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By Chris
My first review of the great show so lets begin with the running order.

6.55 - JK and Joel's quality features discussed
7.00 – News and Sport
7.05 - Ten Pin Bowling chavs, lapdancing, poole and guest list
7.18 – Shameless and Big Brother
7.28 - Chris Moyles Lookalikes
7.30 – News and Sport and One Road Travel
7.35 - Ray Byrne the Irish Bowling Champion
7.50 - Celebrity Tarzan
8.00 – News and Sport
8.05 - Celebrity Tarzan - Ben from Portsmouth gets it wrong
8.15 – Peter Kay on TOTP
8.25 - Chris's messages on his phone
8.30 - News and Sport and One Road Travel
8.31 - Peeing in the shower
8.35 - Girls do wee in the shower - fact
8.50 - Quiz questions
9.00 – TEDIOUS LINK – R.E.M – Orange Crush
9.05 – Quiz answers
9.22 - Chris did an IQ test
9.23 - Aled's game of Guess What?
9.30 – News & Sport & One Road Travel
9.35 – Longman on the phone
9.45 - Beep Beep Busters - David vs Aaron


On the show Chris mentioned how men just like lapdancing and poole. he continues to mention how you can hit someone then it puts you off your shot completely.

On Monday night Chris went bowling and in the next lane he saw some chavs and he asked do you always see chavs when you are 10 pin bowling. This then continues onto Ray Byrne (Dominic's Distance Cousin) and how he is the Irish 10 Pin Bowling Champion.


Chris talked about his lookalikes and how they could be getting into clubs all over the nation for free and he wondered how people could be asked every day of the week if they are THE Chris Moyles. Texts show how there are Chris Moyles lookalikes.


Its 22 Year old Laura Hill today. She is a bank worker and she lives in Lovers Hill and the road was never very busy but the whellie bins were out and at 8.30 some dogs were out.

The wheely bins lead Chris onto a joke about wheelie bins and a man on the loo.


Ben Fenton from Portsmouth had a guess to day. The Estate Agent was most wanting the Gorillaz album with the 6 other great albums and James Blunts.

Ben guessed Davina McCall and it was given the thumbs down.

It is now notZoe Ball, Jenny Frost, Jordan, Carol Voderman, Producer Rachel or Nicole Richie.

Hopefully someone can guess correctly tomorrow and win 8 albums.


Dave brought up the topic of weeing in shower and Carrie said girls never wee in the shower. Texts flooded in all from girls saying thy wee in the shower. Chris then asks Carrie if she has and she says she has never ever urinated in the shower.


Playing for the Boys- Steve Jones, works for Mars
Playing for the Girls - Gemma Tinson, Trainee Solicitor

1. Which of Disney's seven dwafs wore glasses?

2. How often in 24 hours does the tide rise and fall?

3. If you travel directly east from New York City which country would you reach first?

4. What Non-Mechanical sport reaches the highest speed?

5. What is the next number in this sequence? 16,8,11,14,9,12,5,20
1 (Numbers clockwise on a dartboard)

Chris, Dave, Carrie, Gemma and Steve got 3
Dominic got 1

Chris still leads in the points table.

As you can see above the Tedious link was R.E.M with there song Orange Crush.


Chris took an online IQ test and has an IQ of 126. Texts then came in saying the had an IQ of 128 and 130 just to be better than The Saviour.


Aled played guess what with the crew. Eventually they got it and Aled is taking the competition winners to Madonna's new video shoot. Aled said he knows the song and all the dance moves and he will hopefully bring something back from the shoot.


Longman was on the phone today again infact he informed us it was the 3rd day in a row and he will be on tomorrow again talking about an email he sent Rachel. So tune in for that.


The Champ David Cooper returned to face Aaron Wilson from Leicester.


David-B-What B is the type of surgery Jordan has had many times?

Aaron-P-What P is the word parents use when describing bodily function 2?

David-W-What W is the last name of the chocolate Willy character?

David-D-What D is the first name that links the name Turpin
DICK (David answered but got through)

David got through to the G Spot

Gold To Gold In 30 Seconds Or Less

David did get from Gold to Gold in 30 second or less so will return tomorrow to defend he champ status and he may win the Carbon Minoxide Detector.

So this is the end of my first review and I had a stupid, yet easy exam after this but the show stuk in my head and after i was finished (I Had 30 mins left) all i could think about was the quality of the mornings show.

I Give The Show a 9.5 out of 10 (Though this is my personal rating)

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