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By Boboff

Weigh in on Monday, post either your weight loss, or gain, tips, things you have found work, stuff that doesn't. Give encouragement to others and take the piss out of fatties who have put on loads.

Or what ever.

So I'll start off with my start weight again.

18st 11lb, BMI 34.7.

Target 15 st.
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Ok I am not going to post my weight, but my loss target is 30lb by June, then a bit more if I can.

I weighed myself on Suday last and was horrified. I will weigh again on Monday and let you know what's what, but I FEEL as though I may have made a half decent start - I can do my coat up easier now than I could on Monday.

Just saw the related discussion in the other thread, so I will carry it on here so the uninterested can ignore.

I have been doing roast dinners most Sundays up until now, and I would quite like to continue that because we all really enjoy it. Do you reckon I would be ok to keep that up, if I didn't have the Yorkshire pud? I reckon I could forgoe the pud but I would have to have the gravy and potatos - but if its only once a week? What do you think?

The upside of a roast is the leftovers - I have been making brilliant soups. Last Sunday we had pork, and there wasn't a huge amount left over of the meat, so I just made vegetable soup which I have basically been living off all week (well, that and porridge). Incidentally, I haven't eaten meat at all since Sunday - not deliberately, its just I've been having the vegetable soup for my tea when I get home, and porridge and the occasional calorie-counted snack bar thingy at work.

Also, I have just bought a 6 litre slow cooker (£25, reduced from £60). Any tips as to what might be good things to do which I could give to other people as well as eat myself?
I have a roast every weekend and my weight hasn't really changed either way so you should be ok with roasts and yorkshire puddings aren't actually that bad as it's just air mainly. I just redistrubute everything when I'm plating up so I have more root veg and peas etc than potatoes and puds.

Anyway, overall aim is to get down to 9.5 stone at the moment I'm 11st 1lb down from 11st10lb. Tomorrow is my weigh in day so hopefully I'm 10st 13lb.
Blimey you're TINY.
Great stuff.

Agreed on the roast, steer clear of Fat, so Roast's meat and Gravy, just have a little, have loads of veg, make your own garvy and skim off fat, Yorkshires are ok, but try non stick pans/use olive Oil.

Slow cooker. My Favorite thing to do in it is Apple Butter, put in apples and 1/4 weight in sugar, or sweetener or coconut thing, mace, mixed spice, Cinnamon. Cook until it looks like Mud (6 - 8 hours) Bottle and keep in fridge, it's a great addition to yoghurt and porridge, and 1/2 the sugar of Jam.

I am not really a fan of slow cookers, as I don't really like stew. They are ok for caseroles I think if you Boil Pots to go with it. Only tip from me on that one, rather than buy chopped Toms & Passata and flavour etc Many supermarkets do 70p a jar Pasta Sauces, which in effect is all that in one jar, so left over meat and veg jar of Cook in Sauce slow cooker, done. ( I get the mushroom one as its not got allot of mixed herbs in, so it doesn't taste to Spag Bol)
bmstinton93 wrote:I want to put weight on.

I am here:,-2.543239

How are you having a problem with that? Do you think you don't eat enough, or do you think its a metabolism thing? Layabout Yudster dropped to a stupid weight and his doctor told him to stock up on milkshakes which helped. Falling in love helped a lot more though and he is a far better weight now.
Yudster wrote:Blimey you're TINY.

In height I am which is why the weight is a problem.

Yudster wrote:
bmstinton93 wrote:I want to put weight on.

How are you having a problem with that? Do you think you don't eat enough, or do you think its a metabolism thing? Layabout Yudster dropped to a stupid weight and his doctor told him to stock up on milkshakes which helped. Falling in love helped a lot more though and he is a far better weight now.

The muppet is ridiculously tiny and considering he eats 4x the amount of food I do it does seem a bit weird.
boboff wrote:* off

This. My flatmate is the same height as me, with a skinny build - eats fast food and chocolate all the time and is SO thin. It's irritating, especially as I'm tucking into a cup-a-soup for lunch with a foam of * all. Could I just ask that noone be rude about other people's weight in this thread? I'm quite used to rude comments on here, but a thread like this requires quite a bit of honesty.

I'm 19st 11lbs, 6ft2, BMI of 35.6. Have lost 9lbs since the beginning of the year.

Target weight of 14 stone 7 lbs which would be the top end of a healthy BMI...depressingly that would put be at the same weight as Sol Campbell in his peak!But in terms of what I'd be happy with, I think to get to 16 stone would make me happy.

I lost loads of weight in the summer of 2010 and got down to 17st11lbs from around 21st7lbs (not altogether healthily as it was in 4 months), but then put on a load thanks to finding a girlfriend. Love is a bitch when it comes to losing weight. As I'm quite big built I didn't notice it going on (like Davina said when she was in) - but then me and my partner decided we'd lose a load of weight in 2012. It's handy to have someone to lose weight with!

I've got a brilliant app in 'My Fitness Pal' which counts your calories and what you burn.
Right first of all don't pay too much attention to what you are "supposed" to weigh. Mr Yudster is about the same height and weight as you and I know for a fact if he lost every scrap of fat on him he would still weigh over 15 stone, probably more. Whilst his doctor might say his ideal weight is 14st 7lb, I know if he went below 16st 7lb he would look silly.
What was the wisdom for though? We know all that, we are all UNhappy - not with who we are, but with being overweight. The whole thing that being on a diet must mean you are some kind of depressive person with low self esteem is crap - it just means you're fat and want to do something about it! If Bart Simpson was happy being fat, who cares?

And I'm not sure anyone here is recommending anything approaching a "special" diet (although the only diet that has ever been any good at all for Mr Yudster was Atkins), we're just throwing about ideas and experiences.
Get on Chrys, thats great news about the 9lb loss so far.

Agreed, we won't be rude, only people who come braggin' about how skinny they are and eat like 20,000 calories a day are fair game...... ( they never mention the IBS and the fact they can't fart in public without fear of soiling)

I have been around this weight for ages and ages, and my "ldeal" weight is 11 1/2 stone! Yeah right.

No advice, just a bit of motivation, it might make us all try a little bit harder if you can brag regularly about doing well.

Not sure what EB was worried about, but it's your choice mate.
If only the IBS thing was true Bob. That's pretty much the reason why losing weight is so slow, any drastic changes and it goes mad. If I cut down the calories, it goes mad. Its been a case of replacing the same amount of calories with things that are easier to burn off rather than fill me up for less.
I've lost 8lb since the 3rd January :) currently weigh 18st 8lbs, 5ft 10, would like to get down to 15st by Christmas, hopefully it'll give me a lot more confidence (mine is zero at mo, so much to the point that I consider myself hideous, and my weight has meant that one or two women I've fancied I've never had the confidence to ask them out due to this :() and it's also for health reasons (on my Mum's side of the family five members died of heart attacks 8O )

In all honesty all I've done to change my diet is to improve my breakfast at work (porridge instead of sausage or bacon sandwiches) cut down on booze (I hadn't drunk a drop from 3rd-30th Jan, only started again due to a trip up north & to be honest I realised I didn't miss alcohol that much at all) & just stop picking at sweets, etc. in the office (the office is where I probably eat badly, as did about 15 of us & as I mentioned in another thread we've all been weighing in weekly). I haven't been a complete saint, but because I've balanced my food much better this time & smaller portions for meals it's seems to be working :)

I'm planning on joining my local Fitness First next weekend for 3 months, just to see how I go, plus I can't afford a 12 month subscription, and hopefully get fitter & thinner.

According to the BMI I should be 10st, if I have a light skeleton (I don't so I'd look ill) or 13st if I have a heavy skeleton, 15st is where I'd like to get to. We had a health visitor last year who said himself that the BMI no longer works as it doesn't take bone mass into account, I was slightly over average at 3.7, a work colleague of mine was 4.5 & the bloke said it was the thickest bone mass he'd ever seen. 8O

Anyway good luck to all with this, I know it can be a bastard to lose weight, I know I've gone up & down over the last ten years.

Anyway enough of my waffle
I'll do this - started off the year 13 stone 5, want to be 11 stone 10. Now 12.5. I think I am 5'10 but need to get this confirmed. Big thing that's helping with me is a fairly intense 20 minute workout a day.
The great thing is we are all slim on the internet!

I did Squash yesterday and a 75 minute workout in the Gym which included 30 minutes on the Rowing machine, I now walk like an old lady whose shit herself......

Weigh in for me on the a.m........
Ok - according to my weigh-in this morning I have lost 9lb. In a week. Which can't be right, so I am assuming (like I would) that my original weight that I started from was an anomaly and that It probably wasn't as bad as that. I still want to lose the same amount though.

I had a "day off" yesterday - no roast, but I made a lovely fish pie and also had some homemade bread and some chocolate, so a "bad" day, but I'd given myself permission so hopefully I can manage not to revert to "well I've broken the diet now, I might as well eat everything that isn't running away from me".

I am hoping that it will drop another couple of pounds this week. Just had my porridge!
I'm starting (again) today and will weigh in next week. Yuds in my first week I always lose about 9-11 lb and then about 4-6 the week after and then 1-3 lb every week after that. It is a lovely surprise though when you see you have lost 10lb. I've been on a diet with topher but he was just too competitive and it made me feel like not bothering...I am back on now but I'm not getting involved with his and he isn't allowed to get involved with mine.
I have weighed and I am the exact weight I was on Friday (my previous weigh day), which I'm taking as good as I had a massive pork roll and duck sandwich from Roast to Go in Borough Market on Friday and some really lovely cheese yesterday.

catherine wrote:he was just too competitive and it made me feel like not bothering

I wasn't competitive in that I was trying to lose more weight than Cat by the way... I was competitive with myself, like I always am with stuff I'm trying to do and so don't think I was very helpful.
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