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A Phone?

Todays show starts with an unusual tone of dialling usually associated with Scott Mills, as Chris votes for George Galloway in the Celebrity Big Brother house. And discusses how the rest of the house are bankers.

Charlotte Church - Crazy Chick, NEWSBEAT, Hard-Fi - Cash Machine, Tom Novy featuring Michael Marshall - Your Body, Robbie Williams - Advertising Space, NEWSBEAT, Daniel Powter - Bad Day, Beyonce - Check On It, Killers - Smile Like You Mean It, NEWSBEAT, Chemical Brothers - Galvanize, Pharrell Williams - Angel, Something Special - theme, Something Special - the shops, The Feeling - Sewn, NEWSBEAT, The Feeling - Sewn, Gorrilaz - Clint, Fall Out Boy Sugar - We're Going Down, Madonna - Hung Up, TEDIOUS LINK Jurassic Five - Concrete Schoolyard, Sugababes - Ugly, Morning Runner - Burning Benches, NEWSBEAT, James Blunt - Jungle Remix (thanx to OnClick), Arctic Monkeys - When The Sun Goes Down, Hi_Tack - Say Say Say (Waiting 4 U).

Brits Are Coming

A top 20 list of British artists are being compiled for a week-long party leading up to the Brits, Chris has a list and Dave has a list.
Chris's line-up includes : The Beatles, Nick Kershaw, Oasis, Blur, Coldplay, Rolling Stones, Travis, The Who, Duran Duran, The Wonderstuff, The Pouges, Jules Holland, Madness, House Martins, Fatboy Slim, Robbie Williams, Elton John, Badly Drawn Boy, Cliff Richard and Status Quo.

Chris then realises he has missed off one of the greatest bands of all time so: 'Goodbye Status Quo, Hello Queen'.

Dave has : Oasis, Feeder, The Verve, Stereophonics, Kast, Supergrass, Rolling Stones, Ash, Kasabian, Travis, Black Grape, Placebo, Embrace, Snow Patrol, Turin Brakes, Manic Street Preachers, Elbow, Doves, Faithless, and Coldplay. Ian Brown, Paul Weller, Jimmy Nail, Joan Arm., Des Ray, Jamelia, Mel C, Tom Jones, Hinda Hick, DJ Pied Piper, Van Morrison, and Craig David.

However Dave has missed off the Beatles, however this is all preparation for a couple of weeks time.

So other suggestions coming in on the texts are : Basement Jaxx; Happy Mondays; ACDC, an Australian band for a british list; and Howard Jones.

Outo The News : 'Madness' and Envelopes

Coming out of the news, and after yesterday's 1989, Chris plays numerous clips of his favourite songs, including the songs not quite on their lists, from 1992. Which to be honest was a great year even though I was only 2 at the time.
Chris and Dom were given an envelope, each, at 7:44 by Rachel.

And at 7:52 they open it to find Justin's present from Something Special. The childrens show from CBeebies Chris so often enjoys, which is a special show to learn sign language. I've currently learnt dog, cat, rabbit, pet and bird. Mr Tumble (is the same person) as Justin and so from simple sign language they go to large untypable words.

We get a Mention

'Name of jingle singer' thread. Author - Capes.

Celebrity Tarzan - Day 4

Line 58 from Leicester is a car mechanic but does he guess the Celebrity Tarzan as Peter Kay?
Answer : No! Wrong again!

'Ass Like A Loaf Of Bread'

Pharrel's song suggests people have an ass like a piece of bread such as not to mention names 'Hovis'. Dave suggests he may say 'Ass like a muffin', to compliment and suprisingly Chris has never thought of things like this before. Cue 'Chris likes food' mickey style taking. They then spy on someone hovering outside their studio during the show and then play the 'Something Special' theme to keep children quiet, such as Dom's little one. 'Its like they are producing the show from a bus depot.'
Coincidently, there is a bus stop outside the studios.


Right, after Rachel gets £100 worth of bets and a crate of cider that Rachel won't make it she starts the MNPQ only on Radio 1, after Jo, Scott, JK, Joel and Annie Mac place bets.

1) What has hands, and a face, and wheels? And Lamac (+£10).
2) Who presents Deal or No Deal? And Mary Ann Hobbs (however no money).
3) What is the name of the tendons in the back of the knee? And Billy from security (+£10).
4) Out of the 92 football league teams who's team is at the highest altitute? And Claire from reception (+£10).
5) How high is the football ground in Q4, in feet, above sea level?

1) Dr Steven Hawking.
2) Little Noelie.
3) Hamstring.
4) WBA.
5) 551 feet.

Leaderboard - Carrie won. However Chris and Carrie is still at the top of the leaderboard with 8 points.

Tedious Link

This Tuesday - Jurassic Five - Concrete Schoolyard

Ramble - And I am to make a fuss

Aleds in the studio and was up someones armpit in something as the ramble gets tedious but ...
Andi Peters is on the phone, and after a new rendition of the Andi Peter jingle the team start to talk about how he is now out of 'Dancing on Ice' but still gets paid. Andi Peter gets suggestions to be one of Aleds flatmates and today has a guess who, which may get played.
Bad News - City Hospital is back. Good News - Andi Peters Show is new at the weekend around the god squat slot. And we discover June Sarpong 'doesn't do stairs'.

Guess Who

A person was walking towards and away from Andi. Its a male television presenter on ITV saturday night television over the age of seventy-four - Dennis Norden. Chris saw 'Emma Bunton' Dave saw ' Roland Riveron' and Andi Peter's saw 'Dennis Norden'. And from here on in another time hole appears as we head back to the early 90's and 80's and maybe even further bac... and then Chris cuts him off.

A Book

Rachel has got the boys 'Jordan - A Whole New World', pictures and everything, in colour. Chris then plays an extract spoken by Katie herself as she is on the show next week.

Beep Beep Busters

Go, Go, GO!
Line 1 - Abi from Brighton with her pink furry dice
Line 2 - Jack Daniel from Warrington, a used car salesman, Mrs Turner, and a guinea pig daniels.
Three questions of which answers are : H for hump, J for jock, L for lick
Abi won 3-0 and went through to the G-SPOT (notice how it looks like a hot-air balloon registration)
And these answers were : AS for All Saints, LW - Loose Women, GN - Gary Neville, BS - Britney Spears and AHA - AHA in 59 seconds.

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