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By Chris
Review By Parody Number 9:

Fearne Is Back
Fearne is back from Love Island and Chris immediately cracks into his slightly sleazy coming on routine - Chris also reveals after his X-Factor success may do the island if the price is right.

NEWS Muse - Starlight, Joey Negro - Make A Move On Me, NEWS Pink - You And Your Hand, Orson - Happiness, Basement Jaxx - Hush Boy (Live Lounge), NEWS Michael Gray - Weekend, Killers - When You Were Young, Coldplay - Talk, NEWS The Feeling - Never Be Lonely, Justin Timberlake - Sexy Back, Daft Punk - Digital Love (TL), Artic Monkeys - Leave Before The Lights Come On, Superfly Inc - Moving Too Fast, Jamelia - Something About You, NEWS Beyonce featuring Jay-Z - Deja vu, The Fratellis Chelsea Dagger, Kelis - Trick Me.

Super'Ed - 7:00 till 7:30
Our favourite TV children’s nostalgia theme is back. What is it? It's Super Ted - the full classic gameshow and bold piece of music used at the start of a dance-show classic. Carrie remembers the character Spotty and his female counterpart, 'female spotty'. Anyway, how do you fill a Friday morning link directly after plenty of topical news - Super Ted. It all sprung from yestershire's show where they found old pictures of young Aled in a Super Ted outfit and recently Chris playing it from his fondness of catchphrases. But now from - ... oads.shtml have the phrase as your very own 'Catchphrase Download' on your PC or on your MOBILE by texting MOBILE to 81199 and following the sent links. (Please note this phrase may only be 'Oh, no! Not the Super Ted out...' but the BBC is not responsible). 'It's unbelievable!' - we still can't call it a ringtone... This follows on into his quarter past seven rant following the favourite series of: 'that breakfast rant' and 'that traffic lout rant'.

Footballers and Ant & Dec - 7:30 till 8:00
After couple of complete football ticket giveaway balls-up, which even Rach can't read, Chris finally gets to give away tickets for Wales match against Brazil. Even though it's too late to enter answer this: Which one of these names is not from Brazil? A) Pele B) Ronaldinhio or C) Bruce Forsyth. 'You don't get anything for a pir. Noot in this game!'

Carry On Footballers
Carries had numerous footballers on and off the show and today it is the most famous footballer in the world, Chris Kirkland. And to be honest for Carrie on footballers I almost need Aled's guide to footballers to know who they are.

JK & Joel somehow according to the Sun are the new Ant & Dec. They have signed up to the BBC to host a Rio Ferdinand style wind-up show (see itv 11pm sat). Chris brings one more of his superb impressions into play of one of either Ant or Dec. This takes the team into a more serious show - does Chris feel threatened? (Rhet.ques)

Cara - 8:00 till 8:30
But before that 'Celebrity Tarzaaaaaaaan'. Miss Nicola Wood a very rock 'n' roll B & Q (other barbeque companies are probably available but it is a dominant market round my way), lady from Bournemouth. She discusses her department of Christmas and Fun (not to be confused by Laura Lawnmowers or Tessa Cement Neil Nails or Plywood Pete). On the phone - 'Good Morning, Christmas and Fun!' Never knew cement could be so much fun.
Then ten minutes later it’s 'Celebrity Tarzaaaaaaaan'. Unfortunately Nicola guessed Frank Lampard and was ever so, ever so WRONG!
Cara's left wrist is examined. '20 past 8, I can see a Reading wristband on the left wrist with dirty under-marks.' Her hygiene comes under scrutiny from the team. Weird - but hot! More hygiene smells of 'Sugar Puffs' (other rice cake type food is available), is it Dom, or is it Cara - again!
The Killers are coming.

Charlotte Church - Again? - 8:30 till 9:00
Most of this half hour is taken up with a replay of the Charlotte Church interview and now Charlotte on the phone live with the newly reformed Folk Face and their sample.

Reunion & The Little Chris Moyles Show - 9:00 till 10:00
Radio Aire is having a 25th birthday/reunion. He is worried he won't know a lot of people and he will be fan sited at the evening. It then allows him to drop many E-List names and turns to many texts for the link. It filled a link. Ramble topics including driving, friends and Cara's band coming off. The little Chris Moyles show gets yet another mention - it's been watched 46,404 at present. Little Aled is peeved off that he's not on it much and Dom is peeved off that his head is on it too much.
And by the way - - Episode 2

One Road Travel - PARKCLOSE, DRIGLINGTON, BRADFORD - James Eastwood
He is a car salesman. He has been to Turkey. His ideal woman is Carrie. 'There’s something about her' He also once saw Bishop Desmond 22. He like spam and egg sandwiches and supports a rugby team. His mum and dad are called Gillian and Douglas.

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