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By Chris

0655 Kanye West - Gold Digger 0700 Newsbeat, Madonna - Hung Up, Coldplay - In My Place, Sean Paul - Ever Blazin', Modjo - Lady 0730 Newsbeat & One Road Travel , The Killers - Smile Like You Mean It, Justin Timberlake - Like I Love You, The Strokes - Juicebox, Charlotte Church - Crazy Chick 0800 Newsbeat & Yesterday's Weather, Kaiser Chiefs - Modern Way, Dr. Dre - Still D.R.E., Mcfly - Ultraviolet 0830 Newsbeat & One Road Travel, Gorillaz - Feel Good Inc., The Darkness - One Way Ticket 0900 Tedious Link: Green Day – Basket Case, Tom Novy featuring Michael Marshall - Your Body, Babyshambles - Albion 0930 Newsbeat & One Road Travel, Arctic Monkeys - I Bet You Look Good On The Dancefloor, Usher - Yeah.

Chris nearly late again!

Moyles wasn't too happy with the roadworks he encountered this morning, as it meant that he was nearly late for the show. But Dave thinks that he should be there in enough time whether there are rodaworks or not.

The team were watching I'm A Celebrity Get Me Outta Here...or some of them anyway, Chris wants the whole team to watch it so they can discuss it on the show.
The "celebrities" this series are Jimmy Osmond (a fat Mark Goodyear), Carol Thatcher, Antony Costa, David Dickinson, Jenny Frost, Sheree Murphy, Baine Lordan, Jilly Goolden, Kimberley Davies and Sid Owen (who is apparently favourite) ..Get Me Outta Here have stolen the car that was involved in last nights task from Don't Try This At Home. It looked impossible but Carol actually did quite well, Chris has plenty of voice clips of her from the show and I think there will be plenty more as the week goes on.

There were some problems with the heating in the can either be too hot or too cold depending where they are sitting/standing. Dave is usually cold where he stands and Chris too warm [how interesting!]

Sting Ring & More Chart Show Live

Todays contestant was Carrie Griffith from Portsmouth and she looks after elderly people, lovely. Some people seem to be genuinely confused by the feature and Chris has even admitted he would slam down the phone!

There were more VIP tickets up for grabs this morning for The Chart Show Live, you had to listen out for JK and/or Joel asking a question and that question was "Which nationality is Sean Paul?" Sally answered correctly with "Jamaican" and seemed to be struggling to breathe and was really emotional, Dave & Rachel as well. Although Chris was just pleased there was something to put on the trail!

Dave seems to sound like the lead vocalist of The Strokes, Fran from Travis, singing in The Killers and Shaun Ryder. To clear up he is not in any of those bands - as much as people think it sounds like him. This then got Chris going on about people that call in when he says "do not phone up" and people that ask if it is radio 1 when they answer "hello, this is radio 1". Some people are just so thick and will do anything to get on radio!

Monday Night Pub Quiz

Just before the quiz Rachel brought in a book which has a collection of the funniest Hairdresser's names on the High Street around the UK. Examples are "Curl Up And Dye", "Alive and Clipping", "Trimmingdales" and my personal favourite "Curling You Softly".

Todays contestants were:
Mark from Bradford a truck driver & Kate from Great Yarmouth who works as a claim handler.

The questions today were:
Q1. What do you call a baby goose?
Q2. How many lanes are there in an olympic sized swimming pool?
Q3. Which female singer has had more UK Top Ten singles than The Beatles and The Stones combined?
Q4. Which planet is nearest the sun?
Q5. What is the next number in this sequence: 5, 11, 23, 47, 95?

Answers at the bottom of the review if you really want to know!

There seemed to be a lot of cheating in the studio, so I don't know for sure who got what!

Newsbeat & New York

Since Dom hadn't taken part in the original Newsbeat chanting Chris and the team had another go at it. And also in case you hadn't heard, the team are heading off to New York next weekend to broadcast from Monday to Friday and they are taking some listeners with them - they will also have the chance to go to the King Kong premiere.

It is also National Anti-Bullying Week, and Radio 1 is getting involved, with The Chris Moyles Show focussing on Mobile Phone bullying. You can go to for more information.

Tedious Problems

Dave had problems with his legal age for handling a fuel pump, and was confusing Chris with mentioning mopeds, broken down cars and lawnmowers! Dave was saying if you break down you can go to the petrol station to fill up your can to re-fuel. Chris asked what this had to do with lawnmowers and also said that you can't take your lawnmower on the motorway. Dom was asked to find out the actual legal age for using a fuel pump, and it was actually 16 - not 15 as Dave originally thought.

While the show is in New York there is going to be a "Gabby Cabby" who is going to give Chris information about New York and what there is to do and who you can expect to meet while out and about..Aled had a clip of him which was taken from his cab, not a bar obviously!

Carpark Catchphrase

Todays numpties were:
On Line One, Contestant Number One - Sarah from somewhere in Wales who was hilarious!
One Line Two, Contestant Number Two - Johnny from Weymouth

Sarah won 2-0 with "I've got bigger fish to fry" and "Lamb to the slaughter"

Answers to the Quiz:
Q1. Gosling
Q2. 8
Q3. Madonna
Q4. Mercury
Q5. 191

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