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By Chris
Here is a review for you since youre looking a bit low (its the one where JK and Joel hosted and also to make up for the one I didnt do):

Primal Scream- Country Girl: NEWSBEAT: Pussycat Dolls- Don’t Cha: Fall Out Boy – Sugar We’re Going Down : Rhianna- SOS : Orsen- Bright Idea: Pink- Who Knew?: NEWSBEAT: Snow Patrol- All I have: Nelly Furtado- Maneater: Oaken feat. Brittney Murphay- Faster Kill Faster Kill Pussycat: The Streets- Never went to Church (Live at one Big Weekend): Freemasons- Love on my Mind: NEWSBEAT Red Hot Chilli Peppers- Dani Calafornia: The Automatic- Monster: Hopes of the States- Sing it Out: KT Tunstall- Suddenly I see: The Zutons- Valerie: NEWSBEAT NeYo- So Sick: Kaiser Cheifs- I Predict a Riot: Gorillaz- DARE

“So Where is he then?”

That was the question ranged by JK at the end of Monday’s Early Breakfast Show. Yesterday, Leeds’ chance of getting through to the premiership had been crushed. So, as you can imagine, Chris Moyles wouldn’t have been in the best moods today. However, not turning up? Surely Not! Chris Moyles hadn’t been off sick (seriously) since taking over the Breakfast Show in the balmy days of January 2004- could this be the first time he has pulled a sickie? Could this begin his downfall into Chris Evans-esque disaster? Well, the Guardian thought so but JK and Joel didn’t: as Joel said “I would have done the same if my team had been knocked out”. However, by the time Newsbeat finished at 7 it was obvious to everyone that no one actually knew where he was. Dave was also beginning to feel worried since it was not unusual for Chris not to turn up before 7, but after 7 O’clock was an unknown time minus Chris. Also, since Joel had a lovely jublie fry up lined up next door it could only mean one thing…….they had to FIND CHRIS!!!

Finding Chris

Chris took the Gold Award then ran

DAVE: “He is probably at a hotel- too hungover to wake up, and now too embarrassed to call in.”
DOM: “No Idea- I think Dave’s Hotel Story is probably right.”
JOEL: “Is he going into the Big Brother House? He is like ‘that’ with Davina Mcall.”
CARRIE: “I had a text from Chris before the match saying ‘I’m very nervous thank you’.”
LONGMAN: Last saw him stumbling towards the Hotel Bar.
LISTENER: “He was on Vernon Kay saying he was going to take the minibus to the game- and I have just seen a broken down minibus on the motorway.” However, this theory was disproved since (as Joel says) “Chris wouldn’t travel with civilians”.

By the end of the show Chris Moyles did call in whilst he was on the toilet. Let’s just say he sounded as bad as how Leeds United played. He claimed that he left a message for Rachel on her work phone- something she denied. JK and Joel found some of the clips from what would have been the Monday’s show- ‘Celebration’, ‘The only way is up!’ and ‘Rising up’. However, Chris began slating the lads- and then JK and Joel cut him off. Chris Moyles was cut off. Yes!

JK’s Carrie Molestation

Since it was obvious Chris wasn’t going to turn up, JK had to admit that he was feeling a bit difficult being in the same room with Carrie. This was after a drunken evening in Dundee for Radio 1’s Big Weekend- which ended with Rachel forcing Carrie away from JK, screaming “Its not good for you!” Carrie thought it was very nice (and possibly quite sexy) of JK to fill in Chris Moyles’ Slot (Guuuuuuuuud Mornin’!) and so she forgave him. Awwww….also, she knows there is no risk of JK being a sex pest to her since he is now engaged to Suzanne Shaw.
Made for each other?

Celebrity Tarzan

JK and Joel were looking forward to this since they thought they knew who it was. However, Rachel forbade them from saying who they thought it was.

One Road Travel
Ruth lives in Birmingham on Langham terrace and thinks JK is doing a great job- not Joel. She loves Swimming and dancing and her favourite animals are owls.

The real reason why Chris stayed in bed

Dominic loved Saturday’s Eurovision winner- Finland’s ‘Lordi’. Although, he thought the Ogre costumes were unnecessary since being Finnish is funny anyway. Also, the Generic Foreign presenter did a typically awful job- he was a crap Ryan Seacrest according to Dom. With Dom the detective they discovered that he is called Sarkis- and is Greek. When asked who he voted for, Dom revealed that he didn’t actually vote- it was his wife. Oh, and she voted for Daz Sampson. However, with JK and Joel being all Monsieur Sherlock’s, they told Dom that his wife must have been calling someone else, since you can’t vote for your own country during Eurovision. So who had she been calling?

Lots of Steve Wright esuqe clapping occurred at the end of the show and lots of “Thank You”s as JK and Joel signed off from the Breakfast Show. In the aftermath of the show, after the GTS pips, Jo Whiley claimed that Moyles was actually quite fragrant- because JK and Joel stink!</

What the Press Said:

….The BBC later claimed it was an elaborate stunt and by the end of the programme Moyles himself phoned in to say he had earlier left a voicemail message on the producer's phone.

Other sources, however, said the Radio 1 team was unaware of the stunt

The fact that Moyles, a Leeds United football fan, had been in Cardiff yesterday to watch his team miss out on a place in the Premiership to Watford may have had something to so with his no-show, said the on-air team.

According to a Radio 1 spokesman, listeners had been on the end of an elaborate joke: that Moyles going AWOL was pre-planned as a "gag" and that everyone involved - from station controller Andy Parfitt to JK and Joel and Moyles' team - knew in advance.

"It was a bit of fun with the audience," said the spokesman. "The show and everybody involved knew he wasn't coming in."….
Media Guardian

What the Messageboard said:

“It's bloody hilarious!!!!” Jembie
Liking their game about the 'random' and 'seriously' catchphrases.
Quite refreshing having JK and Joel on this morning, I think they'll have the bosses considering them for the breakfast job next. Would rather have them on than a bitter, moaning Moyles following the bad football result.
This is genius! One of the best shows I've ever heard. If it's not a publicity stunt though, Chris is in big trouble.
People get fired for stuff like this.

FINAL RATING: 9. The reaction overall was great- and about a fifty fifty split over whether it was actually a publicity stunt or a mishap. Whatever happened, JK and Joel did really well under the circumstances- possibly put them in stead for eventually taking over the Breakfast Show from Moyles?

That’s it from me, now back to the boredom of revision……don’t forget if you want to review (and why not) go to the messageboard and sign up!

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