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By Chris
Freaks with power tools are on before no idea why yet.....

Tonight Moyles was feeling thirsty because he is going off the booze for a bit (a week) to see if he can lose some weight.... 13st now (my arse hes lots more than that).

Tonights audience are all bouncers: 6 thrown out of a club, 12 have been injured while working, all have removed couples from canoodling in toilets.

Blokes with chainsaws are ice sculpturers (they are very annoying) promoting Ice Age they do a sculpture of the sloth.....

Through the Papers:

Ghoulden Delicious- The Sun- Apples with pumpkin faces have been grown. Moyles says its a con for kids to eat apples an they should eat anything.

Hol Switch to Autumn - The Sun- Cut school holidays down to 3 weeks..

Burial box evidence of jesus- The Mirror - Box has been found with remains of James (Jesus's brother). Moyles says it must be rubbish being a famous persons brother.

Hook, Line and Stinker - Anglers have paid £2 to fish in lake with no fish..... for 7 years

Christina Aguilara(?) - after the success of matt being britney spears now they have done christinas video with him in (hes a good likeness for the ugly cow).

off the top of my head - Moyles tests Psychic powers by seeing if they can guess what vegetable he is thinking of....Paul from portsmouth Psychic powers: None, Jennifer from chatham Psychic powers none, Sam from putney Psychic
Powers: None.

Pic of Gary Lineker with Leicester Scarf. Best Guesses: Cheesy Answer: Cheesy(first guess paul wins).


Freaks have finished ice sculpture. Biggest sculpture they made was 30ft tall. Now they are going to do Moyles's face...

Meet the bouncers.. Robin 10 years as a bouncer has turned ryan giggs away (I like him already). Tests him at searching people has to find a carrot an other stuff.... only finds the carrot.

Push the Pint - 1st Audience, 2nd star £1000.

Sculpture of moyles head is done.....

Still poor in my opinion this is the only Moyles show I watch all week because im not that bothered about it.
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By kaykay2
erm not being funny but dont u mean listen to hunny cause the web cam is only at two angles
Not being funny but don't you realise this is in the "Television Reviews" section (i.e. reviews of Chris's show on Channel 5) and from four years ago?
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By Yudster
I'm not being funny either, but I have been wondering ever since I got here why this hasn't been locked........

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