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By charla
Wednesday 24th January 2007

7:00 NEWSBEAT 1. The Killers- When You Were Young 2. Eric Prydz vs Pink Floyd- Proper Education 3. Jamie T- Calm Down Dearest 7:30 NEWSBEAT 4. McFly- Star Girl 5. Keane- A Bad Dream 6. Paolo Nutini- Jenny Don’t Be Hasty 8:00 NEWSBEAT 7. The View- Same Jeans 8. Pink- Who Knew 9. Kaiser Chiefs – Ruby
8:30 NEWSBEAT 10. Kasabian- Me Plus One 11. Klaxons- Golden Skans 12. Fall Out Boy- This is Ain’t A Scene, It’s An Arms Race 13. Scissor Sisters- She’s My Man
9:30 NEWSBEAT 14. Booty Luv- Boogie 2nite 15. Bloc Party- The Prayer 16.

London has awoken to snow this morning so Chris is happy although he was wearing trainers which meant he had to walk like C3-PO as they had no grip. Rachel being organised bought her wellies to work. After a few texts coming in, the team realised it was the South that had snow except Somerset. Chris warns the listeners to be careful and not be selfish by dying, because then that’s one less listener when ratings mean everything.

Fish and Chips:
Rachel went to Chris’ and had a battered sausage and a wally, which is a gherkin, while her other half had cod. Then we had a few jokes such as do you have any chips left? Then you shouldn’t have cooked so many. They were all delighted when the chips got delivered they got an extra wally and a bread roll. Then Dave was moaning that you can’t get curry sauce down south. Chris is feeling ill after eating some of the fish this morning which tasted nice with ketchup.
This soon leads to a discussion on the variations of names for gherkins and rolls around Britain.

Get Dom on it:
Dom’s task today is to try and get fish and chips for the team this morning. This is being difficult as he needed to find a 24 hour shop that does deliveries. After Dave says he doesn’t really want them, they change their mind to having a Chinese. This then leads to Dom’s digestive theory. Dom believes that if you are thinking about food, your stomach starts preparing itself to eat so by the time you eat you won’t put any weight on or not much weight on as its been digesting. As much he believes this, he is not willing to put a fiver on it. At quarter past nine, there still was no Chinese or fish and chips despite him phoning places. So Chris told him to get donuts, fresh cream cakes, pasties, sausage rolls, chicken drumsticks, burgers, pizza, curry, Chinese and Smarties before ten. So he bought chocolate for everyone so Rachel had KitKat, Aled had Dairy Milk, Dave had Caramel, Carrie had a Bounty and Chris had a Twix. Dom had a finger of Chris’ Twix.

Jose Mourinho Karaoke:
Chris is now able to get certain information about Chelsea football club and has got hold of a piece of audio of Jose Mourinho singing not too badly to Rose by The Feeling but changing the words to Jose, as Chris says, quite the parody man. Strangely, he sounds slightly like Dom. Amazing lyrics include “I look in the mirror and I want to kiss myself” and “I would marry myself if I was gay”. From the audio, a lot of people remarked how the Portuguese accent sounds Russian. This got repeated later in the show so anyone who missed it had the chance to hear it.

C0CKIT & PULLIT- Rivalling The Archers:
There was a repeat of the pilot episode aired yesterday for the benefit of the early listeners. It had everything, the great characters, the brilliant music, amazing lines. Such as “What’s it to you bumface?” Best of all, the amazing New York accents by Dave, Chris and Carrie.

Carrie’s Boyfriend:
More talk about “Captain Fishlegs” as he was referred to today. This allowed Chris and Dave to do some interesting impression and led to him going to what Captain’s favourite TV shows are when Chris accidentally played the Crystal Maze theme tune. Then we had the Dad’s Army music. It was a very random part of the show. After the news we were introduced to his friend Corporal Dave which Dom could not understand. This gives Chris a chance to play with echo machine.

Ready Steady Cook:
Dom had exciting news which he was running from the newsbeat offices with. Dom was going to be interviewed by Andi Peters about being a newsreader so to teach Andi’s newsreader to be better. This was followed by the huge announcement by Dave that he and Dom were going to appear on television. They are going to appear on Ready Steady Cook, a show that Dom is a fan of, and they will be filming in a few weeks time.

Dom on Andi Peter’s Show:
Dom was giving advice to the newsreader on Andi’s show but whilst he was doing the interview, he had Chris shouting in his ear. Dom thinks that the newsreader- David has a nice voice. The four things a newsreader has to have according to Dom is look attractive, have a good voice, understand what you’re talking about and number four was to be able to do impressions. Which he did one and Chris and Dave guessed correctly it was Jools Holland introducing the Kaiser Cheifs.

BB Aled:
There were more jokes with Aled being like H and some sound clips from last nights show involving the task the housemates had to do. Aled was able to give some news about the evictions and the final, the problem being the final is on Sunday so they can’t get questions. There was a huge admittance from Aled saying he was starting to lose interest in the show. Chris now plays Scissor Sisters every time anyone says helicopter, so this filled the rest of the show despite this being a visual dance routine.

Car Park Catchphrase:
Began with a guess who from Roy walker. Turns out it was Paolo Nutini. Chris guessed it correctly in what was the shortest game they’ve ever played. It was Kris and Mark today. Mark had a really good horn although Roy didn’t like it. In the end, time ran out because neither could get the catchphrase and so both have to come back tomorrow.

Other Stuff:

(*) Andi Peters has been talking about the show again despite the fact he should be presenting his own show.

(*) One Road Travel: Today was with Tanya Cottingham in Tavy Road who has met Peter Andre.

(*) Celebrity Tarzan: Matt Lucas was the guess of Jason from Warwickshire. He’s an electrician. This allowed the team to quiz him on buzzing dimmer switches. He was wrong.

(*) Mika and Moylesa: Mika can sing high and Moylesa can sing low with the help of the echo machine you could release it as a proper single it was so good. Dave was surprised by Chris’ vocal range.

(*) Dom mentions: Dom was mentioned on a commercial radio station, but the team agree it sounds staged after yesterday when Chris said for people to send in clips of people mention Dom as a good newsreader.

(*)Dave’s Tedious Link: Today’s was Let’s Go Crazy by Prince

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