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By Chris
7.00 NEWSBEAT, The Darkness – I believe in a thing called love, Eminem – Lose yourself, Richard Ashcroft – Break the night with colour, McFly – It’s all about you, 7.30 NEWSBEAT, Meck – Thunder in my heart again, Will Young – All time love, The Coral - In the morning, 8.00 NEWSBEAT, Coldplay – Talk, Charlotte Church – Crazy Chick, U2 – You look so beautiful, 8.30 NEWSBEAT, Franz Ferdinand - Walk Away, Pussycat Dolls – Stickwhichu, TEDIOUS LINK = Red Hot Chilli Peppers – Under the bridge, Kanye West featuring Adam Levine - Heard 'em say, Son of dork – Eddie’s song, Foo Fighters – Resolve, 9.30 NEWSBEAT, Hi_Tack – Say say say (waiting 4 u), Keane – Everyone’s changing, James Blunt – Goodbye my lover.

JK and Joel had WWE Diva’s Torrie Wilson, Candice Michelle and Maria in the studio, and Chris started the show by teasing the two of them, saying that their constant flirting and perving made him look normal, this was mainly due to the fact that JK took his t-shirt off to try and impress the girls, the only time that Chris has done this was when he interviewed David Walliams.

Chris touches briefly on the fact that George Galloway is referring to everyone in the big brother house that is younger than him as “the children” and the fact that Michael Barrymore was at the height of his fame when everything started going wrong for him, and to top in all off, he has now been befriended by George Galloway.

Rachel laughs at Dave for calling the WWE Diva’s wrestlers. Joel comes into the studio to talk about the Diva’s. To give the girls a treat, Joel has invited them to meet Chris & Dave in the local pub, for the local Country & Western night, with a band that looks like a poor mans Journey South. The team log on to to watch the Diva’s wrestle in egg nog whilst wearing Santa outfits for a Christmas treat. Joel also reveals that he is the winner of this weekend’s The Weakest Link and won £26,000 for charity.

Chris played highlights of yesterdays interview of the guys, including all their impressions including comparisons of Dom’s Ronnie Corbett, Chris’s Terry Wogan and Dave’s Ken Bruce, very funny interview, it also included Rob’s man in a box impression that made Rachel laugh, but it now freaks her out.

Chris and Dave discuss the final episode of Lost, Dave was disappointed in the ending saying that there was so much more to wrap up than they did. Chris revealed that the 1st episode of the 2nd series, continues exactly where the 1st one ended. Dave felt there was too much flashback of stuff that you already knew, of course the biggest twist was when the umpa lumpa’s turned up and that Willy Wonka actually owned the Island.

Chris wants to know, why all women that go to watch darts, are chavvy and look like you wouldn’t mess with them, as you see them hanging over the balcony screaming at their partners. LADIES AND GENTLEMAN ARE YOU READY? LETS PLAY DARTS!!

Carrie reported that the pool for the 2012 Olympics wouldn’t be completed until 2010, which is 2 years too late. Chris questioned why 2 years is not enough time for athlete’s to learn how to swim. Dave said that he could easily build a swimming pool, just make a big rectangular hole, tile it and fill it with water, why is it going to take so long.

Its still rolling over and now has the top 4 albums in the prize pot. Allie Holbert is today’s contestant. Allie guessed Carol Vorderman, it’s a NO!!
So it’s another roll-over until tomorrow when another album will be added to the prize pot.

Show is rubbish, but Foxy Roxy is (whistle)!! It make you appreciate how honest Simon Cowell is. They sing rubbish, but Cilla just tells them how good they are, referring to the audience as her gang. All the judges must be deaf, all being fake. The only tv show that is honest these days is Something Special on Cbeebies, Justin is the host and baby Finton loves Justin more than his dad Dom. Chris has been watching it and has learned sign language for sweetshop, butchershop and banana. Dom thinks that Justin is the Ant n Dec of satellite tv. Justin also dresses up as Mr Tumble the Clown. Something Special has had special guests including Leslie Grantham and Paul McGann. For some reason this link was very funny, despite the fact that Chris was doing sign language and we couldn’t see it!! Everyone should log onto Cbeebeies website and learn the sign language to use in the pub, although the signs for beer and Malibu and coke are not on there. LOOK EVERYBODY, A SWEET SHOP, HAVE A BANANA!!

Today we heard from David Logan, 24, in Lime Grove, Edinburgh who was naked and in the shower when he spoke to Dom, and reported that there was a lad down the street, pressing the button at the pedestrian crossing, just to make the cars stop, its also very windy and there is lots of rubbish flying around.

A mashed up jungle version of James Blunt, Goodbye my lover. Excellent!!!

Chris & Rachel debate whether Jodie Marsh will walk before Friday, Dave has not really been watching it. Rachel thinks that they should all go to bed and wake up in a better mood. They all agree that she is being bullied a bit especially by Pete and Michael, Chris thinks it is great television, Dave is sticking up for Jodie. Aled is adamant people shouldn’t stick up for Jodie, he has no problem with her being a tart, his problem is her being two-faced and attacking people behind their back. But has been reading up about George Galloway on the tube on the way in this morning, what an exciting life Aled leads! Chris wishes he had gone in the house, as the booze seems be on tap. Davina is live in the studio tomorrow.

Seamless link. Steve Coogan, that tedious link was ?? both responses were played

More big brother chat. Is Preston good-looking, Aled and Rachel say yes. Chris cant believe that no-one has said “write the theme tune, sing the theme tune” to Rula. Aled causes a commotion as he says that his flatmates are divided between Preston and Dennis for best looking. Chris thinks Aled needs new flatmates. Aled asks Chris who he fancies, Rula looks like bloke, Traci, good body and squinty eyes and great fake breasts. Jodie, not Chris’s type of girl but maybe after a night in a pub on the beers, she may look different after last orders. Chantelle, again a last orders kind of girl, a 5 pinter. Fire Alarm, racist, nasty, lying little witch of a woman with a fat arse, GET HER OUT THE HOUSE!!! Aled say’s that if he had a story like that to sell to the tabloids, he would. Rachel then mentions that she is reading Piers Morgan book about people selling stories to tabloids. Dave was upset that the book was recommended to him, as it had big words and lots of pictures.

Listener’s were texting in, to ask if Rachel had sought medical advice after the recent illness, diagnosed by a gasman. Dr Mark Hamilton thought she may have had it and gave her some good advice, as he has had it before. She also went to the doctor and confirmed that she did actually suffer from Carbon Monoxide Poisoning. Rachel has the landlord coming around today to sort the problem and she recommends that everyone gets a CM detector.

Roy informs us that he owns 5 houses, 2 counties, Berkshire and Devon and a Range Rover.

Line 1 – Reigning Champion - Rebecca from Essex, mascot is elephant called Cornwall.

Line 2 – Chris from Liverpool, mascot is a pair of fluffy Everton dice.

Rebecca wins and goes through to the g-spot. She completes the gold run and returns tomorrow as reigning champion.

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