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By ritchie
But it’s hosted by Scott Mills...

I caught his show (with Chris Stark) on 5Live this morn; what a refreshing change. New features - a very different feel to his r1 daytime show. Things like ‘real life TMO’, the reverse quiz and the whole vibe really reminded me of that classic Saturday show on R1.

I am in no way a big Mills fan - but I thought it really showed Moyles up. It sounded fresh and showed how you can change/adapt to stay relevant. Also much better chemistry with his sidekick as it is not just sycophantic like it often sound like on X.

Can’t help but think Moyles n Dave would have smashed this style on another BBC station - but alas, Scott’s show on 5 is great.

Does the lack of ads, dad music, and better production help? Probably - but still think the whole feel was much improved.
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