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0655 The Killers - All These Things That I've Done. 0700 Newsbeat, U2 - All Because Of You, Christina Aguilera - Genie In A Bottle, The Magic Numbers - Love Me Like You, Pussycat Dolls - Don't Cha. 0730 Newsbeat & One Road Travel, Robbie Williams - Tripping, BodyRockers - Like The Way, Madonna - Hung Up, Red Hot Chili Peppers - Zephyr Song. 0800 Newsbeat & Yesterdays Weather, Supermen Lovers - Starlight, James Blunt - High, Black Eyed Peas - My Humps. 0830 Newsbeat & One Road Travel, Charlotte Church - Call My Name, Lostprophets - Last Summer, Gorillaz - Feel Good Inc. 0900 Tedious Link, LL Cool J - Phenomenon, Franz Ferdinand - Do You Want To, Will Young - Switch It On, Mylo Vs Miami Sound Machine - Doctor Pressure. 0930 Newsbeat & One Road Travel, Embrace - Ashes, Snoop Dogg Feat. Justin Timberlake - Signs, McFly - I Wanna Hold You.

Moyles Factor

The show started off with clips of the X Factor judges slating the performance of Dom and Carrie yesterday, apart from Louis who of course liked it (no doubt just to annoy Simon Cowell.) This of course was a chance for Chris to "show off" his voice-over skills again..although Dave doesn't think he is that good.

Just before the new feature there was the usual moan about the Playlist at Radio 1 with Genie in A Bottle being played this morning.

Chris "Sorry about that, I think I pressed the wrong button because that's a song from this year."

Sting Rings

Today's lucky contestant to have Sting played down the phone to them was Rebecca from London, originally from Melbourne. Although she thought it was one of her friends called Chesney!

20 Years Of Neighbours!

All you Neighbours fans out there will have known that today is the 20th year of the soap. To mark this momentous occasion friend of the show Andi Peters was in Australia visiting the set and he even made time to phone the studio. He spoke to Ryan Moloney who plays Toadfish (and also looks the Big Man himself!), Blair McDonough who plays Stuart Parker, Ian Smith who plays Harold Bishop and Stefan Dennis who was in the very first scene of the first episode of Neighbours as Paul Robinson. Anyway enough talk of Neighbours!

Contract Talk

Chris is getting tired with contract negotiations, and he feels as if Radio 1 are taking the "mickey" out of him. When he phones up Radio 1 phone number (08700100100) it plays the message:

"Hi, this is Scott Mills. Thanks for phoning Radio 1"

Some what an insult!

Dave: "Blimey, someone's got your goat!"
Chris: "They haven't as well have they? I love that goat! I said to Sophie we should lock him in the back kitchen. Instead of letting him roam free."

After some hilarious talk of running through meadows hand in hand, Dom suggested that Chris have this put in his Contract...except Dom rathered mucked up saying another "c" word!

Chris: "You can't say that on air, or that's the end of your contract"

Rob DJ's Monday Night Pub Quiz

Not my favourite part of the show, and that is being kind.
The one funny part of this feature was the impressions of Zane Lowe and Kanye West. "I ain't saying she's an egg-beater"

Todays contestants were:
Rob Barker from Chipping Norton
Rosie Stribling from Cambridge

Q1. Bluefin and Skipjack are both types of what?
Q2. What is the colour of the Number Ten on the door of Ten Downing Street?
Q3. What turns Litmus Paper red?
Q4. What name is given to a young whale?
Q5. How high in metres is the highest peak on Mount Everest?

Answers at the bottom of the review.

Scores of the team and listeners:

Chris: 4/5

Robbie Competition

There were four tickets up for grabs after Paul & Barry didn't give their pair away.

The winner was Anna. Her sister Amanda answered the question "Which A-List couple does Robbie mention on his debut album?" Elton John and David Furnish was the answer.

Tedious Link

Acquiesce is a good example of a word I didn't know the meaning of until yesterday, but according to the dictionary it means to consent or comply passively without protest - Protest is something that is often political - the word political is derived from the word politics, which is what Tony Blair and William Hague do - William Hague shares the same Christian name as William Orbit who produced the "Ray Of Light" album for Madonna - Madonna's new single was first played yesterday by Spoony and features a sample from ABBA - The word ABBA is a palindrome, a bit like the word racecar - A racecar is what Ralf and Michael Schumacher drive - Ralf and Michael Schumacher are from Germany - Germany is a nice country full of nice people and is somewhere we hope to visit next summer - Summer, first name Donna was born in America in 1948 and if you scroll forward 20 years to 1968 you get to the birth date of another famous American recording artist, his name being LL Cool J - which links us to this mornings Tedious Link track, LL Cool J - Phenomenon

The Best of the Rest

*Dave not knowing that UK TV Gold +1 was just UK TV Gold an hour later!
*The David O'Leary jingles
*The new Black Eyed Peas track "My Humps" and the comments from Chris about Rachel
*Half Time talk about names they are called by their partners
*Dom introducing songs out of One Road Travel

Answers to Pub Quiz
Q1. Tuna
Q2. White
Q3. Acid
Q4. Calf
Q5. 8,848 metres

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