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By Chris
First I'd just like to say hi as this is the first review I'm doing. Just so you guys know my names Kim and I'm 18 and am a student from buckinghamshire. Feel free to email me with stuff and comments on the reviews.

Kanye West, Gold Digger - Kasabian, Club Foot - Goldfrapp, Number One - The Darkness, Your Really Growing On Me - The Sugarbabes, Push The Button - Doorbell, The White Stripes - Robbie Williams, Advertising space(new song) - Kelis, Trick Me - Coldplay, Speed of Sound - Destines Child, Independent Woman part I - Foo Fighters, The Best Of You - Roll Deep, Heart Ache Avenue - Manic Street Preachers, 'La Tristesse Durera' (Tedious Link) - Robbie Williams, Tripping - Artic Monkeys, I Bet You Look Good On The Dance Floor - estelle, Free

Robbie gig
Chris and the team started todays show by talking about the Robbie gig thats on tonight. Daves going to the gig tonight but his wife (a massive Robbie fan) isn't and she isn't to pleased with Dave.

Days of the week and summers over
Chris was excited about using his days of the week jingles.
Chris - 'I feel like i'm on Radio Grange Hill'
The team then talk about summer being over, and Carrie wearing long sleeved t-shirt, much to Doms confussion. A chat about clocks changing then starts and Dave and chris can't work out if there're going backwards or forward.
Chris - 'Why don't they just keep the pubs open an hour longer?'

Sting Ring
The bizzare event of Chris playing sting down the phone to listeners.
Todays was a Emma Frier from Bradford and is doing her A-levels.

Jingle singers and Robbie
The backiing singers on the jingles all get asked to do the backing on a robbie gig, mush to the dissapointment to the lead singer Richard how really wanted the gig. But the main reason was probably it was for a black gospel choir and Richard is lanky and pasty.
After an annoying Leeds goal montage. (Good for leeds fans, boring for people who actually support desent teams, good luck Liverpool for tonight)

Robbie Williams Competition
Today Chris gave away the last pair of tickets to Kerri and her mad family from Stoke-on-trent.
Chris 'What a screwed up family'
Her Brother Richard (who looks like robbie according to his mum) answersed the question. And when He did it made her mum cry and talk and talk and talk.
In which of Robbies songs did he sing about little Bo Peep loosing his sheep?
(a)Rock DJ
(b)Let Me Entertain You
The answer was (b).

Celeb Two Word Tango variations
First game - Normal version, Chris loses by repeating Dani Minogue.
Seconde game - Here the game slighlty changes were the names have to be liked but some of the team take a while to catch on so they stop that idea.
Third game - This time the listeners are involved by texting in a name, but it doesn't exactly have the same pace,

Tedious Link - Manic Street Preachers - 'La Tristesse Durera'

Doms Exciting news
Dom is getting interviewed by Wipsnade Zoos magazine, with his favourite seal, Barkley, he's so excited but the others don't seem to impressed.

Breasts, Bras and Carrie
Dave can't understand how bras are measured. This gets to the convosation of guessing carrie and rachs bra sizes which the guys don't do very well at.
Carrie then agrees to take off her Bra and give it to chris signed for £100. At the news of this everyone piles in the studio to see the event, she proseeds to take it off from under her jumper (which amazes the guys).

Car Park Catchphrase
Richard from Liverpool v. Russell from Wickchurch

Russell won car park catch phrase.
In all the show was really funny towards the end but lived up to it's name as random wednesday.
I'll have a review again next week!

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