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Madonna – Hung up, 7.00 NEWSBEAT, Black Eye Peas – Where is the love, Sunblock – I’ll be ready, Starsailor – This Time, 7.30 NEWSBEAT, Eminem – The real slim shady, Jerk it out, 8:00 NEWSBEAT, Coldplay – Talk, J Kwon – Tipsy, 8:30 NEWSBEAT, The Notorious B.I.G ft. Diddy, Nelly, Jagged Edge & Avery Storm - Nasty girl, Fall out boy, Sugar we’re going down, TEDIOUS LINK: Vanilla Ice – Ice ice baby, Meck - Thunder in my heart again, The Kooks – You don’t love me, 50 Cent – Hustler’s ambition, 9:30 NEWSBEAT, Tom Novy featuring Michael Marshall - Your body, The Strokes – Repitillia.

Chris was not happy with them for running over into his show by 6 and a half seconds. JK then revealed that yesterday he shaved his chest, he also trimmed down below, Chris advised him to be careful, because he nipped himself once, JK then went on to disgust the team by revealing that also shaved his “Davina McCall’s”. Chris said that you should clean your car, but not the wheels. Dom asked if it was a wet shave? Dave asked if you needed to put your foot up on the sink?

Team chat about how much Faria got booed last night when she left the house. Chris hates the woman with a passion. He said it was great TV last night as Preston & George got punished for talking about nominations, they had to nominate live, as everyone watched on the big screen, at first they thought it was good, until their name was called out, especially Rula who looked capable of murder. Dom asked, for editing reasons, could the housemates stop mumbling and not swear too much, he would also appreciate it, if they could leave small gaps in between sentences, this would be a great help, when he is editing clips for the show. Aled was at the press conference last night when Faria was evicted. She made the comment that she could never see a black or asian person winning big brother because of the English, Aled went on to say that people hate big brother contestants, because of how they behave, nothing to do with colour. Although he does go on to say that she is completely different in the flesh than she was on TV. Q1, I’m BB Aled from the Chris Moyles Breakfast Show, I have brought you a present, a lovely cup of tea. FA: Thank you, have you pissed in it? Q2, How does it feel to be ever so slightly popular than Jodie Marsh? FA: I got on with Jodie. Q3, Do you still see Sven? FA: no, BBA: so you can’t help us get some world cup tickets then? Q4, As you don’t want to be famous, does that mean that we will never see you on tv/radio/magazines/newspapers ever again? FA: not if you don’t want to, it depends what others think. Q5, How can you justify your comments about the English, given the fact that the England Manager brought you to fame? FA: I stand by my comments the English just stab you in the back.

Dan Cyprus, Business Development Manager, although with a name like that he could be a Private Dick. New celebrity and we are now playing for the number 1 single, That’s my goal by Shayne Ward. Dan Guesses Ricky Gervais - WRONG

Chris & Dave have seen the first episode of Hotel Babylon and tell Max how great the programme is. Sophie’s uncle Trevor, also thinks that the show is going to be a hit. Max is surprised that Chris is being so nice about it. Very well shot, a lot like Hustle. Chris thinks is a bit like Crossroads on acid, although uncle Trevor thinks it’s more like Loveboat but in a hotel. Max say’s “hello” to his mates in Dr Who. Chris wants a part in Dr Who. Chris tells his story of meeting the new Dr Who and actually doing the old Knock Knock, Dr Who joke, and he fell for it. Chris then blows Max away with his outstanding acting, by quoting some film lines. Texts came in saying that Chris could play the modern day equivalent of Benny from Crossroads, a simpleton kitchen porter who follows Max’s character around all day, Dave suggested that he could be slapped around like a fat Manuel. Silence fell as Max said that Jamie Theakston was in his new series Hotel Babylon, BBC 1 tonight at 9pm. This is did not sit well with Chris, who questioned if the casting team had seen Mad about Alice. Dave & Max then have a “bongo off”, which Chris said was average.

More chat with Max Beesley, who is starring in Hotel Babylon, on BBC 1 tonight at 9pm. Max is going boxing training later, Chris tells his story of when he went boxing in his younger days and got absolutely battered, and ended up sitting on the medicine ball, picking his nails. Max is also cooking a bit later, probably a bit of irish stew. Longman texts in to ask if Max bank’s it?
If its in the bank then no-one can take it away from you. Max say’s hello to his mate, Rob Cooke, who is an electrician working in Mosside this morning. Chris asked for details because Tattoo Dave took 3 hours to rewire a dimmer switch. Sophie’s uncle is doing cupboards in the flat, tattoo Dave comes round to do some work on the windows, Chris comes home and finds the two of them stood around yakking, like 2 old women, a la Les Dawson and then after a day of no work, they crack open a couple of beers. Don’t forget to watch Max in Hotel Babylon tonight at 9pm on BBC1, it’s intellectual bubblegum!!

Mark Gardner is a web designer and lives in Byburry Road, Birmingham, there is high tension this morning on ORT, Mark is taking his 9 month old daughter to nursery and there is a taxi blocking the road and there is no driver in it – Chris moans that Dom does not use jazz hands when the word fabulous is sang in the jingle, Dom says that he is not a natural jazz hander.

Jo comes in for a chat, Chris touches her bum which outrages the team! Max says that Jo is well-toned. Chris say’s that there is natural chemistry between them, Jo then cops a feel of Chris’s arse.

Defending Champ – Dave from Grantham, mascot is chubbs and matt who is the driver

Caroline from Reading is going to kick some binman butt today. Mascot is a eeyore teddy, but has renamed it Kieran, after Chris’s brother. Caroline is sat outside her house in her car in her pyjamas. Aled has exactly the same winnie the pooh pyjamas.

Caroline wins and heads to the g-spot! TOSS TOSS TOSS

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