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By charla
Thursday 25th January 2007

7:00 NEWSBEAT 1.Kaiser Chiefs- Oh My God 2. Booty Luv- Boogie 2nite 3. Justin Timberlake- What Goes Around... Comes Around 7:30 NEWSBEAT 4. Fall Out Boy- This Is Ain’t a Scene, It’s An Arms Race 5. The Kooks- Ooh La 6. Gnarls Barkley- Crazy 8:00 NEWSBEAT 7. Gwen Stefani- What You Waiting For? 8. Snow Patrol- Open Your Eyes 8:30 NEWSBEAT 9. Just Jack- Starz In Their Eyes 10. Red Hot Chilli Peppers- Desecration Smile 11. JoJo- Too Little Too Late 9:00 TEDIOUS LINK
12. Mason vs Princess Superstar- Perfection 13. Little Man Tate- Sexy in Latin
14. Razorlight- Before I Fall to Pieces 9:30 NEWSBEAT 15. Amy Winehouse- You Know I’m No Good 16. The Ordinary Boys- I Luv U 17.

Chris at the football:
Chris went to the Tottenham Hotspurs vs Arsenal game last night and he was talking about being recognized and everyone asking what he is doing there and the abuse from the Spurs fans towards the Arsenal players. Dom likened this to the hatred between Cambridge and Peterborough and Chris wants everyone to get along despite him having a row with a steward because he was trying to have a cigarette in the car park.
Chris later carried on with the football talk saying how jolly everyone is at White Hart Lane and how it was a great game of two halves;
“There was the first half and then there was the second half”.
Then there was a conversation about parking their cars and where to park them and about how spurs should have won but then Dave accidentally said they’ll get beaten at Highbury instead of the Emirates Stadium causing a load of football fans tell Dave off.
Rachel later asked if Chris was checking the ground for Rachel’s wedding which is now changing to an engagement party with Aaron Lennon on the wheels of steel and Garth Crooks could do a raffle. Then Dave was giving relationship advice much to the amusement of the rest of the team.

Chris Moyles: Officially Sexy
Chris was voted 98th most sexy man ahead of Pete Doherty and Alex Turner from The Artic Monkeys in New Woman’s magazine. He came behind Take That who collectively were number 1 but also Scott Mills, David Cameron and man boy Daniel Radcliff. Dave was looking at climbers and the fallers in the chart. Chris then asked Carrie if she would rather sleep with Chris or Harry Potter. Carrie and Rachel both said Chris. Then they had to choose between Prince William and Chris. Rachel said Chris and Carrie said Prince William. Carrie and Rachel both agreed Chris over Jaime Oliver and David Cameron.

TV Quiz Shows:
As what Dom describes Chris as “one of their only callers” the quiz show news story was of interest to Chris and discussed it especially about the person who made an £8000 phone bill, who Carrie said sounded like Gary Neville. This allowed Chris to do impressions of this person every time Dom said the news as well as giving Chris an excuse to play the clips of him being “Terry” when he phoned in to a quiz show the other night.

Celebrity Tarzan:
Today’s prizes that were added were some Scooby Doo toys which included a Scooby Doo book, Movie Soundtrack, a Scooby Doo Hug Me toy which Dave was struggling to work despite it being designed for children. There was also a Scooby Doo sleeping bad and a couple of games. Dom and Carrie have been playing with the Hug me toy which Chris was complaining doesn’t sound like Scooby Doo. Dave was then trying to poke his tail through his legs so it looked like his “pee pee” according to Chris. He was trying to explain that it looks odd when it’s sat down at first glance. Carrie then tried to make Scooby Doo better by pulling its pyjama trousers up which then made it look like it had a wedgie according to Dom. The guess today was Dan from The Feeling by Sarah from Somerset which allowed her and Carrie to have a nice little chat about places in Somerset. Sarah was incorrect so it carries on to tomorrow.

Dom’s Digestive Theories:
Dom spoke about his theory about if you crave a certain food such as Indian, your body start digesting that food, so when you eat it you don’t gain any weight as it digests quicker that he came up with yesterday. So he asked Dr Mark Hamilton if he was correct. Dr Mark spoke to a few of his colleagues about it and found nothing that proved Dom correct though he agreed with Dom that this theory is probably ahead of our time. This lead to another part of his theory that if you think of a more fattening food, such a curry but instead eat a salad, you’ll lose weight. Chris summed this up well with a simple “Oh dear”. A little while later, Chris said that they should get Dom on the local radio to give out this amazing “fact”. They gave Dom the name Professor Seymour Boobays and after half time they interviewed Dom as if on local radio to see if he can fake it as a Professor on a local BBC radio show. This included strange accents and delays between everyone speaking and even the occasional feedback sound and some classic songs. As well as a trail for the pop quiz which yesterday’s answer was Vimto. This then started radio shows with Chris pretending to be Rachel and then asking if Kidderminster Harriers are the best team in the world and Dave saying you’ll be playing Leeds soon and Chris saying he’ll be meeting Dave in a dark alley with his fists. In the last half hour of the show, they did another interview with Dr Professor Boobays who explained the theory again and how they have tested it on people. Another chance to pretend to be local radio.

Dom’s Water Spray Trick:
For the second time in months, Dom has spat water all over Chris. Chris then got him to do again much to Rachel’s concern about the desks. Apparently it’s very funny. He does two jokes. The first is when he takes a gulp and sprays it out just as someone says something shocking. The second is when he says he has a drink problem and then takes a gulp and dribbles everywhere.
Visual gag number one all we could hear was Rachel going “Ohhhhh”. Visual gag number two only made Chris laugh and so afterwards Chris tried with the cue being “3 jam tarts and a cream bun” for Chris to spray. Dave sums it up as “you just take a sip of water and then gob it everywhere” whereas Dom calls it a mime. Once again, great comedy from the BBC.
Aled leads a dance club and Chris had the audio from the classes. This started off with Aled giving instructions over Livin’ on a Prayer. He goes to Rockdance every Thursday and Chris played a clip from last weeks with Aled’s instructions over Back in Black by AC DC. Here are the instructions for Back in Black for those wanting to take up Radiobics at home;
“1...2..3..4. and hips! Move those hips from side to side! Come on, march! 1…2…3…4… march! 1…2…3…4 and step left, step right, step left, step right… jazz hands! In the air! Turn around, march, step left, step right, 2…3…2…3 jump and digger and digger… rock your head! Forwards, backwards, forwards and clap and clap and clap…helicopter!”
They did Livin’ on a Prayer again and everyone in the team was following Aled and Chris asked all the listeners to join, unless they were driving. Every command was followed by Rachel laughing hysterically. At the end Dave and Chris was exhausted. Chris then played Girls Aloud’s Love Machine with instructions of a shimmy.

Aled had presents for everyone and they were in a box that he kept putting his hand in
and Chris said it looked like he was stroking puppies. These presents were better than puppies. These were the Chris Moyles Mugs. Apparently Dom didn’t look simple but his head did look like it just kept carrying on going. If you had a cappuccino with froth, it would look like Dom had an Afro. Rachel looked like she was supposed to be on Loose Woman. Dave’s mug has been airbrushed.

Jocelin’s last day:
Tomorrow is Jocelin’s last day for five weeks as she is going to work on Jk and Joels show. The producer of the Jk and Joel show is going to go to Jo Whiley’s and Jo Whiley’s producer is going to prison.

Guess Who:
Chris saw someone famous last night at White Hart Lane and asked Jo if she wanted to play but Jo said no. So Chris went on a big rant about how her knowledge of music is superior whereas we have Boney M CD’s in the car and how we will go home and eat ice cream and then eat ourselves all because we’re not as informed about new music. Jo seemed a bit disturbed.

Other Stuff:
(*) One Road Travel: Richard Miller from Sutton Coalfield. He works in toy factory and would like to go to Belgium.
(*) Jose: Again the team played the Jose Parody. Chris said he really wanted Jose to hear it and comment on it, which lead to an impression by Chris which ended up sounding Russian.
(*) Dave’s Tedious Link: Today’s song was Molly’s Chambers by Kings of Leon. It was a seamless link except for Dave getting the wrong Bond theme tune at the beginning.
(*) Helicopter: The team carried on with the H and Aled joke they started yesterday with every time Aled says Helicopter, Scissor Sisters plays.
(*) Carpark Catchphrase: Today was the return of Kris and Matthew who has the best horn so far. Catchphrases were: One Trick Pony and Killing Two Birds With One Stone with Kris being the winner and both of them being cut off. Kris managed to get back on and chose Comedy Dave’s mug.

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