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By Chris

0655: Kylie Minogue - Love At First Sight. 0700: Newsbeat, Arctic Monkeys
- I Bet You Look Good On The Dance Floor, Nelly - Hot In Herre, Foo Fighters - DOA, Aniya Day - Nasty Girl. 0730: Newsbeat & One Road Travel, Scissor Sisters - Comfortably Numb, Lil Kim - Lighters Up. 0800: Newsbeat & Yesterday's Weather, Franz Ferdinand - Take Me Out, Sugababes - Push The Button, Stereophonics - Rewind. 0830: Newsbeat & One Road Travel[/i], Dr Dre - Still D.R.E., Bloc Party - Two More Years. 0900: Tedious Link: Kula Shaker – Hey Dude, Embrace - Come Back To What You Know (Live from Leeds), Bob Sinclair feat. Gary Pine - Love Generation, Son of Dork - Ticket Ouuta Loserville. 0930: Newsbeat & One Road Travel, Feeder - Tumble and Fall, Pharrell Williams feat. Gwen Stefani - Can I Have It Like That, Milk Can - Bling Bling Baby.

Moyles and his X-Box

We all know that Chris is a big fan of his games, and he was delighted to find out he had the brand new Battle Front 2 game dropped off to his office, perks of the job eh? This, seamlessly, led to The Best Of Chas And Dave compilation. As Dom said:

Celebrity Sting Rings

Todays special guest to be woken up by the wonderful sounds of Sting was Jo Whiley, although she wasn't in the mood to play along. So of course Chris just phoned her back and let Sting leave a message. It was then down to Dave to give some awful impressions of Jo and he then had a mini-rant about some person/people who left silly string all over his door after getting back from Leeds. Chris was then on the receiving end of more slagging about his gaming addiction, and there was the usual debate about whether he is a geek and how you go from being a "gamer" to a "gamer geek".

Lil Kim & Prison - Bizarre Tuesday

Chris and Rachel apparently met in a mixed gender prison after computer fraud...Bizarre Tuesday again.

Charles and Eddie
Milli Vanilli

All part of this rather "target" part of the show. Chris and Jon Culshaw went on a gay mens holiday and were watching a documentary about Milli Vanilli which looked like he was miming because the programme was out of sync.


Whenever Longman is mentioned on the show it is usually very funny. While Chris and the team were in Leeds they got a tour of his sandwich shop which included the kitchen, where Longman thinks himself an artist and the bread is his canvas!

MORE Chas & Dave

Since Chris spent so much of the show speaking about and playing songs from Chas and Dave the review is mostly based around them. Just incase you didn't know they sing all kinds of songs, including sports based songs like Snooker Loopy.

Dave: "Don't you think they look dirty, like they need a good bath. They look like the sort of men who would smell.
Chris: "That is because they are *. That's what all * look like. They all have beards and they all dress old, even the women."

Dave thought that Chas & Dave singing "You won't stop talking" sounded too much like the management at Radio 1 in that the team don't play enough music and talk too much!

Pub Quiz

Todays contestants:
Tim Stevens from Leicester
Fara(?) Gillespie from Ayr, Scotland who was cutting lettuce (the funniest part of this feature}

Q1. Which is the shortest month of the year?
Q2. What is the name of the production team that made Scooby Doo?
Q3. Is an Armadillo a mammal or a reptile?
Q4. What country has the largest area under vine?
Q5. I sooner act rotten is an anagram of this TV programme. (Two words)

Answers at the bottom of the review.

Scores: Chris, Dave, Dom and Carrie all got 4 out of 5. Tim got 3 and Fara got 2.

Secret History Of Jo Whiley

Jo is back in her home town of Northampton, live from the Picturedrome. Aled gave a brief history of Jo and Northampton saying that she branded it a "dump" and "would never return." Obviously not true though.

Tedious Link & Half Time

Kula Shaker – Hey Dude SEAMLESS? Dave think so, but many people on the text don't agree with him and are calling him door knobs and other kind of kn*bs.
Blonde or shaven the brand new feature from the Chris Moyles Show! Chris has been thinking of either shaving his hair off or colouring his hair. Dave thinks Chris is enjoying his new length, Good Morning!

*Before Chris played the live track from Embrace he thought they were great, but on the radio they sounded awful!*

More people texting in after the music disagreeing with Dave's Tedious Link, even though he was clearly RIGHT, Dave wouldn't mind them texting in their arguments if they knew what they were talking about.

Just to clear up:
Scott Mills didn't play for Charlton, or Will Young
Danny Murphy is not black
Danny Mills isn't in Southampton on Friday

TV advert

09:38:14 was the time the Chris Moyles Show TV advert was supposed to be on BBC2, so the team decided to make sure that BBC2 was running on time. A big let down when "Tracey Beaker" was over-running and delaying the advert with Chris trying to fill time. But in the end they couldn't fill for ever.

Carpark Catchphrase


Eddie won with "Tip of the Ice Berg" and "cold turkey" and then of course got cut off for laughing at Ross being cut off.

Answers to Pub Quiz:
Q1: February
Q2: Hanna Barbera
Q3: Mammal
Q4: Spain
Q5: Coronation Street

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