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By Chris
1. The Chemical Brothers – Hey Boy, Hey Girl 7:00 NEWSBEAT 2. Pink – Trouble 3. Bloc Party – Two More Years 4. Simon Webbe – No Worries 5. Basement Jaxx – Oh My Gosh 7:30 NEWSBEAT 6. Limp Bizkit – My Way 7. Bob Sinclair – Love Generation 8. Jack Johnson – Sitting, Waiting, Wishing 9. Robbie Williams – Tripping 8:00 NEWSBEAT 10. Happy Mondays – Desire 11. Pharell Williams feat. Gwen Stefani – Can I Have It Like That? 12. Girls Aloud – Biology 8:30 NEWSBEAT 13. Usher – Yeah 14. Athlete – Twenty Four Hours 15. Third Eye Blind - Semi-Charmed Life (Tedious Link) 16. Jamiroquai - (Don't) Give Hate A Chance 17. Oasis – Let There Be Love 18. Kaiser Chiefs – The Modern Way 9:30 NEWSBEAT 19. Kanye West – Golddigger 20. Gorillaz – Dirty Harry

“A big thanks to JK & Joel” says Chris in his first link – they do early breakfast now don’t you know. Of course the burning question is who is your favourite. Dave, despite them being at the station for over a year and a half can’t tell them apart, and thus cannot chose his favourite. Rachel’s favourite out of JK & Joel is “&”. What a joker she is, while Dom likes them both equally – that’s a stern journalist for you – being completely objective in the face of a dilemma. So none of the team can officially pick (but as an after thought they all picked Joel. Up yours JK).

The Team Are Shattered (again)

Rachel dragged all the team out on the lash yesterday, the poor people, and now the team are paying the price by being absolutely knackered (for once) – with Dave bearing the worst of it having caught a cold overnight from out of nowhere.


It all started when the team when out to watch a screening of a brand new movie (more on the later folks) and afterwards Rachel was up for a right old rave – or just a couple of drinks I can’t remember which. Chris was naturally a bit hesitant about this, well who wouldn’t be if you had to be up to present an early morning radio show to the entire nation the next day? Chris & Co finally gave into Rachel’s wishes and proceeded to trail around town to try and find somewhere to have a quiet couple of drinks – this in itself was no easy task it seems. Never doubt Rachel’s powers of persuasion though, as Dave went home after the film, and persuaded him to come back out again!

Another downside to Chris’s escapades last night was the fact that he now just isn’t getting the hours in that he would like on the new star wars game, so his level of geekdom is slipping down on Xbox live – the horror of it all.

Edith Goes Home

Sting Ring was back for another day – to the sound of millions of people turning off with boredom. Edith of “Colin and..” fame was today’s victim. She put the phone down. Let me be the first to say “LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”. Chris says you won’t get this feature until you have been on the receiving end of it. Only 6.8 million more people to go then.


So as you may have guessed, Edith was the DJ today who was literally going home – so queue the factually correct biography and hilarious interview later on in the show. This included facts you may not have known such as she was born in Ireland and her dad was a fisherman. Of course now Edith is quite the catch herself! (see what they did there?). She also won celebrity X-factor and has a sister who is famous singer “Katie Toungeston”.

The “interview” itself was not too good, since the reception wasn’t too good on Edith’s end – and since she is in her mum’s hotel at the moment, Chris said that they had better change it as it’s the first impression guests get when they arrive *badum-chh*.

Other Stuff On Today’s Show

(*) Rugby ticket giveaway – and we all know the ticket comps are just brilliant. The first woman Chris won wasn’t even listening so he cut her off. And that is as good as the competition got.

(*) Dave had a ‘Guess Who’. It was Bobbie Gillespie – he didn’t ask what the French for Va Va Voom was though, sadly.

(*) The film that the team went to see yesterday was the new “Harry Potter”, which Dave gave a very in depth review of after the 8:30 news. His favourite bit was the scary dragon which “chases Harry onto a rock or something then he has to zap it and fly off on the broomstick”. One for the poster there. He couldn’t give a complete review, because like in I Robot and Dodgeball he fell asleep in the middle of it.

Tedious Link

Stolen (as usual) from MC’s Tedious Link’s Page - visit it for all this weeks links

C & C Music Factory Gonna Make You Sweat - One half of C & C Music Factory is now sadly no longer with us, and in that respect shares something in common with former double act Charles & Eddie - Charles & Eddie had a 1992 hit with “Would I Lie To You” - “Would I Lie To You” was also a song title used by both the Eurythmics and White Snake - Snakes of different sizes and colours were being wrapped around the head of Justin Timberlake yesterday with Colin and Edith, live from Belfast Zoo - A zoo is where you’d expect to see lots of animals that would normally live in Africa - “Africa” was a 1983 hit for Toto - Toto was a character in “The Wizard Of Oz”, and was the dog of Dorothy - Dorothy Perkins shares the same surname as Sue Perkins, who in turn shares the same first name as Sue Townsend, who wrote the Adrian Mole books - A mole has two eyes, but bad eyesight because it lives underground - and if you had a mole that had an extra eye, it would be a tricloptic mole - and if the third eye on this particular mole didn’t work, right, and wasn’t any good, you might describe it as being a “blind third eye”, or if you prefer to put those words the other way round, a “third eye blind” - Which links us to Third Eye Blind and of course Semi-Charmed Life

Mini-Moyles Update


Chris is walking home today in an effort to be healthy. He'll be playing a couple of Star Wars games before heading out for a few jars with Joel.

Dave is taking his birth mother to the airport and Dom will be entertaining his son. Carrie is getting a haircut. Rachel is seeing her mate Dana and maybe doing a pub quiz. Aled will be giving his opinion on the latest releases in the Radio 1 playlist meeting. Joce is assisting Aled in the office.

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