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By charla
Wednesday 31st January 2007

7:00 NEWSBEAT 1. Razorlight- Before I Fall To Pieces 2. Rogue Traders- Voodoo Child 3. The Ordinary Boys- I Luv You 7:30 NEWSBEAT 4. Mika- Grace Kelly 5. The Fratellis- Chelsea Dagger 8:00 NEWSBEAT 6. Mason vs Princess Superstar- Perfection 7. Kasabian- Shoot the Runner 8:30 NEWSBEAT 8. Amy Winehouse- You Know I’m No Good 9:00 TEDIOUS LINK 9. The Gossip- Standing In The Way Of Control 10. Just Jack- Starz In Their Eyes 9:30 NEWSBEAT 11. The View- Same Jeans 12. Kanye West feat. Jamie Foxx- Gold Digger

Chris has finally got his treadmill working after getting a lead or something for it today, and yesterday he did half an hour on it managing to run 2.5 kilometres whilst watching Life on Mars. He also went jogging and so although he feels good about exercising, his legs are hurting and he is shattered.
Heidi and Kimberley:
Heidi from the Sugababes and Kimberley from Girls Aloud came in this morning, even though it was early for guests. Apparently they were looking rather attractive this morning, but the reason they were in was because today is the Comic Relief launch day and they are here with the single where they have collaborated. Chris can’t wait to see the video and its supposed to look fun not sexy though Chris was glad that Cheryl winks and Kimberly even thinks Nadine does.
We get to find out it was Kimberley’s idea and that they recorded it separately. The video is going to played for the first time on Popworld in case you really need to see it.
The song is a cover version of Run DMC vs. Aerosmith’s Walk This Way.
Chris liked the song and said it was almost a sacrilege to cover it but it’s because the girls are fit and not because it’s for a good cause as suggested by Heidi.
Kimberly was wearing a big black coat and looked like a Russian spy according to Chris.
Russell Brand, the swine, popped in, on the way to the comic relief launch at the London Eye so Aled had to show the girls out a different way to prevent them being pounced on.
It helped Chris wake up and he said he’d like to have that most mornings, allowing them to have a couple of days off a week.

Russell Brand:
Chris was doing a couple of quick impressions of him before the news which were quite accurate as Russell was nodding through the glass, Dom observed. Chris also wondered whether or not Russell is getting taller or if his hair is getting bigger.
After the news, Chris introduced Russell to the show and to the morning. They started off talking about Russell not putting his headphones on properly and the fact he is a personality not a radio presenter which was more of a benefit in a shop as people know who you are, and asked Chris to relive his radio Topshop days. Russell spoke about what he’s trying to do in the evenings now to fill his big brother free nights. Chris invited him over to his to play Xbox and tried to impress Russell with the fact he has a treadmill which Russell said has made him look svelte. So much so he wanted to leap across the table.
Back to Comic relief, there was nose talk, this year’s noses have gone back to the traditional ways and Dave’s nose looked lovely with his microphone Russell observed. Chris moaned that his nose smelt. The smell of kindness said Russell although it apparently smelt quite chemical so could give a Comic Relief Buzz. Russell is doing the last hour of the Comic Relief show and will be effing and jeffing through it all as Chris puts it. Also Russell is hosting the BRITs and so was talking about the show and whether people are performing or not. Fame Academy is coming back this year and Chris knows one person in the line up and said it will be interesting. There is also Comic Relief does the Apprentice which Chris was asked to do and he turned down with the showbiz lie was because he felt he could do his part for comic relief in a different way and the truth being there are some idiots on there who he said he would kill and he’s not going to prison for comic relief. Russell also spoke about Dom shaking his hand and he did it with such masculinity that it hurt because of the ring he had on so that his ring was squeezed and he wept. We were also treated to the long word alarm which was used the last time Russell was on the show.
More talk about Russell’s dress sense and if his wardrobe is like the one on Men in Black where all the clothes are the same and he has two spindly fingered creatures passing his outfits to him which was a bit random.
Aled was going to the launch in the same car as Russell and was going to interview him on the way there and was asking about what happens if they did some dogging making Dave come up with some waffle about being dogged by bad traffic.

Celebrity Tarzan:
The prize added today was Jimmy Carr’s Live collection. Nicola, a finance officer, who sounds like Kimberley from Girls Aloud guessed Ian Watkins (H from Steps) and was wrong. Dom came up with a feature where each member of the team has to get on the front page of their local paper or national paper, after talking to Nicola from the East End of Leeds which Chris was saying about how rough it is and also saying that now he’s moaned about Leeds he will be on the front page of the local paper with the black and white photo of him at school and how he is from Leeds and how its an outrage he’s slagging it off and so all the politicians and locals will be out to get him.

Comic Relief Announcements:
The team announced their Comic Relief money raising thing. Dave hasn’t been told so that he could not spill the beans. Talking about beans, Dom asked if it involved beans which Chris said no, the team won’t do anything with beans but Dom is going to do the news in a bath of beans much to Dom’s disappointment. He’s not really. Instead, the team are going to do something else.
Half way through the show, Chris made the big announcement that they are doing a rally around the UK with their karaoke machine, its rallyoke. They will also be brining the truck of luck and their bus which will have their sleeping area, their counting money area and Rachel and Aled arguing in another. Bournemouth, Swansea, Liverpool, Belfast, Glasgow, Loughborough and London are the places the team will be visiting and this all begins on the 9th march.
Chris told the team that no one is allowed to sing on the tour bus because it will get very annoying and if Chris is woken up by Aled singing I will survive, he won’t. Dom and Carrie are coming, so if you’re in the army, you can cop off with Carrie, yam yam with Rachel and be blanked by Chris when he turns up in a huff.

Rock Aerobics:
Once again, there was more rock aerobics with Aled, the music used today being T-Rex’s 20th century boy, where the majority of moves were pointing and a few pelvic thrusts. Dave was thrusting through this much to Dom’s horror and Carrie’s amusement. Today there were two helicopters. Dave was confused about the difference between jazz hands and shimmy.

Donny Tickets:
The team gave away some tickets for the karaoke and the question was; What is the parody Aled sings? Of course the answer is, Is this the way to Aberystwyth. This meant we heard Rocky Wolson from the Kaiser Chefs singing Donny as it was as good as time as any to play it.

Two Word Tango:
After a long time, it was back, the game which makes Dom nervous. Dom started, Rafa Benitez, Dennis wise, Rick Wakeman, Moira Stewart, David Healy, Rusty Lee, Frank Lampard, Linford Christie, Richard Madeley, Howard Jones, Frank Bruno, Judy Finnigan, James May, Gordon Ramsay, Jamie Oliver, Chris Chistopherson, Russell Grant, Kris Akabusi, Louis Walsh, and a few more names until Dave say Danny Gaibler when he meant Danny Glover and so lost the game.

Aled at the Comic Relief Launch:
Aled was on the telly on breakfast news waving behind Fearne Cotton and Patrick Kielty at the London Eye for the Comic Relief Launch. Dom wanted him to jump up and down. He was standing next to Patrick Kielty, so he passed the phone over and he spoke to the team. He was a bit drunk because he went out last night as it was his birthday. Patrick is presenting Celebrity Fame Academy again and was having a go at Chris for doing X factor. He wasn’t allowed to tell the line up but said that Endemol was doing the show so expect the mix of people who can sing, people who can’t sing and racists.
Aled was going to do try and jump behind Jennifer Saunders on the telly. Chris asked Aled to try and interrupt the interview. Then Chris said he would give £100 if Aled does interrupt the interview and Dom would give £8 if he jumps up and down and Dave will give £20 to wave over Russell’s shoulder. £20 from Carrie to do bunny ears over Graham Norton’s head and £20 from Rachel to shout. Dom raised it to £20 to jump up and down slowly. Someone text in saying they would give £20 if he picked his nose on the telly. They put the audio of the BBC interview on the radio so we could hear Jennifer Saunders and then they were telling Aled where to go to be seen so all we could hear was Chris yelling “Left! Right! Left! Now JUMP!” We heard Aled saying “We Love you Russell!”. Chris said he would give £1000 if he went up to Graham Norton and said “have I met you in a club?”. Aled was getting dragged off by security but was allowed to go back. Chris said he would give £500 if he kissed Graham Norton on the face. Chris said he could kiss Russell Brand if he rather. He decided he was going to do Graham Norton instead. Graham was apparently looking at Aled so Aled had to run and kiss Lenny Henry as he was the last person on the show. Lenny went on the phone and clarified that Aled kissed him on the cheek. Lenny was then asking whether he could kiss anyone for money and called Russell a lovely looking Christmas tree with his hair. He also plugged his tour, which will be in Birmingham and other places. Rachel said she would give a tenner if they played music.
After Tedious, everyone was congratulating Aled for kissing Lenny Henry and at the moment he is next to Tim Westwood and was told to say “Yo Baby!”. There was Jo Brand, Jennifer Saunders, Sarah Harding from girls aloud, Fearne Cotton and Davina McCall was holding hands because it was cold. Aled said the journey with Russell was really funny but while he was talking he was then picking his nose and sent a text to Noel Gallagher saying he didn’t like Noel’s girlfriend’s outfit.
Here’s the moment where Aled kissed Lenny from the Chris Moyles Radio 1 page:

Watch Dave Get Irritated:
Chris played a game where they tried to irritate Dave who on the happiness scale was a 9.5 which they did by saying that Danielle Lloyd was actually bullied and she was a victim not the evil cow that she appeared to be on Big Brother. Dom said they have booked her to appear on his birthday show with Lily Allen.

Other Stuff:
(*)Leeds: “Dennis Wise Wobbly Eyes, Dennis Wise Wobbly Eyes, Dennis Wise Wobbly eyes, looks like Nookie Bear”. Chris was ecstatic as Leeds won 2-1 against Hull and played the clip of him predicting that Leeds will win at the end of yesterday’s show. Later in the show, he played the audio of the goals from the football game to the music from Rocky. He played the audio again at the very end of the show.
(*)One Road Travel: Lydia, from Reading, has met the Queen twice.
(*)Is Chris Jewish? : Someone text in asking whether Chris is Jewish or not because they get a day off if they’re right because of a bet they have with their boss. Chris spoke about the difference between being Roman Catholic and Irish Roman Catholic this being that Irish Roman Catholic means you have more guilt.
(*)Tedious Link: Doves’ Black and White Town was the song today, although a bit late it was sounding great. So late, Dave had to do the shortest ramble in the world.
(*)Comic Relief Pictures: The Chris Moyles homepage on radio 1 online have been uploaded so take a look to see Aled bothering the celebrities.
(*)Jo: She was in a good mood and gave Chris a little hug.
Dave: “For comic relief?”
Chris: “No Chris relief”
Dom: “Not just red noses then”
Chris then started Car Park Catchphrase very promptly.
(*)Car Park Catchphrase: It was Paul against Rachel from Rotherham who was a Leeds United supporter and the catchphrases were; you made your bed so lie in it, look before you leap and make hay while the sun shines. Paul won and chose Dave’s mug to go with his Chris and Jocelin mugs.
(*) Jose: Yet again, the Jose song was played
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No I don't. I am supposed to be a student but I've been ill so been filling my days with this.
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