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He has always done it and this year was no exception...its the Chris Moyles Christmas Special! Merry Christmas 2005 everyone!

ImageSlade- Merry Christmas Everyone: U2- Christmas (Baby Please Come Home: Shaking Stevens- Merry Christmas Everyone: Robbie Williams- I Believe in Christmas Time: Kylie Minougue- Santa Baby: East 17- Stay Now: Shane- Thats my Goal: The Scottish Band- Are you Lonesome Tonight?: The Pogues feat. Kirsty Mcall- Fairytale of New York: (Recorded for Radio 1) Chris Martin- Have yourselves a very Merry Christmas: Frank Sinatra- Winter Wonderland: (Recorded for Radio 1)Travis- Alone on Christmas Day: Steps- Jingle Bell Rock: The Darkness- Christmas Time (Dont let the bells ring): Band Aid- Band Aid 20: Wham- Last Christmas: Nizolpi- The JCB Song: Charlotte Church- Chesnuts roasting on a Open Fire.

Chris is up, well pre-recorded, on this Christmas Morning. Since the show was pre-recorded predictions were made by the team on what they will be doing whilst on air.
Dom Trying in vain to open presents with his son, whilst his son just eats the paper (He is cheap to buy for).
Dave Dave hates Christmas and will probaly be in bed.
Aled (Dressed as an elf) In the front room opening presents, after dragging his sister out of bed.
Rachel Playing "Beat the Christmas Intro", of course.

In a very surreal moment "One of the ones who doesnt speak" actually rang up the team to see what they are getting up to:
b>Chris[/b] Watching Mary Poppins.
Aled (Dressed as an elf) Listening to the show.

ImageBeat the Intro

This was a feature thought up by Rachel. Basically, you have to guess the Christmas themed song just from the Intro! Dom and Dave got very involved in this.

Answer: Sidneys "Having a Wonderful Christmas Time"
Guesses Made: Dom- Band Aid

Answer: Elton John- "Step into Christmas."
Guesses: "Something Chas and Dave made"- Dom

ImageCelebrity Bing Ring


Called: Davina Mcall
Call Time: Didnt Answer!
Tracks Played: White Christmas, Frosty the Christmas
Fathomer fact attack: Was the First time the potetial bung runger didnt answered the phone.

Called: Andi Peters
Call Time: Didnt Answer!
Tracks Played: Chris left a rude message for him.
Fathomer fact attack: Has a really weird answer phone message.

Called: Richard of of Richard and Judy
Call Time: 0.56
Tracks Played: Frosty the Snowman and Winter Wonderland
Fathomer fact attack: Thought it was his son Jack calling. Shed a tear- It was the last ever Bing Ring.

ImageLive From Charlotte Church's Pub

To celebrate Christmas, Chris and the team were live from a pub in Wales, called "The Robin Hood". It is owned by Charlotte's mum and the first pub she sang in.


A large chunk of the show is taken up by the Karoke machine. Chris and Dave pretented to be Elton John and George Michael. They weren't trying to tell us something, Dave is married boys! The Show finished with Charlotte "Voice of an Angel" Chuch singing 'Chesnuts roasting on a Open Fire"

Charlotte showed Chris round the pub and met Charlotte's Grandad Gary Cooper. He sounds like Al Capone- FACT! The next person he met was Shannon, a boy, who is 10. He would like a girlfriend- and is taking a fancy to Producer Rachel.

The Team got Charlotte a present...a fluffy dog. Not just a fluffy dog. A Puppet! She was very pleased. Until we brought on the Crazy Frog doll, complete with froggy penis. Bad Idea Chris.


ImageMadge's Chris Moyles Christmas Pub Quiz!

Madge, the landlady of the Robin Hood, oversaw the pub quiz.

Question 1 Which politician realeased the 1990 single "Creepy Christmas"?
CHRIS' TEAM: Screaming Lord Zach
CHARLOTTE'S TEAM:Screaming Lord Zach
Question 2 Which country has the traditional dessert of Torino, made with egg whites, honey and nuts?
CHRIS' TEAM: Argentina- wrong
Question 3 Which Elvis Presley single ranks in the top 10 best selling Christmas Song Ever?
CHRIS' TEAM: Blue Christmas
CHARLOTTE'S TEAM: Merry Christmas- Wrong
Question 4 What was the name of the angel who saved James Stewert in "Its a Wonderful Life".
CHRIS' TEAM: Clarence
Question 5 Where did the custom of eating Turkey originate?
CHRIS' TEAM: America
Question 6 'Wild Turkey' is a type of what kind of drink?
CHRIS' TEAM: Whiskey- wrong.
Question 7 After White Christmas, which Christmas song has attracted more recorded versions than any other?
CHRIS' TEAM: Winter Wonderland- Wrong
CHARLOTTE'S TEAM: Winter Wonderland- Wrong (Its "Ruldolph the Rednose Reindeer").
Question 8 Who had a Christmas Number 1 single with 'Stay Another Day'?
CHRIS' TEAM: East 17
Question 9 Who sang the originally versions of 'Santa Baby' advertising Debenhams?
CHRIS' TEAM: Urtha Kitts
Question 10 How many Reindeer are showed pulling Santa's Sleigh before Ruldoph.

So it was a draw. Time for a tense tie-breaker.
The Largest Christmas Pudding ever made was in 1992. How much did it weigh in pounds?

The Answer was 7200- therefore Mo's Team was the winner!

1. Charlotte hates Girls Aloud!
2. Richard Medley has a son called Jack.
3. Aled is worried about losing his Email address, with the return of Aled Jones to Radio 2.
4. Paul the voiceover guy has done some Christmas jingles, such as "You scumbag, you maggot, you cheap lousy faggot...merry chistmas your ours. From the Chris Moyles Show."

FINAL SHOW RATING: 10- Chrismassy themed fun to end the year. Just looking forward now to 2006...

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