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1. The Zutons - Valerie 7AM Newsbeat 2. U2 - Elevation (Tomb Raider Mix), 3. Beyoncé feat Jay-Z - Deja Vu (Freemasons Mix), 4. Keane - Crystal Ball 7.30AM Newsbeat 5. The Source feat Candi Staton - You Got The Love (Remix), 6. Nelly Furtado feat. Timbaland - Promiscuous, 7. The Fratellis - Chelsea Dagger 8AM Newsbeat 8. Franz Ferdinand - Take Me Out, 9. Lemar - It's Not That Easy 8.30AM Newsbeat 10. Christina Aguilera - Ain't No Other Man, 11. David Guetta Vs The Egg - Love Don't Let Me Go, 12. Natalie Imbruglia - Big Mistake (Daves Tedious Link), 13. Lupe Fiasco feat. Jill Scott - Daydream, 14. The Feeling - Never Be Lonely, 15. Basement Jaxx - Hush Boy 9.30AM Newsbeat 16. The Killers - When You Were Young, 17. The Automatic - Monster

Dave watched Meet The Parents on BBC One last night, but doesn’t think it’s as good as Meet The Fockers. He was peed off by the fact they took a break for the news half way through. Chris said surely the technology must now exist to put Huw Edwards (or whoever) in the bottom corner of the screen, while you continue to watch the film. Or just buy the DVD - probably easier. Moyles and co talked blogs, after yesterdays blogging antics. Dom dictated his from the back of a bus, and Chris did his from home - but inadvertently screwed up the website html, so the whole of Radio One Online “looked like the Matrix” to quote Dom - with img tags, hyperlinks etc all over the shop. Amazingly, Dave dropped the bombshell that he didn’t know how to fix it. Cue a text to Hoop Dogg to sort out the mess. Dom retold the story about how he once e-mailed his blog to Hoop Dogg’s assistant Martin Davies, only to find out he’d accidentally sent it to the other Martin Davies, Head Of the BBC’s African Productions. Still makes me chuckle that.

Chris and Dave dissected a story in The Daily Star today about Robbie Williams, by friend of the show Joe Mott. It was your usual “Robbie has had enough of music” type tabloid tale, on the eve of his new single being released. Cue the usual Mott piss take, which was quite funny. Todays boring ticket giveaway was for Saturday’s Rugby Union Premiership double header at Twickenham - London Irish Vs Harlequins and Saracens Vs Wasps. Dave asked if Wasps have a Bee Team. Guh huh. Chris said Harlequins was a shopping centre in Watford. Seriously, why give Moyles rugby tickets? Give them to Sport On Five or whoever. Carrie is going (unsurprisingly) to look at the players thighs. How sexist. Moyles said he wanted to play, and said he’d start up his own rugby team, called ”Lemon Aid” - as it was as random as “wasps”. With Dave not wishing to egg chase, Chris invited people to text in if they wanted to join his team. Everyone in the studio was allocated a role at the club, with Aled masseur, Rachel scretary, Dom in the boardroom, Chris Director Of Rugby and Carrie the coach. Chris said she could even audition the players (not in that way) in new feature ”Prop Idol”. He’s still got it...

Lemar Live In The Studio:
Ch-Ch-Cheddar. Quite sad that I remember Lemar more for that than any of his records, but there you go. He was today’s studio guest after 8 o’clock, and it predictably wasn’t great. Moyles asked him about the rumours he copped off with Joss Stone in Barbados, which he denied quite convincingly. He said he’d been seeing his current girlfriend for like ten years. Chris wasn’t to be put off, and Dave eventually interrupted his awkward line of questioning. Lemar talked briefly about his ex Fame Academy “flatmates” (were they called that?) including Ainslie Henderson, David Sneddon and Sinead Quinn. Never stop reaaaachin’. Lemar finished third in the show back in 2002 - similar to Chris this year in X-Factor. Moyles said they shared so much in common. Dave hilariously said they ”both had soul”. After showing off his vocal talents, Lemar advised Chris to stick to the radio as he didn’t want him on the scene. Moyles said not many did. Lemar’s album is out on September 11th, not produced by Brian Dowling. Nor JK Rowling. But someone who sounds similar.

A texter said Lemar’s laugh sounded like a young Frank Bruno, which for some unknown reason all the team agreed with. It was about as convincing as one of Dom’s impressions, put it that way. Moyles did the usual kiss ass thing, saying Lemar is the closest thing we have to Luther Vandross. Chris ran through the MOBO nominations (Lemar is up for an award):

Chris - Kano, now I’ve heard of him, he plays for Spurs
Dave - No no, you’re thinking of Kanu, who’s now at Portsmouth

Moyles said he didn’t understand why Music Of Black Origin has its own awards - as most music is of black origin. He is right, and he treaded round the subject carefully, as not to sound racist. Incidentally, the “gracious in every way” jingle that sounds like “racist in every way” has now been rewritten and revoiced to spell G-R-A-C-I-O-U-S. Expect it to debut on the show tomorrow. Thankfully there was only time for one clip from the increasingly overused Longman, who is becoming less and less funny with every appearance. Stick to the spam sandwiches I say.

Lemar: Guest Rating 28.8/40 (Dave 7.5, Aled 7, Rachel 7.5, Chris 6.8 ). That score puts him twelth in the The Guest Leaderboard 2006. Click here to see the latest standings.

Animations and other guff:
This place had another positive mention from Moyles this morning, calling us his “hatred society”. You love us really Chris. He gave well deserved air time to The Little Chris Moyles Show animated video, put together by 'Nood' from the messageboards. It’s available here on YouTube, and I think everyone pretty much universally agrees that its ace. Dave loved it, after nipping off to watch it during the 9:15 segue. About twenty minutes later the team were at it again, with a live link up to The Little Chris Moyles Team. I did enjoy Carrie’s line that she just loves “nibbling on nuts”. Because she’s a squirrel of course. Ahem. Even this link was ruined though, as Rachel told them to play a record. What a surprise. The music on the show was predictably crap again today, although that Freemasons Mix of Beyoncé is bloomin awesome, as is The Killers new one and The Fratellis (of course). Also, “Crystal Ball” by Keane does sound more and more like they’re singing “Chris DeBurgh” everytime I hear it. Moyles did a cheap gag about Tom Chaplain being in The Priory. In other news, Sophie thinks Aled has a huge ego, Dom predicts Liverpool will win the Premiership and Dave revealed that yesterday he was in the studio planning “operation hush”. According to Dom’s blog from earlier this week we should also listen out for “something special” on Friday’s show - sounds intriguing. Tune in tomorrow @ 7 to find out more.

Chris has the cleaners and wardrobe people round at his place today, cue dull, visual link. The team are also having a brainstorm/thought shower/ideas bath as regards the show later as well - for your opinions click here. Dave is going round to Chris’s later to pick up his keys.

Celebrity Tarzaaa-aaa-an:
Lee - a systems manager for an investment management company in Bristol.

Today’s additional prizes were ”The Best Club Anthems 2006” and ”Twelve Stops And Home”, the new Feeling album. Lee, a pleasant chap who lives with two German shepherds, and likes Vienetta, incorrectly guessed Kanye West.

One Road Travel:
Gavin Powers - from Fieldside, Thorn, Doncaster.

He designs pages in newspapers for a living, and his favourite ever headline is ”The Lion, The Witch and their Wardrobes”. He’s an Aries, a nice bloke and loves Corrie, humus and Lemar. Nice.

Daves Tedious Link:

Arrested Development People Everyday - Arrested Development’s first single was called ”Tennessee”, which is also the name of an American state with a capital called Nashville - Nashville is somewhere with a rich heritage in country music - Country music is a genre that includes the likes of Kenny Rogers and Dolly Parton, who actually duetted together on the 1983 hit ”Islands In The Stream” - A stream is like a small river, and not dissimilar to a brook - Brooke Shields used to go out with Andre Agassi, who’s now married to fellow ex Tennis pro Steffi Graf - A graph of a different type is what you might have to draw in Maths - Maths is a tough subject involving lots of numbers and stuff, but is definitely a good skill to have if you want to be good at Sudoku - Sudoko originated in Japan, along with Sushi and karaoke - Karaoke is popular in pubs, where the drunken incompetent are given the opportunity to express themselves and demonstrate their inability to sing - ”Sing” was the title of a 2001 hit for Travis - Travis Dean is the name of a former Neighbours character, as are Dorothy Burke, Des Clarke and Beth Brennan - and the character Beth Brennan was played by Natalie Imbruglia - Which links us cleverly to Big Mistake by Natalie Imbruglia

Seamless link supposedly - although unless ”Tennessee” by Arrested Development was re issued and didn’t go Top 40 on first release, then it wasn’t their first single.


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