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By Chris
Madonna-Hung Up /NEWS & SPORT (7.00am)/ Stereophonics-Dakota/ Foo Fighters-All My Life/ Will Young-Switch It On / NEWS & SPORT (7.30am)/ Mylo-Dr. Pressure/ Arctic Monkeys-Bet You Look Good On The Dance floor/ KT Tunstall-Black Horse and The Cherry Tree(Live version from Edith’s DJ Go Home)/ JKwon-Tipsy/ NEWS & SPORT (8.00am)/ Tomcraft-Loneliness/ U2-All Because Of You/ Pussycat Dolls-Stick With You/ NEWS & SPORT (8.30am)/ The Strokes-Last Nite/ Sugababes-Push The Button/ Underworld-Born Slippy (Tedious Link)/ Bloc Party -Two More Years/ Sean Paul-Ever Blazin/ James Blunt-High/ NEWS & SPORT (9.30am)/ Razorlight-Golden Touch/ Bob Sinclar-Love Generation/ Milkan–Bling Bling Baby


Chris started the show talking about Fearne/Reggie saying his favourite line from their show was Reggie going “Let’s have some more music now”. Rather tongue in cheek I suspect, Chris commented that they have to be nice to them though with Christmas coming up. A rather amusing insight into Reggie’s love of trainers followed – Chris joked that if Reggie was to meet a beautiful girl he wouldn’t look at her boobs instead their feet to check out their footwear. Dave moaned that he hopes they don’t buy the team presents as he would have another present to buy.

Surrounded by girls (Banter with Georgina Bowman) & Carrie’s new haircut

Dominic was off so Georgina Bowman was standing in for him and Chris claimed that her success was all down to them. Following the first news bulletin Chris mentioned that George sounded nervous and joked that she was not used to a standard of working, since she worked with Scott Mills. This brings back plenty of memories of Chris’ old drivetime show and his legendary links after the news with her.

Chris mentioned that were unusually more girls on the show than men and went onto list them including Aled as a girl. Dave remarked it was a ‘Chick Zone’, perhaps what can be considered as an off the cuff unfunny comment. Carrie has a new haircut which apparently looks pretty good and was noticed by all the team straight away including Dave albeit he had been told about it before she got it done. Dave proposed a lunchtime drinking session for team bonding and suggested claiming it back on expenses as it’s would be for work purposes.

Sting Ring

Today they did two sting rings; firstly they phoned Will Young (a guest on Scott’s show from Southampton later) he said hello but hung up after about a minute. Next up they rung Scott who had recorded a Sting song for his voicemail greeting to follow that Chris put on a Geordie accent to pretend to be Sting and left a message.

Madonna ‘mutton as lamb’

Chris had briefly made a comment during the news regarding Madonna’s appearance at the MTV awards. A listener had sent a text in defending her which sparked a discussion on Madonna. Chris and Dave both made some harsh but true comments which including Moyles saying she has thighs which look like they belong to a truck driver and Dave’s observed that she looked overworked out as her arms are big.

Football ticket-giveaway

Tickets were given away to the game this weekend between Portsmouth and Wigan, the winner had to answer the phone with the phrase “Hooray its Friday can I have my tickets please” which was suggested by Rachel. The winner was Andy from Long palace (?) a Portsmouth fan who predicted a 2-0 win; Dave said 2-2 and Chris went the other way tipping Wigan to win. They went onto discuss Leeds United and Chris was in confident mood declaring that it ‘should be’ another three points against Preston this weekend.

KT Tunstall

After playing her song, Chris wondered what she looked like and Dave simply said in reply she looks Scottish. Chris looked on Radio 1 Online to check out the pictures from yesterday’s performance at Edith’s DJ goes home in Fife; he agreed with Dave that she was Scottish looking. There was also a mention that there is now a video online of their visit to Leeds produced and directed by Will Kinder (Grey head).

Georgina Bowman’s Love life & Dominic’s whereabouts

Following the 8am news, Chris quizzed George about her love life, she has apparently been engaged for three years which lead to Chris saying that’s it about the time to cheat on him. She apparently had a fling with someone a while back, Chris joked it was Spoony. Chris amusingly said that the reason Dom was not there was that he had been attacked by Peggy Mitchell. Of course he was playing on the news that both Ross Kemp (Grant) and Steve McFadden (Phil) had allegedly been beaten up by their partners.

Celebrity stuff from the papers

Discussed the proposed people going into this year’s I’m a Celebrity which included Jenny Frost, David Dickinson, Sid Owen and Dennis Rodman. Mentioned that Orlaith from Big Brother was in the Daily Star looking lovely but said she wouldn’t be listening because she would just be getting back from a trendy London club.

Guess who

Dave successfully guessed that Chris had seen Suggs from Madness in Camden. Chris again went into his Suggs impression that sounds more like David Essex according to Rachel.

Unofficial history of Scott Mills & Scott on the phone

In preparation for Scott’s day of the DJs go home week, Aled did the history of Scott which of course and most of it was wrong for comedy effect. He said the Scott is originally from Portsmouth and will be returning there and his guest would be Paul Young. He was actually coming live from a school in Southampton with Will Young.

Scott was back at his mum in his old room which had been completely re-decorated apart from the single bed next to radiator leading him to burn his arse on it. Chris mentioned that he still has the same headboard in his old room that still has some stickers on it including an I love CB radio one. Talked about loads of kids asking silly questions like don’t you think Galaxy’s boring?, how much money do you earn? and what’s the most famous number in your phone?

The tedious link - seamless?

All fine apart from the fact that dolphins are not aerodynamic but actually hydrodynamic as they travel through water. Amazingly Born Slippy by Underworld will be ten years old next year.

Musicals & Vernon on the phone

Chris discussed his hate for all musicals; Rachel loves them and offered to lend Chris Grease and The Sound of Music however he said he’d rather shoot himself in the face. He went onto to slate Mamma Mia and Queen: the musical which is apparently is set in a time when music was banned.

Chris rang Vernon who joined in the debate and suggested seeing The Producers in the West End. He talked about his daughter who kept saying Daddy when Moyles was talking on radio. Vernon called him Chris Evans by accident which prompted Moyles to say bye and hang up.

Carpark Catchphrase

Contestant Number 1: Michael from Doncaster.
Contestant Number 2: Ricky.

Michael won 2-1 guessing the catchphrases ‘don’t count your chickens’ and ‘wouldn’t say boo to a goose’. The other one was ‘bum rush’

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