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By Nicola_Red
6.30am Show starts with the special Carlisle Cheesy Song

6.33am The live cameras are switched on. Dave is on time today! Chris points out his 'pirate sleep scar', and the team discuss if there's a way to get rid of it. (Massage is in fact the best way - I suffer from this affliction too!) Chris then mentions that he watched Greg's show on the red button yesterday, and found it to be "weirdly addictive".

6.35am The team discuss yesterday's activities. Several team members went to play cricket with Greg James, against Carlisle's local team. The Radio 1 team won, which Dave admits is because the opposition let them! Chris and Aled didn't partake, and instead played a game of 'guess the TV theme tune' in the house with Will Kinder. Dave and Dom also went busking with Greg James in Carlisle town centre, and cameras and local press turned up to witness the occasion. More on this later in the show.

6.45am Conversation turns to the team's visit to the local pub last night. Aled comments that Rhys had lots of fans there, and then they notice his absence. They briefly discuss going to wake him in the manner of Dave yesterday, but then see that he is in fact outside. It is then pointed out that Matt's absent, and they discuss whether he should be up. Chris offers Tina £100 to get into bed with him but she's not keen, so he asks if anyone else wants to push him out of bed or bundle him.

6.50am Chris reveals that the show won Bronze at the Sony Radio Awards last night, beaten into third place by Frank Skinner and Ronnie Wood. They congratulate Robbie Savage, Zane Lowe and Annie Nightingale on their wins - you can see a full list of winners here. Chris then talks about the run he and Aled went on yesterday - they ran 5.5k. Chris adds that he then had pie and chips in the pub!

6.55am The team all wave at the camera and criticise Dave's waving technique.

6.58am Foo Fighters - Rope [Download]

7.02am Once again Robbie Savage's Sony award is mentioned, and a clip of him singing the Black Eyed Peas track I Got A Feeling is played. Chris then says that he and Aled ran part of their run to the Star Wars closing theme, and to the Jawa theme (also known as The Little People).

7.04am News with Dominic and Tina

7.07am Family Guy theme is played. Tina says that the team's Family Guy pictures were shown on BBC3 on Thursday and Sunday evenings. You can see the pics here.

7.08am Dave asks when they can go and jump on Matt, who's still in bed. Chris says that Matt was drunk last night, and he writes down a word to describe Matt's actions for the rest of the team, but can't show it to camera.

7.12am Wretch 32 featuring Example - Unorthodox [Download]
7.15am Noah and The Whale - L.I.F.E.G.O.E.S.O.N. [Download]

7.20am Celebrity Raspberry - today's caller is Dave from Lincoln, who is a signal operator for the Army. He incorrectly guesses Nicole Scherzinger, even though she's American and has already blown a raspberry previously.

7.31am News with Dominic and Tina

7.35am The team discuss if it will rain in Carlisle today. Chris "takes everyone outside" using sound and visual effects.

7.37am Conversation returns to the Sony Awards, and Chris says that bronze winners now receive a perspex award. Dave asks if you also get a rosette and sash, like in horseriding. He then reveals that he once went riding, and Dom suggests that this is because he is the same height as a jockey. Dave strongly denies this, stressing that he is five foot eight and a half (don't forget the half!)

7.41am Snoop Dogg - Sweat [Download]
7.45am tbc

7.47am Aled starts Rob DJ's Pub Quiz music early, as the preceding song was very short and Chris is still outside. He confesses to panicking as he's not in the usual studio. Chris remarks that Aled was also stressed about his meal of bangers and mash in the pub last night, and also wanted to leave early. Chris says that this has caused Sam to be in a bad mood, but she says she's just annoyed that they failed to win a Sony. Dave agrees that Sam is indeed very competitive.

7.55am Rob DJ's Monday Night Pub Quiz. Today's questions:

1. What type of animal is Dangermouse's sidekick Penfold?
2. A car must have its first MOT at what age?
3. In which children's TV show would you find Scoop, Dizzy and Rolly?
4. Which football team will be moving to their new home at the American Express Community Stadium in August?
5. What is four-tenths minus two-fifths?

8.01am News with Dominic and Tina

8.06am Quiz answers:

1. Tina has guessed mole, the rest of the team say hamster - Hamster is the correct answer.
2. Dom says 20 years (he later claims to have misunderstood the question), while everyone else says three - Three is the correct answer.
3. Dom says Rugrats, but everyone else says Bob The Builder - Bob The Builder is correct.
4. Chris says Oxford, Dom Newcastle, and Tina and Dave Brighton & Hove Albion - Brighton & Hove is correct.
5. All the team say zero - zero is correct.

The results:

Dave got 5/5
Chris got 4/5
Tina got 3/5
Dom got 2/5

8.15am Lady Gaga - Born This Way [Download]
8.18am Friendly Fires - Live Those Days [Download]

8.20am Friendly Fires record stops unexpectedly. Dom claims this is the work of the house's resident ghost, and they then try to get the ghost to signal its presence, without success.

8.25am More on the topic of Dom and Dave busking with Greg. Some clips are played, including Greg's bongo solo. The busking even made the local news! You can watch the video here.

8.35am News with Dominic and Tina

8.39am Nero - Guilt [Download]
8.42am Pink - Raise Your Glass [Download]

8.47am This link is supposed to discuss what the team are doing today, but Sam decrees that they can't reveal the details. Instead, Chris wants to talk about Matt being drunk last night. Aled says that Matt snored so loudly that he was forced to wake him up and push him onto his side. Matt suggests that Aled use earplugs, and Aled retorts that Matt shouldn't drink so much. Matt then tells Aled to put the toilet seat down. However, they quickly reconcile, to Chris' disappointment.

8.52am More chat about Chris and Aled's run.

8.56am Carlisle Parody Song [Download]

9.00am Dave's Tedious Link. Today's link takes us from The Strokes - Last Night to Black Eyed Peas - Where Is The Love. Full transcript can be found in the Tedious Link Archive here

9.06am Greg James arrives. They discuss his Zorbing yesterday. Dave is interested to know if anyone has ever vomited or died inside a ball. You can see the Zorbing video here.

9.13am Greg reveals that today he's going lawnmower racing. Chris asks if they can ride the lawnmowers on roads, but predictably it's a no.

9.15am More busking chat. Greg says he's received a text from his mum congratulating him on his bongo solo.

9.17am Aled tells us what's coming up on Radio 1 today.

9.19am tbc
9.23am Bruno Mars - Lazy [Download]

9.27am Dave accuses Dom of worrying sheep during their walk to the pub yesterday, and Aled reveals that he communicated with a sheep.

9.30am News with Dominic and Tina

9.35am A brief discussion of a story that was featured on Newsbeat, about people stealing cable from railway lines. You can read the news story here.

9.38am Chris talks about Dom's fake card tricks which impressed local residents in the pub last night.

9.42am Cee-Lo Green - Bright Lights Bigger City [Download]
9.46am Arctic Monkeys - Don't Sit Down Cause I've Moved Your Chair [Download]

9.50am Car Park Catchphrase. Today's contestants are once again Mark from Huddersfield and Jack from Bournemouth.
The first catchphrase is "turn the other cheek", correctly guessed by Jack, and the second "Can't see the wood for the trees", is guessed by Mark. The buzzer then sounds, leaving the game at 1-1.

10.00am Handover with Fearne. Fearne has Friendly Fires in for a chat today, so they discuss the ghost stopping the track earlier in the show, and she also has Gok Wan in, leading Chris to do his Gok impression.

If you would like to download this whole show then ianpwilliams has kindly uploaded it here

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