The TV & Radio Show Reviews
By R94N
6:30am - Opening link Chris has problems with his mic and the team talk about how things just get left behind in the studio from the late night shows. The week has also been going really slowly, apparently. The team then talk about Cheryl Cole and the rumours that she has been replaced on the X-Factor US by Nicole Scherzinger, and dropped from the line-up as a judge. Chris talks about when he met her at the Big Weekend and how uninterested she was, completely different to what she comes across as on TV. The reports are is that it's Fox who does not want her on the show, rather than Simon Cowell.

Dom wonders whether they should phone Louie for some information as to perhaps what might be happening, but Chris can't be bothered. He thinks he'll try and avoid the questions, and play it safe, like he usually does. Simon's shows still pull in 10+ million viewers every episode.

The team then talk about Matt Edmondson getting the job to host the Xtra Factor. Chris thinks that he isn't even old enough to host the show, because it's on late. He thinks the world's gone mad. Chris would like a job on one of Simon's shows, because he feels he can say whatever he wants and still get paid a truckload. Louie even says the same things to the contestants every episode! Various impressions of Louie follows, including how he must laugh himself to sleep because he gets paid an awful lot to do not very much. More TV talk follows.

Dom says that he's going to try and call Louie or send him a message after the news about the Cheryl Cole X-Factor rumours. He wants to find out more, but Chris thinks that he'll not reveal anything at all like he usually does.

6:59am The team talk about The Apprentice and how Dom and Chris were going to tweet all about it as it happened but they didn't get the chance. Dave apparently also can get channels that no one else can, with his new Freeview box. The conversation turns to Geordie Shore and how it's done the same to the people of Newcastle as The Only Way Is Essex has done to people from Essex - embarrassed them.

7:04am Newsbeat

7:09am A confusing quote by Oprah Winfrey from the news is briefly discussed. It apparently doesn't make sense at all.

7:13am Songs - Rihanna (Only Girl In The World)
Bruno Mars (The Lazy Song)

7:21am Celebrity Raspberry Adam in Tottenham is the contestant today. He fits blinds and curtains for a living. He chooses the Dave and Chris mugs, and guesses James Corden. He's right.

7:32am Newsbeat

7:37am Horse talk The team talk about training zebras, horse riding and donkeys.

7:42am Songs - Far East Movement (Like A G6)
Chase & Status (Time)

7:50am Dom and Dave's boring video Chris discusses Dom and Dave's boring video from the Big Weekend, where they walk to the pub.

7:56am Song - Example (Changed the way you kiss me)

8:00am Newsbeat

8:04am The team talk about stupid things you think are true, after Chris talked about he didn't think cod liver oil was from cod liver. They read out some texts from the listeners.

8:09am Songs - Jessie J (Nobody's Perfect)
Friendly Fires (Live Those Days Tonight)

8:20am It's Dave's Mum's birthday, and apparently they are going to a pub for lunch to celebrate. After a brief play of 'Happy Birthday', it's time for 'Stupidity Amnesty'. Some Radio 1 DJs are also made to mention some things that they didn't realise they knew. Clips of Sara Cox, Greg James, Dev and Benji B confessing are all played. After that, the team read more texts from the listeners who were perhaps just a little confused or just misled about things!

8:27am Newsbeat

8:40am Songs - Chris Moyles Song Parody (Wolverhampton Girls)
All Time Low (I Feel LIke Dancing)

8:49am Matt Fincham Matt arrives at Radio 1 late, due to a defective train on the Victoria Line. Chris suggests that he should move. Matt has also been asked by management to give an interview about just what he does at work, for the BBC Careers website. The rest of the team, of course, has to watch the video in order to see what he actually does all day because no one has any idea. Chris, of course, plays the audio of the video on air and pokes fun. Working in radio is apparently all about the audio! He also didn't like working at Radio 1 when he first started.

9:00am Tedious Link Red Alert -> Coral

Tedious Link Song - The Coral (Dreaming of you)

Chris plays a few of the 'whenever I'm listening' clips from the various guests that have been on the show. They play some of the older clips, and decide whether to get rid of some of them in order to make some room for the new stuff.

Chris plays a Jaguar Skills 'game show' mix (sorta!) and mentions Jaguar Skills' show is on Radio 1 tonight at midnight.

Songs - Aloe Blacc (I Need a Dollar)
Hard-Fi (Good for nothing)

Apparently Zane is up for a game of 'musical taste', saying what song he secretly loves and which he secretly hates.

9:33am Newsbeat

Songs - Alex Gaudino featuring Kelly Rowland (What a feeling)
Cee Lo Green (Forget You)

Carpark Catchphrase

Contestants - Andi Peters (somehow, again)
Jack from Northampton

Round 1 - Andy beeps first, and guesses the phrase 'honesty is the best policy'. He wins, sadly knocking Jack out.

10am End of the show.

Today's news headlines
-Up to 4000 British soldiers are facing a pay cut. Members of the Parachute Regiment are likely to loose their bonuses, in order for the MOD to save billions of pounds.

-New figures from the NSPCC shows a child is sexually abused every twenty minutes in England and Wales.

-Reports from website say Cheryl Cole has been dropped from the X-Factor there, producers took action reportedly because people might not be able to understand her accent. However the reports are still unconfirmed.

-The last episode of Oprah Winfrey Show was broadcast in the US last night, after 25 years on air.

Today's sports headlines
-First cricket test against Sri Lanka starts this weekend.

-Scotland beat Wales 3-1 in the Nation's Cup.

- Jermain Defoe drops out of England squad for qualifier because of injury.

I appreciate that I have maybe missed some of the news headlines, sorry :?

But call him Don Bryn, he loves that :-D