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Who is Steve Backley? - Chris runs through the list for the itv show Dancing on Ice but has never heard of Steve Backley which provides the mass debate. As it is here is what it says on wiki - 'He was also on a special Olympic medal winners version of Jungle Run. The team collected the most monkey statues ever, getting 3 minutes out of a possible 3 minutes and 20 seconds.' (selective text)

Another previous day without a guest automatically makes the day an interview day, and Wednesday belonged to the nightress of BBC Switch on Sunday nights, Kelly Osbourne. It provided another chance for a public outcry of a debate over whether Chris should be allowed to 'get it' on with Kelly through some sort of mass peer presure. Oh, the irony of it all as Kelly is helping people say no from peer pressure on her show. Oh, the hilarity, which in my opinion was the funniest thing I actually find to laugh at amongst the almost oddly darting conversation which at one point lead to a discussion about periods.

Chris is to become the hijacker for Big Brother on Sunday and so spends time increasing the ideas list from the previous to include many things which I will not mention as to keep the suprise for Sunday. The main theme involved confusing the housemates with illogical announcements. 'Would Aled come to the diary room?' and Aled appears from nowhere to walk into the diary room. As for the cheesy song, it might just have a play for the sixth time in a week.
Also 1Xtra are broadcasting across the way and so as brothers and sisters do Chris plans ways to have a laugh at them, rather than involving them, including texting about Zena talking breasts. So its not just Chris's show with a dirty mind in the morning.

Great production on Gregs show just like the days of Jamie Theakston's producer and backstage, both produced by Rachael.

Chris: 'Dominic, when you read the news, Georgina reads it in the afternoon for Scott. Are you better, equal, or worse than Gerogina?'
Dom: 'I'd say she's better than me'
Chris: 'I disagree. Carrie, when it comes to sport, you do sport on the radio, Gary Lineker does sport on the telly. Are you better than, equal with or not as good as Gary Lineker?'
Carrie: 'mmm...I'd say equal'
Chris: 'I disagree, he's better than you. Dave your director of comedy on the Chris Moyles show. Chris Rock. Are you as funny as, equal to or not as funny as Chris Rock?'
Dave: 'He is considerably more funny then I'
Chris: 'No, your on a par'

And no doubt this will be explained further in 'The Life of Moyles Tertiary Phase' coming soon to bookshops in 2014 when he has become a lesser known DJ and appears on Dancing on Ice.Friday sees a special quest come in whilst he is performing his first ever set of live dates, comedian, Chris Rock. Now, at time of review I can only breifly remember the interview as i was heading to work. As with most American guests the interview started on the safe side with the initial basic questions you'd expect from a DJ. 'Whats it like', 'Is it what you expect' etc. For reference to this

rather dull interview:
- someone argues yet another case for why Chris Moyles is a numpty but questioning why their not posting it on a site for people who don't like Moyles. The reason of course being we are all numpties and there is nothing wrong with it. (If you don't get that last comment - think of it as irony).

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