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Hi There Happy Reviewer Reading People- its Jack aka. Fathomer (the gullable one of of the forum)!
I've got the most enjoyable job of filling in unreliable people's slots for the rest of this week as the Chris Moyles Show goes to New York. So, are you ready to reinvent the Show Reveiws? Its going to be a rollarcoaster road...maybe.


1. Coldplay- Talk: NEWSBEAT: 2.Scissor Sisters- Comfortably Numb: 3. Kanye West featuring Adam Levine- Heard 'Em Say: 4. Herd & Fitz feat. Abigail Bailey- I Just Can't Get Enough: 5. Maroon 5- This Love: NEWSBEAT & ONE ROAD TRAVEL: 6. Franz Ferdinand- Walking Away (good song): 7. Jay Z- 99 Problems: 8.Madonna- Hung Up (sound problems): 9. McFly- I will be OK: from the R1 Chart Show Live: NEWSBEAT & YESTERDAYS WEATHER: 10. Sean Paul- Get Busy: 11. Oasis- Let there be Love: 12. Girls Aloud- Biology: NEWSBEAT & ONE ROAD TRAVEL: 13. Hard Fi- Hard to Beat: 14. Will Young- Switch It On: 15. Basement Jax- Good Luck: 16. Tedious Link:The Beastie Boys- No sleep 'till Brooklyn: 17. Gorillaz- Dirty Harry: 18. Charlotte Church- Crazy Chick: from the R1 Chart Show Live: 19. Rihanna- If It's Love That You Want (crap): NEWSBEAT & ONE ROAD TRAVEL: 20. Foo Fighters- Reslove: 21. Kelis- Milkshake (been a while): 22. Simon Webbe- Life is going to change: 23. Arctic Monkeys- I bet you look good on the Dancefloor: JO WHILEY.

So then, after weeks of hinting on the 'Ask Aled!' thread on the forum and Rachel engorging herself on redtape- it finally arrived. With a intro as big as the Famous Show opener back in January 2004....
2 men and a woman and Aled and some other people,
have transformed Breakfast Radio in the United Kingdom beyond all recognision,
in their own land they have proven themselves to be the Greatest Brodcasters in the history of the world,
and now they are going global from New York City to the rest of Continental America,
be upstanding for the saviours of Global Entertainment....
Put your hands together to welcome the future soundtrack to your lives,
the world of Radio has just elected a global body for the entire planet and its called.....

With that mangificant opener Moyles had something to did he deliver? Well, to be honest, the show wasn't as funny as it would be coming from London although you did have the feeling you were listening to something monumental. So did he deliver for an American audience? Yes.

An interesting steam based photograph

All this technology is quite intimidating to Moyles, since they are coming from the home of Radio in the US...the SIRIUS network. They are lots of funny buttons to press and for the first time in 9 years Chris is coming from a Radio studio with an actual window. Wow.

Sting Ring

Ladies and Gentlemen...the 28th November 2005 was the first International Sting Ring. Put it down in your diaries. Anyway, Michael (a Graphic Designer from Long Island) wasn't in the slightest bit bothered about getting stung rung at 20 past 2 in the morning. In fact, he thought it was time to go to work! Silly man, he should know that the whole show is on a time loop so it comes LIVE to the UK first before going over to the States. So, in theory he could listen to himself get Stung at 7 O' Clock MY Time and go back in time....time to move on? Thought so.

The Gabby Cabby

Mr. Gabby Cabby is going to be a key element in this weeks shows- he is a genuine smelly New York Cabby. Equally annoying as a London Cabby as well.

He sure is Gabby...and by heck he's a Cabby!

Yesterday Chris and the team were shown around Central Park by the Gabby Cabby. It was a bit dull, however, I learnt so much about Central Park. Like, Aled is scarily obsessed by Sex and the City, the West side of Central Park is where all the rich people live and there is an Ice Skating Rink in Central Park. WOW!
Today the team are going to go to Black Halem. They will be seeing the back and white sisters and have Southern Fried Chicken. As well as having a look around the Jazz Shacks. Sounds good? Tune in tomorrow from 7 too find out what happens.

Aled's New York

Aled took us on a tour of New York and told us how to shop. Sex and the City style. Size is important to Aled, and according to him New York beats the crap out of the Arndale Centre. But not Meadowhall.


Hide 'n' Seek

Chris has developed a new game called "Hide 'n' Seek: SIRIUS style". Basically, you hide in one of the hundreds of Radio station studios that broadcast from here. So you could hide in Marshall Manthers FM. Or, BBC Mundo (BBC World in Spanish). Anyway, the idea didn't get off the ground. Shame.

1.Michael's (the first International Sting Ringer) favourite broadway play is "The Odd Couple". FACT!
2. Aled is seriously obsessed by Sex and the City.
3. Round 1of the King Kong Competition ocured- the final will be on Thursday and mini chipmunk lady Helen got through, over Chris.
4. Girls Aloud mime awfully.
5. Chris and Dave are social charmeleons
6. You can get all the pics from the team's trip to NYC on your mobile.
7. Aled stole a "Dollar Play in the USA" off the Head of the SIRIUS network desk. What is a Dollar Play? A paperweight.
8. ...he then stole a speaky Homer Simpson doll. He would of liked his name plate- but couldnt get it.

FINAL SHOW RATING:8- Good show. Sounded quite historic. However, the CD's did skip and it felt like the show didn't have much continuity. It was great though! Well done to the team!

Thats it from me and my first review for I will be back sometime this week to do another review. (Dont know when) However, enjoy the New York Shows and I will see you around.