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Gud Mornin' Britain. Once again Chris is tired so it makes out to be yet another breakfast show, unless something big occours. We are reliably informed that the air conditioning is fixed and if that doesn't make you feel cold the snow outside will. Again 'snyes' and 'snow' are set up on the text to form our first 'something', unfortunatly not 'big'. J and Jo are kept in the conversation of the show for a full 5 minutes 40. Once again straight into the news whilst Chris yawns.

NEWSBEAT, Outkast - Hey Ya, Colin Bailey Rae - Put Your Records On, NEWSBEAT, Kanye West featuring Lupe Fiasco - Touch The Sky, Greenday - American Idiot, KT Tunstall - Another Place To Fall, Chris Brown - Run It!, NEWSBEAT, U2 - Beautiful Day, The Black Eyed Peas - Pump It, Girls Aloud - Whole Lotta History, NEWSBEAT, Arctic Monkeys - I Bet You Look Good On The Dance Floor, The Pussycat Dolls feat. Will.i.Am - Beep, CRAP TEDIOUS LINK - Wyclef Jean - Gone til November, The Streets - When You Wasn't Famous, Editors - All Sparks, NEWSBEAT, Sugababes - Red Dress, Embrace - Nature's Law.

SOMETHING BIG - Chris has new music to bring in March of 2006 which Rachel comments on how it sounds like Terry and June. It is a combination of all the sounds from a woodwind band and Raplh on the drums. Muffler, used on the trumpet, not used on whatever Carrie was thinking about. And although the new bed has an outro Chris needs to revert to the older bed to bring in the jingle.

Chris's 88 pints may be underthreat by the pub landlord for about £280 and being so its my review - why still the same classical class? Trisha has sent Chris and Dave T-Shirts, the same ones that she gave away on The Friday Night Project. Then Chris realises how much PR channel 5 are getting so any reference to channel 5 will not be reviewed unless I get paid.

SOMETHING BIG - Radio 1 is channel 0101 although it seems only the team didn't know about the changes. And unless SKY pay me I ain't reviewing this either, apart from the dog and the duck. If you have SKY just watch channel 999 and see the Dog and Duck in action.
[Aside] The dog and duck junk mail was designed by Flourish in Chipping Sodbury, Bristol. I know this as I was there at the time. The frog on the front was their idea - SKY - 'where they do whatever they bloody-well like'. [/Aside]
Chris wants to have RTE on his SKY as it is interesting to talk about on air.

1RT with Dominic Burn
Hayley Lewis is 22 and lives in Mansfield. Please watch out for the blue wheely bins. That is the 'blue' wheely bins.

After the 7:30 news the new music returns for the snyes texts and so Chris deciedes that the 'snyes' is only to be explained in the first half-hour of the show, or you could read these reviews, or ask on the forum, or if your desperate e-mail someone. More channels are discussed but remember - i ain't reviewin' unless I get paid.

Theres a brand new Celebrity Tarzan, however Dave has been spotted in an unnamed store, in a openly avaliable magazine I ain't mentioning. Dave is ontop of James Blunt and under girls aloud member Cheryl Tweedy. Anyway CT is for DVD's in this current run. Chris thought he knew but it isn't Jo Whiley and the team start to question their sex. The CT bed has been remixed to include Ralph the drummer but Chris plays the wrong end jingle so just to stop confusion - Everyone sing-a-long.

8:20 and the new bed comes out for its third appearance for the...

SOMETHING BIG - Dom's interview of Pierce Brosnans new film has finally come to being played after almost a week gap. As Bond, Pierce before the interview was showing how he can take pictures of women with a camera on the side. 'Click click, tick tick'.
Dom broke down the main question for Brosnan into - 'Do you like spam?', and ignored 'Do you like olives?' until he asks a akward question such as 'Do you have any pets?'. Their 'Bonding with Bond'. Pierce Brosan thinks Daniel Craig is the new James Bond. Exclusive! You saw it written, hopefully here first. The shows new 'I listen' clip includes a blooper from PB calling the show 'The Chris Moyle Show'.
Big breath - The pub quiz is back, but not for much longer!

SOMETHING BIG - New guest policy - If we have a guest on the show and you think 'This is going on a bit' Chris will say 'Have you seen our new hydroylic desk?' which is a cue for the guest only having 60 seconds left and once they've gone their going to be given a Top Gear style score for the Top Gear style scoreboard. And rubbish questions are going to have a crackdown. The next guest is Pink.

The news is that the quiz will soon be turning into a new music quiz cause Chris is finally bored of it. The quiz wasn't played last week so I should still know the scores even if there is dispute between the team.
Questions -
1. Which US city has the most wedding cities per capita?
2. What is given to the thin metal strip on the neck of a guitar?
3. Which two popular fruits are anagrams of each other?
4. What name is given to a baby deer?
5. A game console is £199.99 with vat. but what is it without vat.?
Answers -
1. Las Vegas
2. Fret
3. Lemon and Melon - Listen Again
4. Vixen
5. £121.12

Todays shortest ever ramble - 55 seconds

SOMETHING BIG about Aled and the BB Auditions - Aled was chucked out of the Swansea BB auditions however has been told he can go to the Wembley auditions at the weekend.

Beep Beep Busters - Sponsered by BBB Bubblebath
Kerry, remaining champion has to pick s for sock even though 'she's jumping the gun - CPC'. A p for pink as shes on the show soon, and this is followed by a t for a complete run of Beep Beep Busters.

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