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By Chris
Review by charlalottie

7:00 NEWSBEAT 1. The Automatic- Monster 2. Britney Spears- Toxic 7:30 NEWSBEAT
4. Level 42- Lessons in Love 5. Lily Allen- Smile 6. Green Day- American Idiot 7. Alesha- Lipstick 8. The Source- You’ve got the love 8:00 NEWSBEAT 9. Red Hot Chilli Peppers- Tell me Baby 8:30 NEWSBEAT10. Supermode- Tell me Why 11. Arctic Monkeys- Leave Before the Lights Come On 12. Kelly Clarkson- Since You’ve Been Gone 13. TEDIOUS LINK: The Farm- Groovy Train 14. McFly- Don’t Stop Me Now 15. Christina Aguilera- Ain’t No Other Man 16. Kasabian- Empire 17. Kanye West feat. Jamie Foxx 9:30 NEWSBEAT 18. Orson- Happiness 19 Leo Sayer- Thunder In my Heart 20. Cassie- Me and You

As usual, the show starts off with the team talking to JK and Joel and instead of talking about the previous night as they usually do, millions of people are being woken to the fact that Joel, I think it was but they both sound the same to me, makes love to the music of Dane Bowers. As Dave correctly sums up;
“You and sex and Dane Bowers, its not right”.
Again, we’re treated to the Dev from Corrie impressions, and Dom is promised something special which is going to be Dev over Another Level. I bet he can’t wait.
Joel, then talks about his day spent by himself going to the pub, having a drink, eating a ploughman’s, going home then watching Holidays Uncovered so Chris tells JK that he should take care of him in his east wing and this leads to the idea they should have a whip-round so Joel can stay at the pub all the time. After being asked, who’s house would he like to stay at, he said Dom’s. Dom didn’t sound too pleased at first but the idea of having Dev on tap seemed to make the idea sound more appealing until Dom suggested “We could do Dommy Corbett together”, goooooood morning.

Chris asks Carrie and Dom if they had a tanning session yesterday, as they are both browner. Turns out, that Carrie was only in the garden sunbathing whilst Dom was playing with his children in the swimming pool. Not only were they browner, and both wearing white, they both used factor 12 sun cream.

20 year old music memories:
Chris explains he woke up randomly singing Prince’s Sign of the Times. Cue out of tune singing. He then goes to explain its still in his head and tried to have a look for it when he arrived at radio 1 this morning. Also at the weekend he has had the Pet Shop Boys, which he could not find either, yet discovered another track, In Suburbia, which is 20 years old this year. So, Chris has managed to find a whole heap of songs from 1986 so as they’re 20 years old it’s a justification to play one of them and so the team get to choose a song each, except Rachel because she has her appraisal which leads to a little story about Chris having to pay for the boss Andy Parfitt, so they can do whatever they want.
Dave’s choice was talking heads, Carrie chose Robert Palmer- Addicted to Love, someone Chris always forgets is dead. Dominic’s choice was Level 42, which Dave decided is a terrible record. This then becomes a text vote, where the listeners can choose which 80’s song they want to hear all because Chris woke up with a random song in his head that he cannot find.
After the news, the winner is announced which is Level 42.

Not Born and Dave’s Maths:
A new text-in is created where listeners text in if there were not born when the record was out to make Dom feel old. Which then makes Dave try and work out the year people were born in.

Rob McElwee Weather Facts:
After the weather, Chris explained how the temperature for weather reports is recorded after accidentally seeing some of the channel 4 news. Later, Dom played a clip from Rob explaining that Chris is correct about the temperature being measure in the air in boxes and how its hotter on the ground.

Last Top of the Pops:
Chris and Dave were talking about people who are going to be on the last show on Sunday. Jimmy Saville, Tony Blackburn, Dave Lee Travis and Pat Sharp are all going to be on. Chris then goes on about the first number 1 on TOTP being the Beatles, a 4 piece boy band who play their own instruments and how it would be good if Mcfly were number 1 this Sunday so the last TOPT was with a British 4 piece boy band who play their own records. Dave is not pleased with the many ways Chris can link the Beatles to Mcfly.

Mystic Horse: The Truth in the Hoof
A caller called Tom Barnes asked if he will have Chris’ DVDs which was a no. Longman was the last caller and asked if he will do the Great North Run in less than 2 hours, which was a yes. He also asked if someone was trying to whack him which was also a yes, which Chris explained was to do with the dealing with the mob of Rothwell. He finally asked if Carrie will ever marry him which was a no. This brought up a conversation about what Carrie said about Longman in Germany. The horse told us we will not find out exactly what this is about. Rachel asked if there was going to be a song played which it replied no. Its returns tomorrow.

Other Stuff:
(*) Global gathering: The competition was started, and the team gave examples of the questions that will be asked during the day such as name five drinks Scott Mills would have, answers being white whine, margarita, orange juice… then name 5 things that Scott would take down to the beach, answers again being white wine, margarita, orange juice. The caller Ellie had to list 5 things that would be in Sara Cox’s bag. Ellie got 3 and the 5 things which were sun block, sunglasses, lip balm, money and phone.

(*) Hotel Babylon: More spoken about Chris’ forthcoming appearance in which he has 20 words which he may try and raise it to 23. Chris is going to be a guest where he is in the hotel enjoying himself and he is having a party and orders some things. According to the script, Chris’ part is called male celebrity, but we are promised to have more Hotel Babylon talking as he is filming today but not speaking.

(*) Celebrity Tarzan: Shaun from Newmarket, works in his cousin’s cardboard box factory, cue rubbish jokes. His guess was Patrick Kielty which after much build up to the answer by Chris turns out to be a no.

(*) Films: After ramble, Chris and Rachel were discussing films they have and haven’t seen. Films Chris hasn’t seen are Dirty Dancing, Sound of Music, * and Born on the 4th July. Chris then decides he wants to get rid of his DVDs and CDs through the radio so Rachel is going to come up with a competition or a feature to get rid of them.

(*) Middle Names: Also in Ramble, we found out about some of the teams middle names. Rachel’s is Elizabeth which by coincidence is also Chris’. Dave’s is Lloyd and Carries is Nicole or something similar but she has the initials CND.

(*) Longman: Was on the show today, but could not speak originally due to an explosion of an egg which luckily nobody got hurt in his shop due to Longman’s explanation of divine intervention. He asked the mystic horse a couple of questions and went. Sadly, the Longman song wasn’t played, just a few Longmans dotted over Kelly Clarkson song.

Overall the show was good but not as good as the previous shows this week, seemed a bit too chaotic although normally this works well. The show was summed up with the lack of pips at the end that Chris had to do himself in the end.

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