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By MadTheEddos
So, who here has it?

Gotta say, I'm kind of a late starter on Instagram, because I only signed up on it in January this year and only worked out how to use the app properly on my phone a couple of months ago(one of those "Duh!" moments). But since then it's turned out to be a revelation for me. Good fun, and a great outlet for creativity. I still don't have that many posts on it(although I'm working on that now I've got it up and running), but seeing brilliant posts by other people and coming across interesting new people on it has been pretty nice so far.

Just like we had a Twitter thread here a few years back for everyone to introduce themselves, maybe an Instagram thread now would be a good idea. I wouldn't mind following you guys on there too.

I'm @truecrazylion by the way!
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By Nicola_Red
Oh yeah, I do. @nicola_ruby
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By James H
Yep, @calamityjames86
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By Topher
Are you still on Twitter Ben? I never see your tweets any more... you've probably blocked me.
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By MadTheEddos
bmstinton93 wrote:@bmstinton93

Make sure you follow me or you'll really be missing out...

I wasn't disappointed, ha. Less is more and all that.

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