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By Chris
30th November 2005

7.00 – News & Sport
7.05 – Carrie & David Beckham & Tash, Hash & Mash in a bin
7.15 - Chris berates Aled
7.20 – Trip to Empire State Building & Sting Ring
7.30 – News & Sport & One Road Travel
7.35 – Peter Crouch bashing & cheer up David O'Leary jingle
7.45 - Nuts are leaving, Rhys apparently sounds sexy
7.50 - Empire State Building Package
7.55 - Text results of what people think of Rhys
8.00 – News & Sport
8.05 – More Rhys fun & Chris mentions the King Kong film
8.15 - New York competition final - Helen vs Ollie - Helen wins!
8.30 – News & Sport & One Road Travel
8.35 – Hugh Hefner is on Larry King live & Aled's guide to New York
8.48 – Chris meets the Magic Numbers
9.00– TEDIOUS LINK – Sugarhill Gang – Rappers Delight
9.20 – David Gray sounds like the Travelling Wilburys
9.30 – News & Sport & One Road Travel
9.31 – Chris likens himself to a surgeon
9.35 – Dom asks about the listen again feature & other ways of listening
9.48 - Rhys the Executive producer is on again

This is a mini review for now I've reviewed the best bits on the podcast for you.

The Empire State Building
Facts from the Gabby Cabby about the building - like did you know it has 102 floors/326m.
It was very very windy and foggy so the team couldn't see much, today was the worst weather they've had so stupid day to go!

Rhys the Executive Producer has a Sexy Voice
Hello Ladies! was the catchy catch phrase of Rhys' with his sexy!?! voice.

Good Morning Jingles
Will it be the curse of the jingle as David Moyse had a bad night last night. And the mighty Peter Crouch will get a jingle when he scores.

CNN with Hue Hefner
Hue has a one hour special on CNN wird! Dave comments on how one of his girlfirends looks like venessa Feltz

Als Guild
Top Tips for blending in with the lingo in New York.
Her he insults the French, the Scotts and the Geordies.
Funny but as always absolutly bizzare.

Sat show is up