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So I've shared this in the smile/laugh thread and got a few signatures (thankyou gents), so I thought I'd create its own thread to see if we can garner a few more.

Background: A friend of mine (from my other forum) was married to a bloke who physically and sexually abused her and their kids. He went to prison but is now out. He pays child support for their one child who is still young enough to be entitled to it, via the CSA. Hidden in the Tories' manifesto was that they were to stop that and make parents make their own arrangements for child support, and if they couldn't, the government will take 24% of the money as payment for doing it. So regardless of whether it's difficult, traumatic or dangerous to have contact with your ex, you gotta do it - or lose a quarter of your (already quite measly) money. There are no caveats or exceptions to this.

She has started a petition and had some interest from some local media, it would be great if people could sign and even better if they could share. We are nearing 500 signatures so it needs a push to get there! Thanks in advance :)