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0655 U2 - Vertigo 0700 Newsbeat, Tom Novy featuring Michael Marshall - Your Body, Pink - God Is A DJ, Sean Paul - Ever Blazin', The Sunset Strippers - Falling Star 0730 Newsbeat & One Road Travel, Kaiser Chiefs - Modern Way, Gwen Stefani - What You Waiting For, Eminem - When I'm Gone, Avril Lavigne - Complicated 0800 Newsbeat & Yesterday's Weather, The Killers - Mr Brightside, Black Eyed Peas - My Humps, KT Tunstall - Under The Weather 0830 Newsbeat & One Road Travel, The White Stripes - My Doorbell, 50 Cent - In Da Club 0900 Tedious Link: Blondie – Hangin On The Telephone, Kanye West feat. Adam Levine - Heard 'Em Say, Hound Dogs - I Like Girls, Greenday - Boulevard Of Broken Dreams 0930 Newsbeat & One Road Travel, Ice Cube - You Can Do It, Franz Ferdinand - Walk Away, Braund Reynolds - Rocket (A Natural Gambler)

It's Tuesday Morning. And LIVE from the Rockefeller Centre, New York - please welcome your friend and mine... Chris Moyles!

Tuesday morning in New York and welcome to our show
We've ordered up our breakfast and we're all raring to go
There's lots of lovely differences for everyone to see
They always offer coffee but we still insist on tea
The Chris Moyles Show, Live From New York City, International Radio 1

Moaning and wind problems

Chris was in such a foul mood this morning due to the security guard at the Sirius headquarters. All because they went outside for a cigarette and on their way back in they went past the security guard who didn't ask them for their passes. But then he called them back and started complaining that they walked past him without showing their passes...even though he had forgot to ask them in the first place. And while Chris was gettin severely worked up Rhys was too busy noticing somebody from a band!
You don't get that kind of hassle in London from their security guard Billy:

Chris: "Because Billy's asleep"
Dave: "No, he's not really!"

Dave says that it was easier to get into the USA it self than getting in to Sirius, even though they are well known already - the people from BBC! Chris' security pass is badly taken as well as it only shows him from the nose if he was to get stopped they wouldn't recognise him unless they covered his neck and mouth.

Shock horror, Chris and the team all had salads before the show rather than burgers or pizzas and it has affected Dave as it gave him wind problems even though he was denying it. Chris used his "scientific test" to find out if he was lying which proved he was lying and that he had also killed a dog. He bought the salad in the afternoon and was still eating it at the start of the show. He left it under the window to try and keep it fresh...yes it is sad isn't it! Chris had a meat salad, a mixture of meats and some lettuce!
Lauren from Atlanta, now living in New York was todays International Sting Ringer.

Good morning from America, we're LIVE here for the week
The people look just like us but they're different when they speak
This city is quite similar, but some differences are clear
The food is maybe cheaper, but the petrol's just as dear
The Chris Moyles Show, Live From New York City, International Radio 1

Yesterday in NY & back home

The team went to Sylvia's Soul Food Restaurant yesterday for their meal, in the world famous Harlem.
She is the husband of a crook from WWII and Chris had the plessure of meeting her as well. Chris had Black Eyed Peas...that is the food, not the group!

Carrie met David Beckham yesterday when he was opening his football academy in London. It has three pitches side by side. She asked him what the team could do in New York. David Beckham spoke about great places in the world but didn't answer the question She also asked about what kind of food could be eaten in Germany, since England have qualified for the World Cup and he said he likes sausage which put Carrie off. Everyone in NYC thought it was hilarious how much she was flirting with him:

Chris "SLEEP WITH ME, I don't care what you are saying, SLEEP WITH ME"

NYC Competition

There were a few problems with the phone lines when trying to call the contestants to take part in the New York Competition, but in the end it all got sorted out. Playing for the chance to go out and meet Chris & the team and also go to the King Kong premiere on Monday was Ollie and Vicky! There wasn't only problems with the phone lines but with Chris picking the clips of New York, as he was going to play one of yesterday's clips to Ollie, but thankfully Aled told him it was the same one. In the end Ollie won and will take on Helen tomorrow in the Grand Final.

50 Cent In the Studio

Fiddy was begging Chris Moyles to go to New York and meet him, that is the main reason they are out there. Mainly on to plug his new movie "Get Rich Or Die Tryin" which is released in February some point. So he will probably be back on the show to speak about the movie in the new year! A new video game which 50 Cent has made was also discussed.

Chris wants to be part of Fiddy's rap group. MC Cracker would be his name, an English rapper in New York. 50 thinks there is certainly a market for it. He also recommended that the team go to Jamaica Avenue and do some shopping.
And in case you are interested, his favourite sandwich is Turkey & Cheese (Question from Longman)

You can hear the interview in the Podcast (details at the end of the review)

Tedious Time

Today's link was seamless according to Dave although somebody on the text thought that he was wrong on the nipple link as the world record for the largest nipples is held by a man!
People once again think that Chris and the team sound more American since they are in NYC but he disagrees.

Following on from the Tedious Link at Half Time was a brilliant link with jingles of some of the shows on Sirius Satellite Radio. A show by Richard Simmons which hepls people to lose weight since he used to be fat. Chris thinks his voice would drive him to eat more cake. But the centre of attention was "Cousin Brucie" show - they walked past the studio of Cousin Brucie and it is a shrine to himself...all black and white! There was a hilarious jingle for his show where he does call himself "Cousin" a bit too much, and like Dave said he is the kind of person you wouldn't want to be related to.
Chris was also delighted at meeting Kim Kelly and Howard Stern (for 12 seconds). Everyone just froze when they walked into Howard, a bit like when the boss comes in!

Aled's Guide To New York

Today was a guide to touristy things. It is a perfect place for taking pictures, with New York being the back drop for many of the TV programmes and movies. Aled's favourites are Sex & City, Will & Grace and Friends - that's right all filmed in New York.
You can also visit the Statue Of Liberty or the fountain which is at the start of all Friends episodes.

Today the team are going to be visiting the Empire State Building, the one that King Kong climbs.
If you would like to see the photos from the team in NYC on your mobile. Just text the word "MOBILE" to 81199 and you will receive a link to get the pictures. (Your phone needs WAP not WOP)

The phrase of the day today is: "Gimme a bagel with a smear"

No Carpark Catchphrase or Monday Night Pub Quiz (YAY!). But they will both return next week.

Click here for pictures from NYC.
Click here for the DAILY podcast.

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