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Recently I’ve been going through the archive just picking out random shows from the Radio 1 Breakfast Show

It’s been really entertaining to go back and listen to the shows and hearing them grow year on year, listening to old features and hearing Chris interact with (and sometimes) berate the team live on air.

Listening to stuff like One Road Travel and Carpark Catchphrase, Rachel opening the lines for it, Dave doing Let’s get Ready to Ramble, BB Aled, the way that Dom and Jules/Carrie were brought into more and more of the show, instead of just being the news/sport readers, Longman (remember him?) being on the show, Chris slagging off Johnny Vaughn (how times change) and overall just how Chris and the whole team developed into what that show eventually became.

So, in your opinion, where do you think the show hit its peak? This can be in terms of team members, team interaction, features, regular guests, whatever takes your fancy.

What would you recommend I go back and listen too?

Saturday show is up