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By Chris
Track List
Gorillaz - Feel Good inc., The Rasmus - In the Shadows, Kanye West - Gold digger, Foo Fighters - DOA, Kylie - Can't Get You Out of My Head, Bloc Party - Two More Years, Natasha Bedingfield - These words, Girls Aloud - Biology, The magic Munmbers - Love Me Like You, Bob Sinclar featuring Gary Pine - Love Generation, Nelly - Girlfriend, Goldfrapp - Number 1, Pharrell Williams ft. Gwen Stefani – Can I Have It Like That?, Jamerokie - Don't Give Hate A Chance, Madonna - Hung Up, Kieser Chiefs - Modern Way

JK and Joel the maintanence staff
JK was fixing the light and took the skin off his fingers. Chris finds it odd waking up with two men.
Also Chris and Dave are disapointed that they didn't win an award and didn't get invited. And then football talk, but we'll leave that beacuse of the results.

Smoking Ban
Chris thinks it should be banned because he'll stop smoking. Dave think sif there gonna ban it ban it don't ban half of it.
Chris has questions about the food issue so he gets Dom to investigate.

Sting Ring
Chris didn't say who it was today but the guy sung down the phone.

Smoking Ban Update
What you need to know
Pubs serving food will have to ban smoking, But what constituets food? Sandwiches, Chrips, Pork Scratching? MPs can't decide so what should happen.

When can you see the teams ad today, 7:58 and 10:30. record it on your generic recording device. Dom, long man and Rob DJ are all in the advert but blink and you'll miss them.

Jamacian Batman
Ever wondered what it would be like if Batman was from the west indies well now you can find out with this strange impression.
Different Lloyds were then discused as Daves comfermation name was Lloyd, That moves on to the discussion of religion and who was comfermed and we find out dave was only comfermed as his cousin was and it was comferm one get one comfermed free.

Joce calls your boss
Strange very strange. Joce calls Dannys boss, Alex Pinker, to day and gets him time off to see Chris and the team (minus Carrie and Dom) and Embrace in Leeds next monday.

Patrick Keitly and his show
Chris and the team start taling about how people are complimenting him on his intro to Patricks show and saying how funny the show is. The team might all go and see it if they can fit it into their busy lives.

Dave's Tedious Link, East 17 - Deep

Chris invents a test to see how many people are listening. People in cars have to stick there hands out of the window, but please don't kill yourselves was the message the show needs the listeners. Then people had to text in if the saw anyone doing it.

Random flying link
The team dicuss random things such as:
* Flying with helium balloons
* Jet packs
* Paracute Jumping
* Bungy Jumping , but will your eyes fall out and your legs fall off.

Car Park Catch Phrase
Helen from March v. Amy form Northampton
Helen was an Airhostess and Amy was a student Nurse so chris just got them to describe what they looked like so there was no time for car park catch phrase, as planned, so they're back tomorrow.

Todays show was very random but funny none the less.

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