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7:00 NEWSBEAT 1. Basement Jaxx – Where’s Your Head At? 2. Beyonce – Check On It 3. The Strokes – Juicebox 7:30 NEWSBEAT 4. Razorlight – Golden Touch 5. Sunblock – I’ll Be Ready 8:00 NEWSBEAT 6. Embrace – Ashes 7. Madonna – Hung Up 8. Will Young – All Time Love 8:30 NEWSBEAT 9. Arctic Monkeys – I Bet That You Look Good On The Dancefloor 10. Pharrell Williams – Angel 11. Technotronic – Pump Up The Jam (Tedious Link) 12. Coldplay – Talk 13. ? 9:30 NEWSBEAT 14. James Blunt – Goodbye My Lover 15. Ice Cube – You Can Do It

Chris starts the show with an unusual statement this morning. “I’m tired this morning”, which is quite rare for the team to mention on the air. If they are tired they usually keep it themselves. Chris has three alarm clocks now though, to ensure that he is woken up in time for the show – which is a jolly good idea. However it’s not all as great as it sounds, as now when the alarm sounds he doesn’t know which one to turn off, and even when he does eventually find the correct clock he ends up pressing the button – which is the age old problem. Despite that initial niggle, it seems to be working fine, as according to Dave anyway, Chris is getting in on time, which is good news for us – but not that good for JK & Joel (or I suppose I should say Fearne & Reggie as it’s Friday) as they wont have much chance to get an extra hour or two’s pay.

Talking of the legendary Fearne & Reggie, there was a “power struggle” in their studio this morning – something to do with the adjustable tables which you can change depending on the height of the DJs and any possible guests. As Dave aptly puts it “Perfect for if Sandi Tocksvick was being interviewed by Vernon Kay”. And what an interview that would be. It was Fearne who was controlling the decks today however, and she has made it so it looks like she is sitting in a throne, whilst presumably Reggie is left to look like some sort of peasant. Not the most interesting of subjects, but it proved to me at least that Fearne and Reggie are actually live once in a while. Either that or they pre-recoded this bit of chat with Chris as well to fool us all.



Carrie went to the darts yesterday, and she’s going again today to report on it for BBC London. Her dad plays darts as well, which Chris suggested was because he wants to feel like he belongs with his common man sometimes. It was also exclusively revealed by Chris that her dad keeps the dart board right at the end of the 20 acre estate – presumably to keep it out of sight. Dave is going to the darts as well tonight, but not with Carrie – with Tim from accounts. He isn’t taking a massive hilarious banner though, which is slightly disappointing.

Deal….or No Deal?

Rachel missed the end of yesterday’s ‘Deal Or No Deal’, the new C4 gameshow hosed by Noel ‘Gotcha’ Edmunds. She wanted to know weather or not he won a vast sum of money, as when she left the guy on it was doing quite well and now she cannot rest until she knows what happened. Dom doesn’t understand the game though, he says “its just a big black phone to me”.

According to one kind texter-inner, the game finished as followed. He had an offer of £16,000 but it was ‘No Deal’. It all went wrong though, and he ended up going home with just a measly £5,000. Rachel was disappointed with this as when she left he had most of the red ones left – which are the top numbers. I bet the contestant who was playing wasn’t too happy about it either. Chris was confused though as he thought the blue ones were the top numbers, as did Dave. To add even more confusion the boxes are red as well, so this is clearly the kind of show only highbrow intellectuals can watch.
Dave isn’t convinced that the banker, who offers the deals to the contestant folk, is actually on the end of the phone that Noel picks up. Chris is convinced there is though,

Chris: OK, you be Noel, I’ll be the Banker, who is actually the producer.
<imitates ringing sound>
Chris: Hi it’s me. You know after the show, we’ll go down the boozer and you know the girl on work experience…
Dave: Hmm really
Chris: The one with the really tight top…
Dave: Yes, Interesting
Chris: She’s coming for a couple of drinks as well, I think she is quite easy. I think there is a chance of some hot action
Dave: I’ll tell him
Chris: She has got some big chested mates as well who want to work in telly, so we are sorted
Dave: Right
Chris: I’ll see you over at the Dog and Trumpet at 8. By the way, offer him four and a half grand


Davina Interview

Davina is back on the show again, and its no surprise as she is Dave’s “Favourite Guest Ever, Ever, Ever’. As well as being on the new series of Celebrity Big Brother, she also has a dvd to flog to us all, and its another fitness one. This was discussed by the team at the start of the show, when Chris asked if anyone had seen it. Dave answered no (what great research), but was intrigued as Chris mentioned that there were “blue clips” on the dvd. No, not the chart-topping boyband but naughty clips. The one featured , which is hard to describe through the medium of text alone was Davina saying “uhuhuhuhu…back on me”. Davina was obviously shaking on something fitness related, but those of you with a dirtier mind may have thought it was something different entirely. If you are still struggling to think what it sounds like, Dave described it as “the start of Celebrity Tarzan. Either that or a really crap Jimmy Saville impression”.

The lady herself was in after 8, with the DVD on screen as she walked into the studio. They hadn’t wired their copy of the video to the tv, there just happened to be an advert on as she walked it, which was a happy coincidence. She was pleased to hear that they did actually own a copy though, although not too pleased to discover that neither Chris nor Dave had actually bothered to do either of the workouts. Davina also seemed annoyed that lots of A-list stars appeared on the show then didn’t know who people are or how certain features worked. They should listen to the show before they come on, then it might flow a bit better.


Davina was there for about an hour and a half, and if you have ever heard her on the show before, it was pretty much similar to all of her other ones – partly interesting, especially in the big brother segments and partly annoying. It depends on your view of her and the views of the programmes she presents. Highpoints included berating Chris for eating a bacon sandwich despite being allegedly on a detox, Davina getting her own “Good Morning” jingles like David O’ Leary has and of course the traditional listener questions, including a quite hilarious question asking her to do a Ronnie Corbett impression – which was right up there with Dom’s brilliant interpretation.

However the fact is, after the brilliant interview with Coogan and Brydon earlier in the week, this was back to the same old celebrity fare which most people can take or leave – and in comparison it sadly just doesn’t cut it that much. Sad really, as this has been one of the best weeks for shows in a while.

Other Stuff On Today’s Show

(*) Yesterday, Dom went home and watched some classic Cbeebies action. Highlights included ‘Tikabilla’ and a particularly interesting episode of ‘Balamory’. It was also noted that Miss Hooley has had a baby in real life, which presumably will confuse the child if she lets it watch that channel as well.

(*) More footie tickets to give away – Liverpool vs. Spurs today, followed by another set of tickets. Sunderland vs Chelsea. It was just too much ticket action for me. The latter set of tickets were hard to give away as the first two people didn’t even answer.

(*) Chris has been asked to go on Family Fortunes, but there was a chance to get on with the team and not his family. He’s not sure weather it will pan out yet though, they have to wait for Vernon to get back off of his holiday.

Celebrity Tarzan

The team played the game with one of the random callers they found during the botched ticket giveaway, who was ringing up for the wrong competition. He didn’t know his own number so they had to keep him online for the game that is literally sweeping the nation…maybe. He was Andy from Motherwell and he thought it was Rachel – of Producer of the Chris Moyles show fame. He was sadly wrong, and it rolls over to next week.

Mini-Moyles Update


Chris is finishing off his shelves today. Were told that theyre coming along nicely at the moment.

Dave and Carrie are both going to the Darts World Championship at Frimley Green. Dom continues his detox with a Big Brother and curry evening tonight, Joce is supporting her friends DJ debut, and Rachel is off to a birthday party.

Aled is going to be at the Big Brother eviction, probably talking to Jodie!

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