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By charla
Friday 26th January 2007

7:00 NEWSBEAT 1.Mason vs Princess Superstar- Perfect 2. Orson- No Tomorrow 3. Corrine Bailey Rae- I’d Like To 7:30 NEWSBEAT 4. Razorlight- Before I Fall to Pieces 5. Inaya Day- Nasty Girl 6. Fall Out Boy- Sugar We’re Going Down (Live version from Star Pupil) 8:00 NEWSBEAT 7. Amy Winehouse- You Know I’m No Good 8. The Raconteurs- Steady As She Goes 9. Scissor Sisters- She’s My Man 8:30 NEWSBEAT
10. Sexy Back- Justin Timberlake 11. Keane- A Bad Dream 9:00 TEDIOUS LINK 12. Kelis featuring Cee-Lo- Lil Star 13. The View- Same Jeans 9:30 NEWSBEAT 14. Mika- Grace Kelly 15. The Zutons- Valerie

Last Night:
Chris noticed Carrie was wearing a “new” top which led to an argument about when something is new or not as Carrie said it wasn’t as she bought a few weeks ago. They agreed that things are not new after two weeks.
Chris went to pub last night and spoke to two girls, where one was unbothered and the other wanted to interrupt the conversation by asking to use their candle for a light and then started talking to Chris asking for him to say hello to her mate and Chris believed she was a bit drunk and just repeating herself, making Chris think he’s too nice in real life. Chris carried on about the conversation with the drunk girl and talking about how they just carry on with what they’re saying only using Chris’ answers as a pause and then when finally the friend came over, she said she didn’t know the other girl or in fact, what she was. Meanwhile Dave was out seeing a gig much to Chris’ amazement.
Dom went to the pub last night and had a tub of pickled * which made Chris despair as they were talking about food again. Apparently it takes ten minutes to get the jar open but the food was really nice. This allowed Chris to talk about a story where about a man selling all sorts of sea food and in pubs like in Liverpool where there is a man trying to sell dodgy meat.

Man wee:
They were talking about the differences between men and women weeing. Apparently Dave did a 4 second man wee at the end of the night and Mr Rachel supposedly has the bladder of a school child. Chris then was talking about when he needs the toilet he doesn’t have a build up like Sophie does who says that she’s going to need the toilet but Chris starts dancing like a fat boy on a bouncy castle but Dave, if he is in the middle of the conversation, starts to walk away when he needs the toilet so he just drifts away. Dave then started talking about how ladies can hold it like camels which Rachel says is because of muscles but Chris says that it’s because women have childbirth so God punished men with small bladders. Dave needed the toilet and the team believe he left it slightly late and so “cut the cheese” as Dom put it, to the disgust of Carrie and Rachel who could smell the lingering odour.
Dom’s Weather:
Chris needed to listen to the weather again as he was driving but was getting confused as the weather was getting all mixed up by Dom. They managed to understand the South will be cold and in the West it’s cloudy but it will be sunny and then wet later on this afternoon but Dom doesn’t say about the North and the East until Chris asks and he says it will be alright. Northern Ireland has no weather according to Dom as nothing amazing has happened. Chris worked out the West means Wales. Chris suggested that they should change the weather to England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland and Dave suggested Dom should alternate it so one day is Scotland and another is Wales. Another thing discovered from the weather cloudy means wet because clouds mean rain. So another concise weather forecast.

More references to the show that will be rivalling The Archers and laughing at Dave’s accent which now sounds Mexican. Also there was the second episode today which carried on from where it left off “Nowhere”. Last time they had just discovered the location of the tug boat but today they went back to the precinct as Di Marcio was busy with Paddy and they are going to go back in the morning when its more convenient.
Chris is still unsure about the accent. He thinks he sounds like Eminem in his Stanta Parody while Dave still sounds Mexican but Dave defends himself as he is a Mexican New Yorker. Rachel feels her accent is getting better.

Big Brother:
More Big Brother talk as today is a double eviction. Dave was arguing with Chris over whether or not Jade’s eviction was staged or not. None of the team are bothered with it anymore. Chris said that he should be the booker for next years Celebrity Big Brother and he’d put Colin Murray in which would make the other housemates fight over which one would leave first. They should also put Dominic Byrne in, who could play his head in a middle of a race row or could do his impressions. They also spoke about their time in the house and saying Dave is a liar for saying he enjoyed it because he went to bed early and snored. Someone text in saying Dave is just a younger version of Dirk.
When Aled came on, he asked if the team wants him to go and do the interviews because he’ll have 8 interviews on Monday and he thinks that Shilpa is going to win because of the race thing rather than her being a good housemate. Rachel suggested a poll by the team to see if Aled should go and the results were announced after the news.

Chris wants Vouchers:
A news story today about giving heroin addicts food vouchers for staying off the drug, Chris was asking for vouchers because he hasn’t taken any heroin. The team agreed that if they were given vouchers, they would stay off heroin. The group coming up with the idea was NICE prompting Dave to say;
“If they really were nice, they’d give us some vouchers”
Chris then asked Dom to find out what the vouchers are for and if you can have vouchers for Homebase and how much you get.

The song parody was played again, soon enough it will actually be part of the Radio 1 playlist or there will be a campaign to get it in the top 40 like they did with Billie Piper. After the song, they had an interview with “Jose Mourinho” and asked him about the story to the song which was there was a karaoke evening and he was very very good. He sounded different today because last night he was in London doing this and doing that. He also kissed himself just like in the song. Jose believes he will annihilate Nottingham Forest at the weekend. He was asked to rap over the introduction to Sexy back by Justin Timberlake; “I’m bringing Jose Mourinho back, I’m bringing Jose back, I’m a sexy Mother Hubbard” was the little impromptu rap done. Another exclusive from Radio 1. Also there was another clip of the Mika and Moylesa song. Chris then asked anyone who knows Frank Lampard to text in his number so they could talk to him. They also thought they could send a CD of the song to Frank, and he could take Jose’s car keys and put the Cd in the CD player so when Jose starts the car, he’ll hear “himself” singing. After asking for Frank’s number, they got 40 different phone numbers.

Half Time:
At the beginning they came with Boy Pupil where Dave was pretending to be a boy pupil and Chris surprised him with a trip to Alton Towers with his favourite band The Dirge and loads of Toffos, his favourite sweet with Dave’s very under-whelmed reaction,
They then went on to George Michael and that the organ bit at the beginning of Freedom sounds like the tune to Faith or something like that.
A quick talk about the Kaiser Chiefs and some news that Chris misheard as Gnus and got excited about only to be disappointed that there are not Kaiser Chief Gnus.

Download the Podcast game:
Chris decided to play a game where he played the clips of celebrities saying download the podcast and so here are the answers and who guessed them.
Dave-Danny from Embrace,
Aled- David Walliams
Aled- Howard from Take That
Dave- Manny from Primal Scream
Aled- Louis Walsh
Rachel- Lily Allen although she guessed it was Katie Price at first.
Chris got bored of giving easy answers so kept changing the answers so Lily Allen was actually Ian Wright and David Beckham was Gordon Ramsay. Aled also announced that the podcast is getting nearly reaching a quarter of a million downloads a week.

The team want to see Rocky and Carrie wants to come along but she’s not allowed to go as she is a girl. Chris said she should go and see a film with Colin Firth in and she didn’t want to go and see a film with him in it so Rachel said Carrie could go to hers and watch Dirty Dancing instead.

Today was Joce’s last show for 5 weeks as she is going to Jk and Joel’s show. She said that it probably will be easier working with them that everything on the show. Chris said she was like the Paul O’ Grady to ITV for their show.

Jo Whiley:
Jo was apparently grumpy because the show ran over into her show, although her producer didn’t care because it was her last day today as she is going to go skiing for 5 weeks. Although when Jo spoke to Chris she greeted him with a “’ello gorgeous” because you can’t beat a bit of Dick Van Dyke in the morning. Chris said she could do all the things she wants to do because her producer won’t be bothered so she could play her first album she ever bought which Chris guessed was Glen Miller.

Other Stuff:
(*) Francis: Someone Chris knows text in and so he was talking about him and how he can never remember the different nights out they’ve had because he has the same jokes he uses every time about getting a round in like in this example acted out by Dave and Dom;
Dave: “What’s that Beach Boys song?”
Dom: “I get around?”
Dave: “Yeah ok, mines a pint”.

(*)One road travel- Robbie Warren from Hillview road in Edinburgh is a Scorpio.
(*) Carrie on Footballers: Carrie’s footballer was the midfielder from Manchester City, Joey Barton. Interesting facts learnt about him are his best mate in football s Shaun Wright Phillips and he prefers Chinese to Indian.
(*) Celebrity Tarzan: Today Chris ran through all the people it’s not in the hope that someone will get it right. The prized added today was a Take That album and a Napoleon Dynamite DVD that’s not rubbish but not great according to Chris. The caller was Robert Nichols from London and he’s an estate agent. His guess was Mike Skinner and he was wrong.
(*) Scissor Sisters: Dave and Chris singing over their new song with Elton John’s I’m Still Standing. They can both see a parody of it title She’s My Nan.
(*) Madonna: Talking about Madonna as she was in the news and were talking about how Chris is pally with her. Chris said he wasn’t really but they had “effed and jeffed, she laughed and left, ohhh Madonna”. It was agreed by the team it should be the B-side to the new Robbie Williams song.
(*) Dave’s Tedious Link: Today’s song was Pump Up The Volume by Marrs. Chris felt he knew who the voice is at the beginning of the record. There was no check on whether it was flawless as they went to Edith to do Star Pupil
(*) Kaiser Chiefs: Ricky Wilson is coming on the show on Monday with some Kaiser Chief news.
(*) Podcast: A new podcast is available including the interview with Chloe from 24 and
(*) Carpark Catchphrase: It was Kris vs Emily. Emily was very loud and annoying, and had her dumb boyfriend with her who wouldn’t shut up, much to Chris’ annoyance who started up a text vote to see if she was annoying or if Chris who is moody so it was good that Kris won getting Who’s the Daddy? and Put your money where your mouth is, while Emily got Rome wasn’t built in a day. He chose Jocelin’s mug.

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