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By Chris
Kiser Cheifs - Modern Way, Simon Webb - No Worries, Scissor Sisters - Filthy Gorgouse, Robbie - Tripping, The killers - Mr Brightside, Kanye West - ,Bob Sinclar - Love Generation, MOP - Cold as Ice, The Magic Numbers - Loves a Game, Foo Fighters - Best of You, Charlotte Church - Crazy Chick, Mylo - Underpressure, Guns and Roses- Paradice City, Arctic Monkeys - I Bet Youn Look Good on the Dancefloor, Daniel Powter - Bad Day, Madonna - Hung Up, Hard Fi - Living for the Weekend,

Doctor Who v. New York
Should moyles go to New York or should there be a third series of doctor who? Chris does a poll of Dave and Rachel and he show going to New York wins.

Paddys show
Patrick was really good last night but was nearly an hour late on stage, obviously not because of Chris and the team as they were only late by 50min.
The team were also asked really stupid questions during the interval 'Are you staying for the second half?'
Chris - 'Of course I am. I'm not going to go home incase I kill my self by laughing to much'.

Chris' Dilema
Chris is in the R&R room with toby and reading the Daily Sport and then he turns the page and he knows someone in the paper, Joanna Taylor, that they know and there topless do Chris and Dave look or not?
Dave wants to look but chris wants no part in it. But it turns out he's seen them before!

Parody by a listeners
To kids made a parody of candy shop by 50 cent for long mans sandwhiches.

George is confussed
George doesn't understand yesterdays weather and wants to just do todays weather. Dave - 'we want to be maverics'
Chris wants to feel the girls breasts, but they won't let him so he insults Carry.

Be an Extra
Three more people act with Ricky Gervaise to win a part as an extra in extras by Ricky and Stephen.
Peter - eye brow wax 36% seconde
Jenny - drunken man on a swing 51% FIRST
James - Willing for a shilling 13% third

Hong Kong
someone emailed in how wanted to know were Dave was born. Thie lead into a descussion about the hong kong accent and words which involved counting to ten and the ussual Apple Crumble talk.

Mylo Tickets
Mylos last single was called under pressure, but what do you measure pressure with?
a. Calorometer
b. Termometer
c. Barometer
The answere was C and Tim and Samanther won

Computer update
chris' mate broke his computer and he came round yesterday so he had to backed up everything and but it back to factory settings. now it works but he can't go on the internet or I-Tunes.

Tedious Link - Paradice City, Guns and Roses

Patrick on the phone defending him self for being late. and talks about Al going off to new york today.

Everyones afternoon
George is going to Bluewater with her friends baby
Carrie and Rachel are going 'flying' (for 20 seconds (carrie 'thats not flying thats jumping!') in a wind tunnel in milton Keynes.
And suprise surprise Chris is playing Xbox live.

Car Park Catchprase
Zarrene form somewere in Irland v. Luck from Abingdon
Phrase One - It all went to Pot - Zarrene
Phrase Two - Through the towel in - Zarrene
Zarrene Wins!

Todays show was okay but not as funny as most shows i think the team were a bit tired from seeing Patrick Keilty.

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