slightly differently but again, I'm told its effective. But then like I said, everything is effective apparently! As long as whatever you choose to do suits you.
I do want to look different, and possibly more importantly, to feel different. I am totally guilty of overthinking everything - I'm so screwed up in my mind about food and weight and diets that I find it very difficult not to overthink everything I eat. But I'm determined to work on it! I have tried low carb eating before and whilst my digestive system definitely likes it better, it's quite tricky to get as much variety as a vegan. It was a LOT of tofu, and I do like tofu, but still.
Rather than go for the classic low carb/ketogenic approach, why not have a look at the Paleo diet? Its similar in its concept and I reckon probably more vegan-friendly.
Like I said, my weight loss attempt starts in the new year - I plan to eat mince pies and Christmas pudding and chocolate for at least a couple of weeks first!
I have a strictly defined period - 23 December to 2 January inclusive - where all bets are off. I fully expect to find myself with a significantly expanded waistline on January 3rd but at least I know what to do about it, an I know that I can.
Good to see this thread still high up. I, like Nic, am interested in losing some weight and getting in shape from early January(Maybe the 2nd week of January onwards in my case). It'll be the first time I've seriously tried to get fit, after about 12 years of having the same unhealthy lifestyle, and there's a number of reasons why I've decided to do it now - everyone here seems to be both committed to losing weight and knowledgeable about it, so I'll be checking out what gets posted here.

I'm feeling well up for this, but at the same time I have no idea whether I'll have the motivation or staying power to pull it off or not. We'll see I guess!
So I bought a book on glycaemic loading (on ebay - only cost a couple quid) and I'm thoroughly confused by it. It's not possible just calculate the glycaemic load of a food, you've got to rely on a combination of using established charts and guesswork, which doesn't really appeal to me. In the past I've used the Weight Watchers system, and whilst I don't think that's the way forward for me anymore, I do really like the aspect of calculating the points value of every food. I think being able to establish numbers for everything and having a system just appeals to my OCD. So yeah, I feel a bit unsure about GL.

I'm looking into the paleo thing at the moment. There is a website dedicated to vegetarians doing paleo, but it's light on actual recipes! So I shall do some more research before deciding on anything.
Paleo ought to be good for vegans I would have thought - lots of veg, you can't have cultivated grains but potatos, sweet potatoes, root veg, nuts and pulses ought to be ok. I would have thought Soy was a no no but I imagine quorn would be ok. I'll be honest, I wouldn't want to live on it, but I reckon I could make a lot of really good meals with that kind of choice. It would be a LOT better with eggs cheese and cream of course...!
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