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By foot-loose
Im pretty sure there was a programme on this recently - and how there are obvious words that no-one should be using but there are others that are strictly banned coz they mean different things to different folks. Twat, for example pretty much means "dafty" where im from but it could mean something completly differently to someone else.
By The Magic Mullet
Aled wrote:
The Magic Mullet wrote:Aled,

With winter's icy grip firmly on the country at the moment and the threat of snow all round, would you consider doing an article called 'Aled on a Sled'?

Very funny! what would it consist?

The basic premise is you on a Sled, possibly asking members of parliament how they like their potatoes, boiled or mashed.

But we need more ice.
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By Adam
Walter Sobchak wrote:Hi Aled.
I was talking to some students today, about working in media;
One said his uncle used to work in BBC Local Radio, and he (the boy) was told that he (the uncle) used to have a big black book, in it there was "hundreds of words that weren't allowed to be used on the BBC", and then there was a section on phrases that weren't allowed too, this book was updated by the BBC every 5 years.
I know there are words and phrases that are banned, but are these produced in the form of a book; updated every 5 years, or just a series of memos?
Maybe there was such a book, but now its all on computer.
I'm intrigued as to whether he was being 'fed a line' by his uncle (trying to big himself up, maybe - could have been the cleaner for all I know! :roll: ) or whether this is fact!

Bad word whiley should take note!
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