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By Chris
Review by Charlalottie

7:00 NEWSBEAT 1. Supermode- Tell Me Why 2. Keane- Is it Any Wonder? 3. Madonna- Get Together 7:30 NEWSBEAT 4. The Kooks- She Moves in Her Own Way 5. J-Kwon- Tipsy 6. Coldplay- Talk 8:00 NEWSBEAT 7. The Automatic- Monster 8. Freemasons- I’ve Got Love on my Mind 9. The Feeling- Never be Lonely 8:30 NEWSBEAT 10. Bob Sinclar feat. Steve Edwards- World Hold On (Children Of The Sky) 11. Lilly Allen- Smile 12. U2- Vertigo 13. TEDIOUS LINK: Oasis- Cast No Shadow 14. Rogue Traders – Voodoo Child 15. Primal Scream- Dolls 16. Armand Van Helden- MyMyMy 9:30 NEWSBEAT 17. Razorlight- In the Morning 18. Sugababes- Freak Like Me 19. Kasabian- Club Foot

JK and Joel:
The team start the show talking to JK and Joel, and about the Another Level song they have got Dev talking over. Another interesting start to the day. They also had a special version for Dom, which he didn’t seem to pleased with and called it “disturbing”. It’s the last time we’ll hear them for a month, maybe Chris will get to talk to James King, if he’s lucky.

Hotel Babylon:
It was very very interesting according to Chris even though he didn’t do anything for three and a half hours. He had a trailer with air con so he was very pleased. There was a microwave but no telly. He still has to do his speaking part, so he has to go back on Monday to finish his scene off. After trying to show how he has to act, Dave tries and sounds more like a fish. Even Chris was despairing as he suggested getting Joel instead as it would be safer. After ramble, a bit more about Hotel Babylon was said and a bit more miming on the radio which might have been great I don’t know. Aled and Dave did some acting, after Dave saying he wouldn’t mind being in Lethal Weapon 5 and being asked who he could play Aled interrupted saying someone grumpy. They did a rather good take of 24 which went something like this:
Dave: Listen Punk, I am going to shoot your ass unless you tell me where the bomb is Aled: I’m not telling you nothing scum bag.
Dave: Fair enough
Then Rachel replaced Dave and it was rather funny.

The Christening:
Dom had to go to church last night for two hours for some pre christening thingy, whilst the others were all drinking. Apparently, it was at the world’s hottest church and the vicar was nice. Dom learnt many things about candles and symbols but Dave said it was boring to talk about. We also treated to the reason why Dave was christened which was because his cousin was at the same time. Xanthi’s christening is only going to be for family, which Chris is offended with, even though he’s part of Dom’s “radio family”. They are going to set up a papal view, a clever play on a pay per view, so they can charge people a pound to watch a live streaming from the church. Chris is also annoyed that he’s not been considered as a Godparent but Dom says its because he can’t pronounce the name. Also, another reason was brought up which was “look at the state of Dave!”. Which was fair enough, as he was slightly worse for wear from the night before.

Louis Walsh:
Coming back from the Hotel Babylon set, the driver in Chris’ car was listening to Radio 2 and Chris Evans was talking about creating a boy band for children in need. They get on Louis Walsh, who said they needed another member who should be Chris. Evans tried to get Louis off the subject but he kept going on until the point of sounding obsessive.

Lilly Allen:
There has now been a “reply” to her song from the ex-boyfriend. Chris played some of it and so Chris decided he should record a third version called “Piles” by Silly Allen which was brilliant. Lyrics include: “Who do you fancy? is it a Peter Crouch? He’s as long as a five seater couch ”, I think this should be released and get a proper number 1 for once.

Mystic Horse: The Truth is in the Hoof
After Carrie was stroking the horse, he was ready to answer the public’s questions. First we had Laura who asked if it was going to rain on Saturday as she is getting married. The horse said no. Chris asked if it will last and the horse replied no. Then we had Gaz from Norwich, who is a crane driver. We were able to learn about some crane driver secrets including what they do when they need the loo. They use the bottle. He asked if he was going to get struck by lightning, which the horse said no. Chris asked if he should leave work early just in case it does, the horse replied yes. The final caller was Longman from Leeds. This time he asked if he will have that nose job he wants to which the horse said yes. He wants another couple of inches. This time, we had the Longman song, which made the feature much better in my opinion.

Cliff-hanger Ending:
Dave is going to buy a shirt for his sister’s wedding to go with his cream trousers, but what colour is he going to buy? We get to find out on tomorrow’s show.

Other Stuff:
(*) Heat: After discussing briefly how hot it is, they start talking about Madame Tussauds and how they must have air con otherwise all the waxworks will have melted noses and the new model of Brad and Angelina’s baby will just be a lump of plasticine.

(*)It’s Just like 1976: Chris read an article about how 2006 is the same as 1976 because Leo Sayer had a song out, Noel Edmonds was on TV, Bruce Forsyth is on Saturday nights, Terry Wogan was waking millions on the radio. With any luck, in another 30 years, we can say 2036 is just like 2006 with Moyles still on the radio, but its unlikely.

(*) Celebrity Tarzan: Paul from Poole in Dorset, cue “I would recommend it” jokes. His guess was Vernon Kay. Sadly he was wrong.

(*) Global Gathering: Stewart Winmall had to guess 5 foods that will be on Coxy’s barbeque at the weekend. He guessed sausages, beefburgers, ribs, chicken and sweetcorn . He got 3 out of 5, the two being wrong were ribs and sweetcorn which were supposed to be veggie burgers and kebabs.

(*)Dave: He was brilliant today, after not getting to bed until late, he was just randomly saying stuff and messing up links and things. Chris had to stop Dave before he said some things to stop him saying something too controversial. Defiantly an improved show because of this.

(*) Longman: It was Longman overload at the end of the show, we had the song, his mystic horse questions and for once, Radio 1 could exclusively reveal that he is going to run the New York marathon.

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