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I’ve never seen so much positive feedback from a show like there is on social media following today’s show. Looks like I’m going to have to listen back in full.

Interesting that the shows going on stereo in DAB+ from Friday. It means a retune is required, wonder if they’ll lose listeners.
If you have DAB in the car, it should be fine. Vast majority of digital car radios support DAB+.

If you have an older DAB radio you might not be able to get DAB+ stations - try tuning into Heart 90s, if that doesn’t work it means Radio X won’t work from Friday.
Interesting the amount of people commenting on Twitter and Facebook saying they can’t access Radio X anymore now that it’s gone stereo. I’m personally not affected by the change but it does make me wonder how big of an issue this could be for the station as a whole.

That being said for me either downloading the app or getting the show on demand after is pretty simple. I haven’t actually used a physical radio in quite some time.
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