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By Chris
1. Green Day – American Idiot 7:00 NEWSBEAT 2. No Doubt – Hey Baby 3. The White Stripes – Denial Twist 4. Braund Reynolds - Rocket (A Natural Gambler) 5. Eminem – Without Me 7:30 NEWSBEAT 6. Kanye West – Heard Them Say 7. Julie McKnight – Finally 8. Coldplay – Talk 9. Nelly & Christina Augillara – Tilt Ya Head 8:00 NEWSBEAT 10. Franz Ferdinand – Walk Away 11. Jamelia – Superstar 12. Notorious B.I.G ft. Diddy, Nelly, Jagged Edge & Avery Storm – Nasty Girl 8:30 NEWSBEAT 13. Chemical Brothers – Galvanise 14. Oasis – Let There Be Love 15. Snoop Dogg feat. Justin Timberlake – Signs 16. The Strokes – Last Night (Tedious Link) 17. Madonna – Hung Up 18. Damien Marley – The Master Has Come Back 19. Foo Fighters –Resolve 20. Lil Kim – Lighters Up 9:30 NEWSBEAT 21. Gorillaz – Dirty Harry 22. KT Tunstill – Under The Weather 23. NERD – She Wants To Move

A new jingle to kick of the show this morning – which is always good. It went as follows

Good Thursday morning to ya, the weekend’s nearly here,
Tomorrow night we’ll party down and have a little beer,
Back to work this morning and we hope you woke up happy,
We’re still in New York and, yes, the weather is still crappy
The Chris Moyles Show, Live from New York City, International Radio 1

Which was swiftly followed by

Chris: I’d like to personally welcome all the American listeners to the show this morning
*plays intro to Green Day’s American Idiot*

Millions of people insulted, and less than a minute in. It’s going to be a good show. Maybe.


Visiting Ground Zero

Time to get serious for a moment folks. The Gabby Cabby wanted to Chris and co to see all the elements of New York – including the showbiz and day to day side, but also Ground Zero, which is the site of the September 11th attacks. Chris and Dave personally felt a connection to the event, as they were on air during the afternoon show when the events unfolded that day – and so felt it fitting to play out a specially made package about the teams visit to the site.

It kicked off with a flashback to the afternoon of September 11th, with Chris and newsbeat announcing what had happened, followed by Dave telling us of his memory of the day at Ground Zero today, which he commented was “quite eerie”. The Gabby Cabby also told us of how the residents of New York came together from the attacks and were stronger than ever. It was a very strong piece and whatever you think of Mr.Moyles (something good presumably, if you are visiting this fan site) then you must admit he handles situations such as this with the utmost care, respect and professionalism. It could have been easy enough to visit New York and miss out all the 9/11 stuff because of the usually jolly nature of the show, but it is a credit to Chris and the team that it was included.


P Diddy in da house

P Diddy hasn’t done an interview for the UK in over 3 years before today – and it’s not hard to see why, he’s as dull as dishwater. I initially put it down to not liking his sort of music, but then again I don’t like 50 Cents music either and his interview earlier this week was rather enjoyable.

Still, P Diddy says he is missing all his UK brothers and sisters – well that’s what he claims, if I miss someone I call them up or visit them rather than avoid them for 3 years, but maybe I’m just a bit crazy. His return is near though, he plans to come here in 2006 and “take over London”. Better warn Tony Blair and the Queen then. He has got a new album for “Biggie” coming out (apologies rap fans if that is spelt wrong) which is going to be the last tribute to him – apart from maybe a greatest hits a couple of years down the line. Personally all this rap talk seems to alienate the people who aren’t that into that kind of music, like me – but I suspect he was just gotten on the show because of him being a big name rather than his sparkling personality.


On the burning “Everton vs Leeds” big issue – Diddy wants to buy Arsenal, but that isn’t really for sale. He didn’t sound too bothered about buying either of Chris or Dave’s clubs – but in the battle of the shirts, it was another victory for Everton, which annoyed Chris even more. Dave said he would send over the club accounts as soon as he got back to the UK – good luck there Dave.

Other Stuff On Today’s Show

(*) The team tease Dom and Carrie, as they get an American Sportscaster to read out all the latest American sports news in an extremely quick manner. Dom seemed a bit annoyed by this and requested him to slow down next time – especially since he doesn’t understand all this American hockeyball nonsense. Chris said that that would be like trying to tell him to suck eggs…

(*) The team have had a bit of trouble with the security people – as you will know if you have been listening all week. They get their pictures done every day for a special security pass – and even then the guards get the names wrong often – Like Dave <s>Bitty</s> <s>Titty</s> <s>Gritty</s> Vitty. To top it all off, Chris’s picture on his pass today is a picture of someone that was standing behind him when his picture was taken!

(*) King Kong was the film of choice last night for Chris & Co. Most of the team quite liked it, but Chris just thought it was a bit unrealistic for the most part – after all it is just a massive monkey at the end of the day.

(*) Aled’s guide to the US continued with sport. Very amusing, best line was when he commented “I’m going to bag me a homer”.


(*) Cousin Brucie made some messages for the team – including the usual “When I’m in the UK” and “those tedious links were great/rubbish”. He also had a message for his cousin Dave, even though Dave isn’t his cousin.

(*) The competition winner was in today, but sadly she is missing her dad’s birthday – she got him a PS2 game though, which prompted him to question her dad’s age – which is only 15 years older than her. She’ll be missing out on the party upstairs at McDonalds, Chris added. Hilarious bit of radio.

Mini-Moyles Update


Another Mini-Moylesless day today. The team are too busy sleeping after the show to updates us, I suspect

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